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Fic: Salchows and Serendipity 2/3, HP/Olympics 2010, Harry/Johnny Weir, HP/DM, JW/Evan Lysacek, NC17

Title: Salchows and Serendipity 02/03
Author: Beren
Fandom: Harry Potter/Winter Olympics 2010 RPS
Pairing: Harry/Johnny Weir, Harry/Draco, Johnny Weir/Evan Lysacek, Apolo Ohno/J.R. Celski (side pairing)
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros., Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended. The real people in the fic are owned by themselves and this is pure fiction, it did not happen.
Warnings: vampires, explicit sex, rimming
Summary: When Harry realised his life was nothing that he wanted he reinvented himself, which is how he ended up in Vancouver on the British Winter Olympic team.
Author's Notes: I offer no excuses, my muses dragged me kicking and screaming into this fic and so here it is :). I hope you enjoy reading it. Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Word Count: 26,933
Parts: Ch 1 | Ch 2 | Ch 3a | Ch 3b
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Chapter 2 Sex and Secrets

Harry spent the next few days until his competition was over alternately training, supporting his team and his friends and competing. In the end he placed twelfth, which he was incredibly pleased and amazed about, but what pleased him less was Johnny's placing; he was of the opinion that his friend should have been much higher. He noticed that Johnny left pretty quickly and as soon as he could get away from the people wanting to talk to him, he went to his room, cleaned up and then headed over to Johnny and Tanith's suite.

The moment Johnny opened the door he had one thing to say.

"Those judges need their eyes examining," he started and then went on to rant for a little bit, because he really needed to get it off his chest.

If there was one thing that he hated it was bias and he was positive he had just seen it.

"You were magnificent," he finished resolutely and Johnny blinked at him.

"That was all about me?" Johnny asked and sounded shocked.

It was at that point that Harry realised he might not have made himself clear as to what he was ranting about.

"Of course it's about you," he said, trying to remember what he has just said; "I don't see anyone else here who just got slighted by the judges."

He was surprised when Johnny beamed at him.

"You are so sweet," Johnny told him and dragged him inside.

The room was utterly spotless and had been rearranged; it looked like Johnny had been tidying.

"Stress relief?" Harry asked, looking around.

"It calms me down," Johnny replied, shutting the door, "but I can think of something better."

That was when Harry felt a hand gently running up his back.

"About that soul owning," Johnny said and smiled sweetly when he turned to look at him.

"I had almost forgotten about that," Harry replied with as innocent expression as he could manage, "but I would never renege on such a deal."

"I'm very glad to hear it," Johnny replied and, lacing his finger round the back of Harry's head, pulled him in for a kiss.

Harry had been anticipating this all week and he opened his mouth almost instantly, allowing Johnny to plunder his mouth as Harry drank down the passion he could feel in the other man. It felt as if Johnny wanted this as much as he did, which went well to spice the whole thing up. Before he knew it, Harry found himself being pushed up to and against the nearest wall as hands worked their way under his shirt. He did his very best to give as good as he got, but Johnny seemed to be able to dance out of his touch without actually breaking contact and he couldn't get a good hold. It appeared to be a game Johnny enjoyed and so eventually Harry gave in and just let Johnny have his way.

Johnny really seemed to like necks, at least that was the conclusion Harry had come to since Johnny was reducing him to badly held together goo by licking and nibbling his. In the back of his mind he wondered if it was vampire instincts coming out and it was then he remembered Johnny's problem.

"You know," he said breathlessly and then lost it for a moment in a moan as Johnny did something that turned his nerves to water, "I could put up some shields and ... nghhh ... we could do this properly."

Johnny pulled back then and looked at him; he wasn't sure if he was glad of the let up of the overload or bereft of it. There was definite interest in Johnny's expression, but hesitancy as well.

"Do you know what you're offering?" Johnny asked very carefully.

Harry guessed that Johnny was very careful with his vampire side.

"Yeah," he replied, just a little nervous.

He hadn't actually been lying when he had said he had heard things about vampires, he'd read them too and it was all rather exciting. Vampires like to bite during sex; the blood enhanced the experience for them according to one book that had been unusually frank, and from everything he knew, there was a significant amount of payback. A vampire also had magic that prevented the transfer of disease in either direction, a survival trait of the species, so if Johnny wasn't wearing the necklace it would mean they wouldn't have to worry about safe sex spells, or the Muggle equivalent.

"I will bite you," Johnny pointed out, clearly making sure and Harry smiled at that.

"I was kind of counting on it," he replied, feeling the blood pumping into his cock.

That idea really turned him on.

"Kinky, Jimmy?" Johnny asked, smiling just a little.

"I didn't think you were allowed in our sport without being that," he responded and licked his lips.

That made Johnny smiled even more.

"You could be right," Johnny replied and pulled back, seemingly reigning himself in, "bedroom then."

Harry just followed as Johnny led the way into the smaller room. As he watched, Johnny went into one of his drawers and produced a red scarf which he then proceeded to tie to the outside door handle of his room, before pushing it closed.

