Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

♥Fluff Friday♥

♥Fluff Friday♥

It's Fluff Friday, yay! So this is the organisational post for this week. If you make a fluffy post please comment here with a link and I'll edit the main post to show all the links so people can find all the fluff.

Remember, it can be anything fluffy, from pictures to anecdotes to fic. Anything fluffy counts *hugs*

Here is the pimp code :)

Ultimate Truth by beren_writes, Tokio Hotel, Tom/Bill, R
Do You? by sorion, Tokio Hotel/Bushido, Bill/Bushido, NC17
A Heart Shaped Box by mieka_writes, various bands
Tag by mieka_writes, Cinema Bizarre, Luminor/Kiro
Pic spam by hollie136
Christmas Caresses by alyse, (Primeval, Abby/Connor, R
Video spam by reddwarf75
Staycation Daze by fyredancer, Tokio Hotel, Tom/Bill, NC17
Pinky Swear by ophelia_seven, Tokio Hotel, R, Tom, Bill
Ways to Make Bill Kaulitz Blush by parallelheartz, Tokio Hotel, Bill/Tom, R
Tags: ficfest: fluff friday

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