Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


Excuse me while I crow just a little :). Took Soph to see Avatar last night.

She didn't believe me that it was brilliant, that even though the plot is tried and tested it's actually an amazing movie. She thought I'd just found something else to obsess over and she wasn't really going to enjoy it.

Now she knows the truth - LOL

Add one to the cause :D

And her comment of "I am not writing slash for that, I have enough to do." was promptly followed by us plotting out possible slash pairings and giving good reasons why Tsu'tey isn't actually dead. I mean, we didn't see a body and Jake survived the same kind of fall. All you have to do is come up with a reason why he couldn't make it back to the tribe right away and you're sorted. We also figured out how to get Trudy back. I love fanfic, there is nothing you cannot do. The only two people we can categorically say are dead, dead, dead (from the good guys at least) are Grace and Eytukan because they died on camera right there and we saw the bodies.
Tags: fandom: avatar

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