"To let Tanith know not to try and come in," Johnny said at Harry's quizzical look; "don't want her disturbing the shields and the lock doesn't work."

It made Harry smile that Johnny only mentioned the shields and he wondered how much of his soon to be lover Tanith had seen in her time. He slipped his wand from the wrist holster and cast some very strong shields for the room.

"I hope that's not the only wand you know how to use," Johnny said with a coy, little smile and made Harry laugh.

"That's bad," he said, putting his wand on the table; "really bad; I don't think I've heard that one since sixth year at school."

"Well we can't all be Stephen Colbert," Johnny said and reached up to unclasp the necklace, which came into view the moment he did so.

Johnny had not pushed himself too far this time, so he did not instantly transform into his vampire self, but Harry felt the magic shift in the room as Johnny's power was released. There was something very distinctive about vampires to those who were magically sensitive, at least when they let themselves be known.

"That feels so good," Johnny said, stretching like an over grown cat and then he bent down and lifted his trouser leg, revealing a wand holster.

The wand he pulled out was longer and thinner than Harry's and it looked almost delicate, but Harry was pretty sure it was like its owner; it looked fragile, but was very much not.

"I miss this when I'm wearing that damn thing," Johnny said and placed the necklace and the wand next to where Harry had put his; "it makes casting spells so difficult I don't bother except for the shields and I need someone to help me do that."

"Well you can forget about the necklace for now," Harry said, absolutely sure they were not going to dwell on such things now, "and you can show me why vampires have such an interesting reputation."

"Ooh," Johnny said, smiling and allowing his fangs to grow as Harry watched, "kinky wizard boy is gonna get some."

Harry bit his lip; there was something incredibly alluring about Johnny as he cast aside his humanity and let the night creature come out. When Johnny let his eyes flash greenish yellow Harry felt the sight go straight to his cock. He did have a kinky side and the edge of danger being with an honest to god, unfettered vampire spoke to that part of him at a very deep level. Of course the fact that Johnny was gorgeous didn't hurt the situation at all.

"Come here little wizard and let the big bad vampire have you," Johnny said and ran his tongue over one fang.

Harry was sure all the blood in his head rushed south.

This time when they started kissing, Johnny's hands were not just under his clothes, they were removing them for him and Johnny didn't seem to mind his doing the same this time. Shirts, belts, shoes, socks, trousers; they all went in quick succession while Harry and Johnny tried to lose as little contact as possible. Only when it came to underwear did either of them pause.

With his fingers looped in the waistband of Harry's boxers, Johnny stopped and pulled back, looking down as he, ever so slowly, pulled them downwards. Harry was already hard and his cock bobbed free as soon as the material was dragged aside and he made a breathy little sound at the sensation.

"My, my," Johnny said with a smile, "aren't we a big boy, Jimmy."

Harry just smiled, giving a quick wiggle to make the boxers fall as Johnny let them go.

"I know how to use it as well," he replied and hooked his fingers and slipped a hand right into Johnny's underwear; "know how to use other things too."

Johnny moaned and leaned into him as he worked his fingers over the hard cock he found inside the jersey cotton.

"Hnngh," Johnny said after a little more kissing and fondling, "naked now."

Harry was only too happy to obey and quickly stripped the boxers off his lover before pushing Johnny back onto the bed. He was absolutely sure Johnny was falling backwards, but then in the blink of an eye he found himself on the bed instead with Johnny on top of him and Johnny smiled at him, showing off his long fangs.

"That's cheating," Harry half-heartedly complained.

"Vampire's privilege," Johnny replied, still smiling. "You're making me hungry, Jimmy, may I taste you?"

Harry's heartbeat sped up at that.

"I already told you, you could," he replied, feeling a little lightheaded with all the adrenaline the request caused in his system.

"A gentleman always makes sure," Johnny replied and then lightly kissed him on the lips.

Then Johnny pushed himself back a little and Harry watched the dark head as Johnny started to kiss his way down his chest. He wasn't sure what he had expected when Johnny had asked to taste him, but this wasn't quite it. It was blatantly obvious that Johnny had a very definite idea about what he was doing, but Harry wasn't sure and all he could do was lie there and watch and feel and enjoy as Johnny played. Johnny's fingers were drawing gentle lines over his skin as Johnny slowly worked down his body and he reached out to lace his fingers through Johnny's soft hair, enjoying every last sensation.

His cock really, really wanted some attention, the friction against Johnny's slowly moving body not being enough, but he wasn't pushy, he could wait and Johnny was sending shivers through him with just his lips. That didn't stop him being disappointed when Johnny skirted his cock and went on to push his leg up, kissing his inner thigh. What cut straight through the disappointment, however, was just how sensitive the skin was there, making his breath catch in his throat and then Johnny looked up at him and he almost stopped breathing altogether. Johnny's eyes were glowing a bright, ethereal greenish yellow edged in bright red and it was then Harry realised what was about the happen.

