Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


*dances around singing* I have GQ, I have GQ :)

Okay, so technically it's in my husband's suitcase in the USA where he picked it up from his lovely German colleague who bought me two copies (one for me one for Soph) in the airport on the way to their big company meeting, but I still have it :). Rob's German colleague F. is wonderful, he has bought me copies of Bravo before, he recognises Cinema Bizarre and Tokio Hotel by sight (he does have a young daughter, but I still think that is an achievement :)) on magazines and stuff and he randomly picked me up the TH Advent Calendar before Christmas because he saw it in a supermarket.

We plan to take him out to dinner next time he is in the UK :), which will hopefully be this month. He comes over quite often, but we keep missing him.
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel

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