Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

OMG - I've just found heaven on earth

My friend Rich at work knows I have an incredibly sweet tooth and he lives in France. Now these two come together because the French [Edit: I apologise, it is a Belgian make, but you can buy it in France :)] have this spread called Speculoos (pronounce spec-u-loss) which is caramelly, buterschotchy spread that is based on Lotus biscuits. It looks like smooth peanut butter, but OMG, it tastes amazing.

Rich stayed in a hotel over the weekend and they had this in little tubs and he brought me one in today. I have just eaten it on melba toast and it was fabulous. You know when you make involuntary moaning noises because something tastes so good - yeah, that was just me :).

And do y'know what I keep thinking? Bill would love this stuff.
Tags: info: food

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