The look was one last request and he smile, albeit a little nervously, and Johnny licked his lips. When the bite came it hurt; razor sharp fangs slicing into the delicate flesh of his inner thigh was bound to be painful, but the endorphins which hit his system almost instantly and the magic that lanced into him with as deadly accuracy as the teeth blew away the pain as soon as it started. He cried out, he couldn't help himself, and he tried to buck as instinct warred with pleasure, but Johnny had him very firmly pinned down. Vampires were far stronger than humans and he found out by just how much as Johnny effortlessly kept him in place.

About all he could do was fling a hand over his head and cling on to the metal bed end, trying desperately to stay a little grounded. It was the most intimate thing he had ever felt and his body sang with sensation. Every nerve in his body was crackling with feeling and his breath came in pants as he tried to convince himself to take in oxygen. The lips sucking at his skin and the tongue pushing at the wounds was erotic in a way he had never truly thought of before and he was becoming more and more turned on by the second. It was as if his whole nervous system had been hijacked and the only thing in the world that existed was sex. His entire body had turned into one giant erogenous zone and he could not stop the familiar tight feeling that began in his loins.

They had barely begun, but Harry just couldn't help himself and shuddering, he came all over himself, bucking hard in Johnny's vice like grip. About his only sensible thought was thanks that his body was only twenty and his recovery time wouldn't be too long. When Johnny's mouth detached from his leg and descended on his stomach, devilish tongue lapping at the evidence of his undoing, Harry's mind went away for a bit. It was too much and in self-preservation his thoughts just went blank, and for a little while everything was white and quiet.

He flipped back in to find Johnny looking at him worriedly.

"Jimmy, are you okay?" Johnny asked as soon as he blinked and he sounded genuinely concerned.

Harry did his best to say something, but all that came out was a rather disjoint noise, so he nodded instead. His nerves were still jangling with sensation and his vision had little spots at the edges.

"Good," he finally managed to say.

Johnny smiled at that, a toothy, but fangless smile.

"I've never had anyone react like that," Johnny told him, running a hand gently down his leg and making him shudder again; "you didn't resist me at all."

Harry just hummed in response; it was easier.

"And you taste divine," Johnny seemed very pleased.

It sounded like a compliment, so Harry took it as one, but he still couldn't move in any sensible fashion, which was rather embarrassing.

"I think," he said, managing to scrape together enough brain cells to form a few words, "my brain melted."

"How about," Johnny said, running a hand up his side and making him whine as his nerves complained at the over stimulation, "we give you a few minutes to recover and then you can fuck me through the mattress and return the favour?"

Harry groaned as his cock actually tried to respond to that; Johnny was trying to kill him.

The bed was not very big, but with a little manoeuvring they ended up side by side and Harry initiated a round of kissing and just light touching until his body finally started to come down properly. The inside of his leg was a little tender, but vampire bites healed very quickly, at least that's what he'd read and it seemed to be right since it didn't take long before he barely noticed it. When his cock finally started to stand to attention again he decided it was time to move it up a gear.

"Roll over," he said, moving away from Johnny so there was room on the bed; "now it's my turn."

Johnny gave him a quizzical look when he urged his lover onto his front, but did not object and Harry pulled himself up and moved so that he was straddling Johnny's thighs. Wandless magic was not his forte, but he had learnt a couple of little tricks and he whispered a word and his hands were instantly slick with oil. Leaning forward he placed his fingers lightly on Johnny's neck and shoulders and he began to kneed. The sound Johnny made was almost impossible to describe and seemed to be all enjoyment.

"If I fall asleep it's your fault," were the muffled words that came through the pillow.

"Oh, I'm not going to let you fall asleep," Harry promised and lifted himself up and ran a hand over Johnny's arse to prove his point.

That earned him a very pleased purr, so he went back to what he had been doing. Given that he always ended up with aches and pains from his skating, he had played around with the idea of creating some spells to give himself a good massage, so he had actually taken a course once, and although he'd never created the spells, he did remember most of it. He set to work making sure Johnny had no tension left from the ice, as well as adding in a little spice as he went along.

When he reached Johnny's arse he really began to have fun, kneading the firm muscles in gentle circles and carefully moving further down the bed until he was in a better position between Johnny's legs. He continued kneading in exaggerated circles now and then bent down, using the movement to spread Johnny before swiping his tongue over the tight little entrance he revealed. Johnny moved at that and made a gasping noise, but he definitely wasn't moving away, in fact as Harry saw one of Johnny's hand twist into the pillow, Johnny's backside came up a little and his legs spread. Harry took that to mean 'more please' and was very happy to oblige.

He knew rimming was not to everyone's taste, in fact he had had a couple of partners who were completely turned off by it, but it was a favourite of Harry's. Whether he was on the giving or receiving end it always gave him an enormous amount of pleasure. The person on the receiving end had to be fastidiously clean, but then he knew Johnny would have showered as soon as he returned to his room and Johnny was known to be a little OCD when it came to cleanliness. As it was, what he got was a taste of clean, newly washed skin with just a hint of sweat after what they had already been up to and he liked it.

