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♥Fluff Friday&hearts

♥Fluff Friday♥

It's Fluff Friday, yay! So this is the organisational post for this week. If you make a fluffy post please comment here with a link and I'll edit the main post to show all the links so people can find all the fluff.

Remember, it can be anything fluffy, from pictures to anecdotes to fic. Anything fluffy counts *hugs*

Here is the pimp code :)


Squirrels from ihlayna
On the Inside, Weiss Kreuz, Aua/Omi, PG by beren_writes
A poem by dusk037
Five Times Gustav Got the Wrong Impression...and One Time He Didn't, Tokio Hotel, Gustav/Georg, implied Tom/Bill, PG by fyredancer
Ordinary Day - Lovex/OC snippet by mieka_writes
Fluffy babies & puppies picspam by hollie136
Aww the cute piccies from reddwarf75
Really cute picspam by xocoatldreams
David and Timo being really cute posted by naruke_chan
Baby animals picspam awwww by lirren
Tags: ficfest: fluff friday

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