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Avatar - Eywa Made Us Do It Challenge - Prompt Post

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Eywa Made Us Do It Challenge
Prompt Collection Post

Okay, so I got fed up f waiting and decided to jump in with both feet ;). I forgot totally to ask about artists, but artists, if you would like to play, you are most welcome to as well.

So this is the challenge prompt collection post. If you have an Avatar prompt you would love to see written please post it here.

Now my original aim was to up the slash and porn for the fandom - yes I am that shallow - and the overall theme of the challenge is sex, but given that I'm going to run a Kinkathon (come play) as well, lower rated prompts are welcome as well for the challenge. Fade to black is fine :). I would like to encourage slash, femslash and threesomes ;), but feel free to submit het prompts as well.

Just please no characters under the age of 14 in sexual situations please. I know the Na'vi are aliens and a "primitive" tribe, but let's just not go there for my peace of mind, thanks :).

In a week I will gather up the prompts and post them for claiming. Each prompt may have one fic and one art claim, but please DO NOT try and claim against this post.

I was planning on letting the challenge run for a couple of months until the end of March, please LMK if this is inconvenient for people and we can extend. It is going to be a post your own type of challenge and players may fulfil as many prompts as they wish, but only one at a time ;). The full rules will be in the claim post.

If you wish to write for the challenge without using a prompt you may of course start writing whenever you like, but please do not post until after the claim post has gone up because that is where the masterlist will go :).

[Edit: crossover bunnies are okay too :)]

If you can't remember all the characters names, you can look them up here:

If you would like a copy of the script or the pocket guide to how to speak Na'vi, I have them both in PDF format and if you drop me an email at beren(at)dtwins(dot)co(dot)uk I would be happy to share them. I downloaded them from one of the Avatar comms, but can't remember which, if you would prefer to go looking yourself.

If you would like to pimp the challenge, the code is here, thank you :D:
Tags: fandom: avatar, ficfest: avatar emudi chal

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