If the muffled noised coming from Johnny where he had his face planted in the pillow were anything to go by, Johnny really liked it as well. Harry had a lot of fun using his tongue to tease his lover into a frenzy of want. When he thought Johnny had had enough and every line of Johnny's lean frame was basically begging for something more, he pulled back and used the other wandless spell he had actually mastered. Slipping the two now lubricated fingers into Johnny was like pushing a hot knife into butter; Johnny just opened up for him.

The fact that the two wandless spells Harry was actually good at both usually involved sex was something he refused to be ashamed of. Wands of the magical variety just got in the way in bed and so everything was better off without them.

"God yes," Johnny said, lifting himself off the bed as Harry slowly fingered him.

Johnny with his arse in the air as he rested on his elbows with his face still mostly in the pillow, legs spread was a sight that sent shots of delight straight to Harry's cock. Now he had the 'big bad vampire' at his mercy and he was loving every second of it.

Given the massage and the tongue basting Harry had already given his lover, Johnny was not too tight, but that didn't mean Harry wanted to go fast. He had no idea how long ago Johnny had last had sex and he wanted Johnny well warmed up before he took the next step. Johnny didn't seem to be in any hurry either, so Harry took his time with more fingers and plenty of lube until he had Johnny well and truly ready. Only then did be move in closer and lube up his straining cock.

Lining himself up, he pushed in carefully, revelling in the sensation of slick, tight heat that surrounded his cock. All the warm up paid off as Johnny's body just welcomed him in and they slid together on the first slow thrust.

"Fuck," was the most coherent thing Harry had to say, holding himself still for as long as he could, just enjoying the sensation.

He only moved when Johnny made a wanton noise and shifted his hips, which set Harry into motion as well and he pulled out a little before pushing back in. The pressure almost made him ache and he wanted more.

Johnny was one of the most beautiful men he had ever seen, even naked there was nothing about Johnny that was perfect. The odd little scar from skating falls that marred the perfect skin just enhanced it and Harry was captivated. For tonight Johnny was his and he was Johnny's, what came tomorrow didn't matter and he claimed what was his with everything he had.

He had every intention of paying Johnny back in full for the mind blowing orgasm and he was pretty good at sex, even if he did say so himself, and he knew just how to apply himself. Slow, lazy thrusts gradually built up into more insistent drives of flesh into flesh and Harry kept shifting his angle until Johnny literally growled as he thrust in. Once he had found the right spot to make Johnny come apart, he kept hitting it with as much accuracy as he could manage.

Johnny was a vampire and vampires were very robust. As far as he understood it, born vampires were not immortal or invulnerable, at least not until they reached a certain age and went through something called 'the little death', which he had never found explained, but they were still stronger and less prone to damage than humans. Harry used this to his full advantage, pounding into Johnny knowing that he wouldn't hurt him. Given that Johnny made some very encouraging noises, Harry let himself go.

Having had one orgasm already he had staying power, but that didn't mean he could last forever and having an oiled, beautiful, naked man beneath him had the familiar feeling of approaching ecstasy approaching faster than he would have liked. He slowed his pace somewhat and pulled Johnny up from his all fours into a kneeling position, using his hips to keep up some movement. Wrapping one arm around Johnny's chest, he began kissing at Johnny's neck and wrapped his free hand around Johnny's hard cock.

Johnny moaned long and low, a needy sound, and Harry pumped the cock in his hand, needing to see Johnny come undone as much as Johnny seemed to need to let go.

"God you're beautiful," he whispered in the perfect ear and then kissing his way around the edge of it. "Come for me."

And to his surprise, Johnny did; right then, just as he said it, Johnny gave a full body shudder and spurted his seed all over Harry's hand and the bed. The tightening of muscles around his cock and the shock of accomplishment had Harry coming for a second time only moments later and he had to grab at the wall to prevent them both taking a header onto the bed. He'd never actually had that work quite so well before and he clung to Johnny as they both rode out the heady high.

They were both breathing hard and Harry definitely didn't really want to move, but he carefully pulled out and moved back just a little so they were more stable. Doing his best not to overbalance, he reached over and picked up his wand, casting a quick cleaning charm on the bed before putting it back. At that point, to his pleasure, Johnny pulled him down onto the bed and pulled him close with a happy little sigh; it seemed Johnny was a cuddler.

They lay tangled together and Harry let his mind wander, just enjoying the afterglow. He was happy to stay right where he was, at least until Johnny kicked him out. He had no illusions of this being some passionate love affair and he wasn't sure if Johnny preferred to sleep alone. He was damn sure he was going to stay friends with Johnny for a long time, but the sex was a fringe benefit, not a statement of the relationship, so he was happy either way. That they were not up and about their own business immediately was a plus in Harry's book.

"I wear the necklace all the time at competitions because there is someone I can't be around without it," Johnny said and snapped him out of his reverie.

Harry sat up a little at that and rested his head on one hand while leaning on his elbow so that he could see Johnny properly.

"Why?" he asked, since it seemed like the only sensible thing to say and since Johnny was opening up to him he assumed Johnny wanted him to ask it.

Johnny sighed at that and smiled wistfully.

"Did you know vampires can become obsessed?" Johnny asked him. "It's kind of like a mating drive in some other species, only with us it's about the blood as well as the sex. He's my perfect match and I can't control myself around him."

