Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Random fic stuff :)

Merlin/HP xover just his 9,000 wds and I haven't even written the main bulk of the middle yet. Who gave it permission to grow? It wasn't me! :P

Avatar fic is also turning out to be longer than expected, not huge, but it's grown a plot too. I may have to write some short porn just to get it out of my system ::g::.

Then there is the HP/Avatar bunnie that has started hopping around. So not fair! It hasn't grown a plot yet, but it has a premise, I'm hoping it will just stay that way. Pretty mental images are not helping!

Question for Avatar fans Can Na'vi/Avatars breathe normal human air?

[Edit: oh a debate, this is fun :)]
Tags: info: fic stuff

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