Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Someone help me, I'm going insane!

I have too many bunnies hopping around inside my brain. I have Avatar bunnies, I have HP bunnies, I have X-men bunnies for heaven's sake and I've never even finished one of those before! And those are just the FPS bunnies, that doesn't count the RPS bunnies as well - heaven help me.

My help_haiti fic for opalsong is going well, but it keeps growing! It's up to 5,000 wds already and I haven't written half the plot. It's my own fault for suggesting a Merlin/HP xover with a side of vampires ... so much to fit in :). I'm really enjoying writing it though.

Once I'm done with it I should start on Corruption 4 for dameange, but I may have to slip an Avatar fic in there before the bunnies drive me completely bananas. Especially since I'm dragging Soph to see it tonight :). Wish me luck with passing on the addiction ::g::.

And just in case you missed them before:

Eywa Made Us Do It Challenge Banner
Eywa Made Us Do It Kinkathon (Anonymous or not, you decide)

Eywa Made Us Do It Challenge Banner
Eywa Made Us Do It Challenge
Prompt Collection Post

You will play eventually, just to shut me up, I know you will ;P
Tags: fandom: avatar, fandom: crossovers, fandom: harry potter, info: fic stuff

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