That didn't sound like a whole lot of fun.

"How do you know?" he asked, wanting to know how this worked for Johnny.

"A while back he cut himself on one of his skates," Johnny said, clearly remembering the moment; "it was just a little cut, but I was close enough and I had finished skating so I wasn't wearing the necklace. It was like cat nip. I had to go and throw water on my face to recover. It only got worse from there."

Johnny sounded so conflicted.

"So you'd jump him as soon as look at him?" Harry asked in what he hoped was a sympathetic tone.

"Jump on him, bite him, attempt to have sex with him even if the international press was there to watch," Johnny said with a little shrug; "I am way past insane as far as he goes. I used to only wear the necklace on the ice, but if I take it off without the shields and he's within a couple of miles, I'm off and hunting."

"That sucks," Harry said because he knew all about living with circumstance you couldn't control. "Does he know?"

That made Johnny laugh.

"Oh no," was the firm response; "for a start the dear boy is straight and he's Muggle."

That made Harry frown; he had read about vampires and their 'obsessions' as Johnny put it and that didn't sound quite right. He was well aware that books didn't always get it right, but the author had been pretty adamant.

"Are you sure?" he asked and Johnny gave him a quizzical look. "About him being straight?"

"Well he's had enough girlfriends," Johnny said as if that said everything.

Harry just smiled at that; sometimes people could be too close to a problem.

"So have I," he pointed out, "but that hasn't stopped me shagging you, has it?"

He indicated their current position to underline what he was trying to say.

"What I meant was I've never seen him with a male," Johnny said in a tone that suggested Harry better remember he wasn't stupid.

"Yes," Harry replied, "but I'm sure I read somewhere that this 'obsession' only happens when the couple are compatible. Merlin, I wish I could remember the title of the book; Hermione would kill me if she realised I still can't remember things like that. You wouldn't be obsessed with him if somewhere you didn't know he might reciprocate."

For a few moments Johnny just stared at him and he could almost see the thoughts running through his companion's head.

"You mean he's either so far in the closet he's in denial or just really, really careful," Johnny said as if that hadn't occurred to him before.

Harry nodded and gave his friend a smile.

"I wouldn't suggest you take the choker off around him," he said and grinned, "but don't give up all hope."

"He's still Muggle," Johnny pointed out.

"So you have to explain things gently," Harry replied, hoping that it might at least give Johnny a little light at the end of the tunnel.

Johnny sighed and looked wistful again.

"Who am I kidding," he said and gave Harry a sad smile; "he doesn't even like me."

"I'm willing to bet that's because he doesn't know the real you," Harry said with complete certainty; he had no idea how anyone could dislike Johnny once they got past the OTT act.

"Are you angling for a blowjob?" Johnny asked, eyes narrowing suspiciously and Harry burst out laughing.

He really had never known anyone quite like Johnny.

"Going to tell me who 'he' is?" he asked when he finally stopped laughing.

"No," Johnny said in a slightly sulky tone; "you'll laugh at me for being a moon calf."

"I swear I won't," he replied and drew an imaginary cross over his heart.

Johnny made a dismissal sound and slid out from under the covers.

"This is so embarrassing," Johnny said, sitting on the edge of the bed.

"More embarrassing than walking slap bang into your biggest idol and knocking him flying on your first day on Olympic turf?" Harry asked innocently.

Johnny turned to look at him.

"Your biggest idol?" was the somewhat pleased question.

"Like you didn't notice my star struck goldfish impression," he replied with a grin.

"It's still more embarrassing," Johnny said dramatically and sighed again. "You have to really promise me you won't laugh."

"I promise," Harry replied faithfully.

Then Johnny said something very quickly and so quietly that Harry didn't catch it.

"Who?" Harry asked, watching Johnny blush.

It really was endearing.

"Evan," Johnny said slightly louder and Harry finally heard it.

That was rather a shock.

"As in the man who just wiped the floor with the rest of us?" Harry wanted to be sure there were no other Evans hanging around.

Johnny nodded and appeared mortified.

"I see your problem," he admitted; that was one big fish.

Then Johnny just looked sad.

"But it's not insurmountable," he added quickly, because if there was anything worse than a kicked puppy, it was Johnny looking sad; "you just need a plan. We will have to come up with one."

Johnny went from sad to surprised.

"You want to help?" was the surprised response.

"Of course," Harry replied; "you're my friend and Gryffindors always help their friends."

He realised his slip up as soon as it was out of his mouth; he was so used to being amongst Muggles that when he was with them he used different language, but with Johnny he had slipped back into being a Wizard. The old habits had come back.

"You went to Hogwarts, you had a childhood so awful you regressed yourself so you could do it again," Johnny said almost straight away, "you have a friend called Hermione and you're coming up on thirty. James, what's your real name?"

Mentally he cursed J.K. Bloody Rowling for writing about his life. There had been a huge enquiry when the first book had come out and about all the Ministry had been able to come up with was that the woman was psychic and thought she was writing fiction. By the time anyone had thought to try and stop her "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" was so big that it would have taken a miracle to remove it. The war had all been over by the time the second book came out, so Harry had just chosen to ignore it, but he was regretting it now; the books had been popular in the Wizarding world as well as the Muggle. Of course the Wizarding side of the coin knew it was based on real life.

