Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Morning :)

What with the drama over the weekend I didn't get my bondage fic finished, but I plan to attempt that this evening :). Then I have to get back to Corruption, if the Harry Potter/Johnny Weir bunny that refuses to die will stop eating my brain. Yes you read that right, god help my brain.

So on to birthdays:
Happy Birthday to
madam_malicia for tomorrow,
vickyverce, mary_re, briel_morrigan andsparklinblossom for the 3rd,
taligator for the 4th,
luesietjuh and tigerblak for the 5th,
starfallvaltash for the 6th and
anansay, narcolepticnemu and kat_lair for the 7th

Many Happy returns to you all.

If I have missed you, I apologise; it's because you're not on my list. Please drop me a note to LMK if you would like to be added.
Tags: info: birthdays

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