Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Hmmm ... oh dear ...

... I've been watching and reading too much figure skating stuff :)

Last night I dreamed about Johnny Weir all night and the one thing I really remember is him skating his long program at the next Olympics dressed at Plushenko because he was making a point. In case you were wondering, he skated a magnificent program, but they only gave him bronze and it was so completely obviously biased against him that half the skaters walked out in protest (clearly I have issues with the judging).

It was a perfectly serious dream as well, no sex or anything, I was most disappointed. Given what I've been writing you'd think there would have at least been sex.

In case anyone's wondering, Corruption 4 is still coming on well, just need to get focused again after work has thrown me for a loop.
Tags: fandom: ice skating rps

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