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Blake's 7 rec

So you may or may not know that I am a closet Blake's 7 fan. Have it all on DVD and stick my nose into reading fic every now and then :).

I've been reading this series of fics for about the seventh time, so I decided to rec them.

The series is Jabberwocky and it's by a lady called Sheila Paulson

You can find it over here (these are all Novella length stories):
Pt 01 - Link-up
Pt 02 - Mind rape
Pt 03 - Healer
Pt 04 - The Froma
Pt 05 - Decoy
Pt 06 - Kyl
Pt 07 - Clone
Pt 08 - Stand-in
Pt 09 - Choices
Pt 10 - Program
Pt 11 - Overload
Pt 12 - Lifeblood
Pt 13 - Revenant
Pt 14 - Malodaar
Pt 14 - Avatar

Now first of all this series is Het. Yeah I know, the world is comming to an end, I am recc'ing het, but there you are. There are homoerotic overtones between Blake and Avon if you want to read it that way, but they are only explored in the adult stories that were written to go along with the series, but are not necessary to the plot.

Also, if you don't like Avon then don't bother reading, it's an ensemble fic with all the characters there, but Avon had a hell of a lot of screen time, as it were :).

This selection of stories have every cliche in the book, from a character waking up telepathic to a long lost son, but it's so good. The characters change and become closer (because we all know they were very broken in the show), but they remain them and grow. The stories are interesting and engaging and difficult to put down. I spent two hours reading one on my BeBook the other night and had no idea how long I'd been reading until I looked at the clock when I lay down to go to sleep.

This page explains how it was originally published in print.
Tags: fandom: blake's 7, type: recs

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