He reached up and rubbed the piece of fake skin that hid his scar; with a little magic no one could tell it was anything but real.

"I think you already know," he said, and looked down at the bed.

"Harry?" Johnny asked kind of tentatively.

Harry just smiled slightly and gave half a nod.

"Oh my god, I slept with Harry Potter," Johnny sounded, of all things, excited.

That was when Johnny decided to climb back into bed and sidled up to him.

"Your secret's safe we me, Jimmy," Johnny told him and gave him a quick kiss. "So was Ms Rowling accurate, or did she miss a few things out? I want to know everything."

Harry couldn't help smiling; Johnny was just so enthusiastic.


When Harry exited Johnny's room after his alarm went off, he found Tanith in the main part of the suite. He had left Johnny to catch up on some more sleep since the shields would hold until someone other than him walked through them and he was headed back to his own room. Tanith looked at him and grinned.

"You look very awake considering how much sleep you two got last night," Tanith said and wiggled her eyebrows.

It suddenly occurred to Harry that they might have been rather loud.

"Sorry, did we keep you awake?" he apologised even as he blushed at thinking what Tanith mush have heard.

He didn't even know what time Tanith had come back to the suite.

"Ear plugs," Tanith replied with a grin, "I came prepared, but I did get up for some water in the early hours and you two were still at it."

Harry was pretty sure his face was crimson by now. Johnny had kept him up half the night talking and then shagging and then shagging some more. It had been fun and cathartic to talk about his past and they had even come up with a start to the plan to make Evan Lysacek take a second look at Johnny, but he was mortified that their less than innocent activities had been overheard.

"That was probably round three," he said, trying to drown his embarrassment by playing the game; "we spent a long time talking before that."

It then occurred to him that Tanith might be of some assistance.

"You know all about Johnny's rather large problem, right?" he asked, making sure that he was not about to breach Johnny's confidence.

Tanith nodded.

"He told you about it?" Tanith asked, growing more serious.

"Yeah," Harry replied, "all six foot two of him."

"Quite a big problem," Tanith agreed with a nod.

Harry smiled at that.

"Well I've convinced him to test the waters," he said, planning in his head already; "and I know he's your ex, but would you mind gathering intel for us?"

Tanith looked surprised.

"Evan's straight," she pointed out and Harry had to admit she would know.

"Problem is, that's not how these things should work," Harry said and walked over to perch on the chair beside her. "Johnny shouldn't be this focussed unless there is something coming back."

Tanith appeared honestly shocked.

"You mean Evan's bi and hasn't told anyone?" she asked, sounding like she almost didn't believe it.

"Should be," Harry replied with a nod and Tanith looked thoughtful.

There were things adding up in her head, he could tell.

"You know, you could be right," she said and then smiled. "He and Johnny would be very cute together."

Harry smiled back; now he had more help in the conspiracy.

"How did you convince him to try?" Tanith asked, clearly on board now. "He was dead set against it last time he spoke to me about it."

"He was weak," Harry replied with a grin; "the afterglow will do that to a guy."

Tanith laughed and Harry knew he was on to a winner.


"Evan," Johnny called and dashed across the lobby, dragging Harry behind him, "do you have a minute?"

It was time for part one of 'see if the mongoose is deeper than he looks' as Johnny had christened the whole adventure. Tanith had just texted them and let them know she had seen Lysacek alone in part of the village. Lysacek, for his part, looked a little surprised at being address directly by Johnny and Harry had a feeling that the pair tended to avoid each other.

"Um, yeah," Lysacek said hesitantly.

Johnny beamed at the poor man and Harry had been on the receiving end of that smile and knew its devastating potential.

"This is Jimmy," Johnny introduced, a little overenthusiastically in Harry's opinion, but then Johnny was a little bit nervous.

"James," Harry said, playing it just a little shy.

"I saw part of your skate," Lysacek said, much to his surprise; "nice triple axel."

Harry smiled at that; he hadn't expected a compliment on this excursion.

"Thanks," he replied, "one day it might be good enough to get me on a podium."

"A little bit more practice and you'll be flying like Evan," Johnny said and caused Lysacek to do a double take.

It was really quite fun watching the other skater trying to work out what was going on.

"Jimmy's still in the 'oh my god that's...' phase," Johnny continued brightly, "so I offered to introduce him around since we've all known each other for years and I figured, start at the top."

The fact that Johnny had complimented him twice in as many minutes seemed to have derailed Lysacek's brain, although given his reputation Harry didn't know if there was a lot to derail. He hoped there was and Johnny had been very eloquent on how imbecilic the press was, so he had to believe there was more to the man than what he let people see. No one could win Olympic gold and be that stupid, so he wouldn't have been surprised if Lysacek played up to his image to fool others into a false sense of security.

