Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Hi all :)

Spent half of Saturday shopping, had to buy Mummy a Mothering Sunday gift and an Easter present (it takes ages to find her things, but we got both :)). Also found a fabulous jacket in TK Max. Now I can never find jackets that fit, especially not leather ones, but I now have a waist length, dark beige leather jacket with an asymetric zip, that is absolutely gorgeous :) and it was only 22 GBP. I can even do it up over my boobs (it's a squeeze, but I can if I need to), although it looks much better just done up a little. Shows off my assets if you see what I mean - Rob might have drooled a little ::g::.

Then spent the next half of the day baking for yesterday. I did cookies and cornflake cakes for Mothering Sunday coffee after church. I shall have to post the recipe for chewy chocolate cookies, because they were so easy and yet so divine.

Only problem was, I stood up so long making cookies I could barely stand yesterday and after church I had to sit down, so Soph and Daddy were left to do lunch and Mummy ended up helping when she wasn't supposed to, it being Mother's day and all. It was a magnificent lunch though :) - Soph did really well.
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