Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


I've been musing about summaries again because yesterday I was wandering around some old fandoms and some new ones. I think I've come to a conclusion, summaries are very important to me in fandoms where I'm not completely familiar with the authors that are around. I skipped several, even though the pairing was what I was looking for because I did not know the author and they had no summary.

It seems I like to have a clue about what I will be reading before I dive in.

How about you?

Also, one of our kitties is not well. Bijou seems to have a serious issue with her back end. We are taking her to the vet tonight to see if they can sort her out, but I'm almost sure it is not as simple as an infection or anything like that. She had antibiotics last time (two weeks ago) and it didn't do a whole lot so I think it might be nerve damage. Poor little darling.
Tags: info: general

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