Striking while he had the advantage, Johnny then began to talk in only the way Johnny could and Harry put in little bits every now and then, finally managing to get Lysacek's autograph and thank him profusely. All the while Johnny flirted and made himself about as adorable as Harry had ever seen him and Harry was pretty sure Lysacek was shell shocked, if nothing else, by the time they were done.

So far the plan was going perfectly. By the time they were done Lysacek was either going to be interested in a padded cell. Harry did have to wonder how long it would take Lysacek to realise he couldn't turn around without falling over Johnny.


It had been just over three days since Johnny had started flirting with Lysacek and Harry was beginning to think the other skater knew something was going on. So far Johnny had managed to be just about everywhere and the best incident so far had been Johnny walking out of his room in his underwear just as Lysacek had arrived to pick up Tanith to go out for coffee and catch up. Tanith had been quite happy to help set that up. Harry hadn't seen that one personally, but he had heard all about it and even Tanith had been impressed with the expression on Lysacek's face.

"All the US medal winners so far have a photo shoot this morning," Johnny said as Harry and he walked through the lobby of Harry's building. "It should be almost over so I was thinking of dragging you along with a camera and pretending you forced me to bring you."

Harry grinned.

"I can do that," he replied, since he was enjoying seeing Johnny so buoyant.

Some people seemed to think Johnny was faking being so happy to pretend he didn't care that he came sixth, but Harry could see the genuine enjoyment every time they came up with a new part of the plan. Sooner rather than later Johnny was going to have to make a decision and either drop the whole thing or tell Lysacek the truth, but Harry was happy to play along for a bit longer.

Given the time of day and the fact that most people were off doing things, there weren't many people in the lobby, which was fortuitous because what happened next was rather eye catching. If Harry hadn't seen it he never would have believed it. Lucius Malfoy appeared out of thin air and dropped what looked like a stuffed rabbit. The man looked nothing like Harry had last seen him, in fact, if it hadn't been for the blond hair, Harry might not have even recognised him. Said hair was all over the place, as if it hadn't had a good brush in days, and Lucius appeared to be wearing pyjamas.

Harry just couldn't imagine the pristine Slytherin wishing to appear in public in pyjamas.

Then the wizard looked at him and Harry was reminded very strongly of Bellatrix; there was insanity in those eyes. Before he could so much as react, Lucius went mad.

"Harry Potter," Lucius yelled and then launched himself at Harry as if nothing else in the world mattered.

Harry didn't even really know what was happening until hands laced around his neck and began to squeeze, strangling him in short order. He couldn't even get out a yell as the sound was caught by the hold on his throat and his instinct was the grab at the hands rather than anything else.

"Hey," he heard, and he assumed it was Johnny and then the grip lessened just a little.

He managed to drag in a short breath.

"Get off him you maniac."

Now that definitely was Johnny and he was jarred as a body collided with Lucius.

"The enemy of the Dark Lord must die," Lucius snarled for any and all to hear.

One hand left his throat and Harry was pretty sure it was being used to hit Johnny, but he was too busy removing the other one. Whatever madness was infecting Lucius, it made the wizard incredibly strong. He had never been so glad to hear the crack of Apparation in his life and he prayed it was the cavalry. When a bolt of red light hit his attacker and the man finally fell away, Harry staggered backwards, doing his very best to breathe. There were little spots on the edge of his vision and his throat hurt, but he managed to get oxygen into his lungs and that's all that mattered.

When he looked up he was even more shocked to see Draco standing half a room away, flanked by a man and a woman that Harry had never seen before. All three had their wands drawn and pointed at Draco's father.

"It's a spell," Draco said, breaking the silence; "Voldemort's legacy."

Harry wasn't sure whether to be more shocked that Draco Malfoy had just said Voldemort's name or the fact that he was looking at his one-time school rival.

Harry looked at Lucius Malfoy at his feet then back up at where Draco was standing, wand still extended and then at Johnny who was clutching at his throat. It was only then that Harry realised Johnny was no longer wearing the choker and his mind flashed back to the present. Forgetting everything else his eyes scanned the floor looking for it.

"Hang on," he said, voice croaky, but working as he spotted it over by the wall.

"Too late," Johnny said in a tight tone and then Harry saw his friend's eyes change colour.

First they glowed red and then they flashed bright greenish yellow and then Johnny turned and ran.

"Oh shit," Harry said, forgetting about the fact that his throat hurt completely.

He looked over at Draco, who was still staring at him.

"Vampire in heat," he said rapidly, "gotta catch him."

Then he took off after Johnny, who, being a figure skater and a vampire, could run like the wind. He began praying that Lysacek was nowhere public, and then he remembered how Johnny had told him earlier that the current US medal winners were holding a photo shoot. He only hoped it was over.

He ran as fast as his legs would carry him and thanked every deity known to man that he had such a punishing training routine because he just about managed to keep Johnny in sight. Vampires were not fond of strong daylight, although they weren't allergic to it like Muggles seemed to think, but it did mean that Johnny took a roundabout route to wherever he was headed.

When Harry saw Lysacek at one end of a long corridor with Johnny halfway down it and Apolo Ohno and J.R. Celski in between the two, he knew he was too far away. He was desperate.

