Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Okay, so there aren't many things that made me really annoyed ...

... bare face lying to try and get someone else into trouble is one of them.

Some of you may know di_glossia, others may not and some of you may be aware that she sometimes causes friction within the community. You may also know that there is some bad blood between her and lirren, what you may not know is the lies she has been telling about lirren.

Let me give you a little history...

It is not secret that lirren never really liked di_glossia, she never friended her and at some point di_glossia seemed to take this as a personal insult. However, when the Panik album came out, lirren made an unlocked offer to everyone in Panik fandom on her side of the pond in which she proposed they buy the album in bulk to save on shipping costs from Germany to the US and she would then send them all out from there. Everything was worked out so that everyone would pay for their album and their percentage of the shipping from Germany to the US. di_glossia took up the offer along with other Panik fans.

Everyone else paid up and lirren sent them out their albums. di_glossia said she had sent the cheque three times, but it never arrived. The situation seemed to be going nowhere, so lirren used someone who was, at the time, a mutual friend of both of them as a go between. The cheque was sent to the go between and the go between was sent the CD and she passed them both on. di_glossia claims she never got the CD, but never blamed the go between and continued to harass lirren about it. There is no doubt in my mind that the CD was in fact received, given later goings on and lies.

di_glossia has been stalking lirren's LJ and in desperation, lirren started to lock everything down, but this did not seem to be enough, so she took the drastic step of setting up another LJ so she could talk to her close friends with absolute certainty that nothing could be hacked.

When IPs showed up looking at the completely locked entries on lirren she took further action and removed all entries from the account, moving over to the new account completely and hoping to disappear so that di_glossia would leave her alone.

During this time whoridori turned up on the scene and has so many pointers to being a sock puppet account that nearly every box was ticked. Since the account was not doing any harm, several of us were wary, but let it be. However, when the sock began ranting on fanficrants about so called friends of di_glossia, some really nasty, it caused even more friction and finally, when the sock ranted about what sounded very like a comment on PanikFiction that I had seen and read, I called her on it.

Here's my comment:

This then resulted in this post on di_glossia's LJ where she claims lirren created the whoridori account to make her look bad. I screen capped it in case it vanishes, the original post is here: [Edit: good thing I took the screen shot because it has indeed been edited]

di_glossia's post
di_glossia's post

She also made a complaint the the mods of fanficrants making the same claim. lirren saw the comment on di_glossia's LJ when some of her friends pointed it out and asked the mods of fanficrants if they could look at the IPs to prove that di_glossia and whoridori were the same person. As you can see from this set of entries, they found that they were

There are many things I will overlook, but deliberately lying to try and make someone else look bad is one of the things I despise the most. Hence I felt the need to post about this so that the truth is out there.

Link to lirren's version as well in case you are interested
Tags: info: fandom

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