Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

A request to writers :)

Dear all, I have one request, pretty please (and I know a lot of you do it anyway). If you are posting parts of a fic, please, please give some way of finding the other parts of the fic. You have lots of options:
1) put links in the parts e.g <a href="link goes here">Back to Part 1</a> or <a href="link goes here">On to Part 2</a>
2) link to an orgnaisational post with all the chapter links in it
3) use a story tag to link them all together

There is nothing more frustrating that finding a fic to read and then not being able to find all the parts. Many thanks.

Also on a different note, writers and readers alike, please come play :)

Eywa Made Us Do It Challenge Banner
Eywa Made Us Do It Kinkathon (Anonymous or not, you decide)

Eywa Made Us Do It Challenge Banner
Eywa Made Us Do It Challenge
Prompt Collection Post

I know there have to be some readers out there with prompts because they filled in my poll :)
Tags: fandom: avatar, ficfest: avatar emudi chal, ficfest: avatar kinkathon, info: fic writing

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