"Stop him," he yelled at the two speed skaters while still running; "before he gets to Lysacek."

At first the pair just stared at him as if he was nuts, but Ohno must have realised something was not right with Johnny as he got closer, because with a quick word to Celski the two skaters tried to block Johnny's way. That worked about as well as putting tin foil armour in the way of an arrow, since neither actually tried to grab Johnny and Ohno went flying as he was barged out of the way.

Johnny was very intent on Lysacek; he didn't even seem to notice that there had been anyone in his path and Harry realised there was nothing for it. Without any other alternative, he skidded to a halt and slipped his wand out of his holster.

"Duck," he yelled at Celski, who was directly between him and Johnny.

Luckily the young man had good reflexes and did as he was told. Harry aimed at Johnny and cast: "Stupefy!"

Red light shot out of his wand and hurtled down the corridor, at exactly the same time as he heard someone else cast the same thing and both took Johnny down as they collided with his back. He looked down to find that Ohno had a wand in his hand that he seemed to have retrieved from his boot and that brought up a whole load of questions, but Harry's focus was Johnny. He passed a silent look with Ohno and jogged up the corridor, past Celski, who was staring at him and Ohno with his mouth open, and to the spot where Johnny was flat on his face. He rolled his friend over and immediately wished he hadn't, because Johnny was vampire pale and his mouth fell open to reveal long white fangs just as Lysacek walked up.

"What the fuck is going on?" Lysacek asked pointedly.

"Just what I want to know," came from the other direction and Harry looked up to find Ohno standing there looking dazed (being steamrollered by a vampire would do that to a person) but otherwise unharmed; the short track skater still had his wand in his hand.

"It's like the books," Celski said, eyes still large and round; "it's like the fucking books."

Ohno was looking at his friend like he'd hit his head or something.

"J.R. calm down," Ohno said simply.

"You ... you ... you've got a fucking wand," Celski sounded incredulous.

Ohno really didn't look like he wanted to be having this conversation.

"What kind of game is this?" Lysacek all but demanded.

Clearly Lysacek had had a very good view of everything.

Harry took a deep breath and counted to five.

"I wish it was a game," he said, dragging Johnny into a sitting position, "but it's not. Now we need to get Johnny somewhere safe before he wakes up."

"Are those finger marks on your neck?" Ohno asked, clearly missing the point.

"Not important now," Harry replied, hoping that his voice was close enough to normal to be ignored.

No one looked convinced.

"This is some big joke, right?" Celski said, very much confused it seemed.

That was the point where Harry had had enough and he decided to prove his point. With a flick of his wand he cast a tickling jinx at Celski who instantly began to squirm and laugh.

"Not a joke," he said and cancelled it just as quickly.

"What did you just do?" Celski demanded hotly.

"Tickling jinx," Harry said simply and looked the young man straight in the eye; "it tickled didn't it?"

Celski looked shocked, but nodded.

"Now, who is going to help me get Johnny back to his room?" he was quite capable of taking charge, even when most of those around him thought they were older than he was.

"Is he what I think he is?" Ohno asked, but did put his wand away and bent down to help Harry.

There wasn't really any way out of explaining now, but Harry really didn't want to do it in the middle of a corridor.

"Yes," he said and managed to get Johnny to his feet with Ohno on the other side, "Johnny's a vampire and that means he's going to wake up a hell of a lot faster than your average wizard. Now can we save the explanations for later?"

At least Ohno seemed to agree with that, although Lysacek did not look convinced and Celski just looked shell shocked.

"Why is everything like Harry Potter?" the confused skater asked a little helplessly.

Harry really didn't blame him, but of course it was that exact moment when Draco decided to appear round the corner at the bottom of the corridor and heard the question.

"Because he is Harry bloody Potter," Draco said in his usual superior drawl; Harry was surprised how familiar it sounded even after all this time.

"Fuck you too, Draco," he replied, since he was now in a very bad mood.

Even Ohno was giving him a wide eyed look now.

"Vampire, in heat, going to wake up at any moment," he said pointedly when no one was moving, "move!"

That got things going and somehow they managed to get Johnny to his room without too many people seeing them. Lysacek and Celski tagged along, one looking like he was ready to murder someone for an answer and the other looking rather like a lost puppy.

End of Chapter 2

On to Part 3a
Tags: category: slash, ch_story: salchows, fandom: crossovers, fandom: harry potter, fandom: ice skating rps, ficfest: fluff friday, fictype: 10-30kwds, genre: vampires, pairing: hp - harry/draco, pairing: is - johnny weir/evan lysacek, pairing: xo - harry/johnny weir, rating: r to nc17, type: fiction

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  • Review - Insidious (2010)

    Title: Insidious Rating: 15 Cast: Patrick Wilson ... Josh Lambert Rose Byrne ... Renai Lambert Ty Simpkins ... Dalton Lambert Lin…

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  • Review: The Blade Trilogy

    Right, so back to reviewing the vampire movies I own. Sorry for the delay, been kind of busy with the writing lately. Title: Blade (1998)…