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Fic: Meddling Reptiles, Tokio Hotel, Bill/Tom, AU, R

Title: Meddling Reptiles
Author: Beren
Recipient: kishmet
Fandom: Tokio Hotel RPS
Pairing: Bill/Tom, side of Bill/Georg
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.
Warnings: twincest
Summary: AU – In a world where dragons make music with humans to protect both species and maintain peace, Bill and Tom have been called to take their place as dragon companions. The New Year feast brings changes as Bill pines for more from his twin than Tom seems to realise he wants and Bill has to fight for what he needs.
Author's Notes: Thanks to my beta for sorting out the horror of my grammar. To kishmet, I hope this is the kind of thing you were looking for. I tried to include as many of your requests as possible. Written for the th_fanfic Secret Santa 2009.
Word count: 7,751
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It was nearly morning, but the feast was still going on when Bill climbed to his feet and wandered away from the human habitation areas and down into the dragon caves. He should have been blind drunk like many of the rest of the revellers, but his heart wasn't in it and unless he tried very hard he couldn't get drunk anyway. With dragon magic in his blood he had to drink a very great deal to be anything but sober. It was the New Year, the biggest celebration of the whole calendar as the turning of the seasons brought new life into the world, but Bill just wasn't in the mood.

The celebrations would go on for seven days and there would be lots of feasting and fun to be had, if you were feeling like it. It was the first night and he was sure that couples would be sneaking off for sex soon, one of the things that had completely killed his mood. The fact that he felt alone and he had never really felt alone before had destroyed any holiday spirit he had been feeling. Seeing Tom with one of the girls from the city just made him want to be anywhere but with people.

Most members of the colony could not just wander into the dragon caves without risking injury, but it had been a big year for Bill, both he and Tom had been called to be dragon companions. One of the big females, Rya, had laid a clutch of five eggs back in the spring and she had started singing for companions for her children as summer had touched the valley. Usually only one companion was called at a time, but of course, as with everything in their lives, he and Tom had been called the same night. He still remembered the beautiful song that had filled his mind and knowing instantly which egg held his dragon.

Rya would be brooding her eggs for another two seasons at least, but Bill could already hear his dragon in his head and feel its magic in his blood. He could also hear Rya since all mother dragons joined their minds to the chosen of their brood until their children were old enough to be independent.

"You are sad, Young One," Rya said gently in his mind as he walked into her cave.

He didn't say anything to begin with, he just went over to her and climbed in between her folded front legs and settled down as if he was one of her own kind. It was unusual for him to be so quiet, most often he couldn't stop talking, but he just didn't know what to say at the moment. The fact was, it was in his breeding to be vocal; he was a Dragon Singer, one of the few who could bring dragon magic out by singing the songs in his heart, but that internal voice was silent.

"I'm confused," he replied, out loud as well as mind to mind.

"Tell me, Bill dear," Rya encouraged him.

"How can we be so the same and yet so different?" he asked after a few more second's silence.

He really didn't understand it and he was having more and more trouble coming to terms with it.

"Ah, your Tom is causing you distress again," Rya said, great understanding in her mental voice.

Both he and Tom were so alike, they were both musical as were all dragon companions, he with his voice and Tom with his archlute. Sometimes they were so close that many didn't know where one began and the other ended, but not tonight.

"He doesn't see me," Bill replied silently, too troubled to speak out loud now. "All I see is him, but if it does not have tits he doesn't see it."

Rya lent her head down and nuzzled him gently on the top of his head with her powerful jaws. Dragons could kill with one bite, but they could also be incredibly tender.

"He sees you, Bill," Rya tried to reassure him.

"No he doesn't," he interrupted, almost angry that she was trying to placate him, "all he looks at are the girls. Him and Georg never talk about anything else."

Georg was another one of the dragon companions from Rya's clutch; there were five eggs, his, Tom's, Georg's, Gustav's and Andi's. They had all lived in the colony all their lives and they'd been friends before, but this made them as close as brothers and Bill loved them all, just not as much as he loved Tom and not when Georg kept bringing up girls.

It hadn't been a problem before they were called; they had been ear marked as companions from birth. They had basically been bred for it. Their father, Jorg, was a dragon companion and their mother, Simone, was from a family that had had several dragon companions in it over the generations. The union had been arranged and they were the result. Their father had been very supportive for the first six years of their lives, but then Simone has met Gordon and chosen him as her life partner, so they didn't see as much of their father anymore.

Dragon companions could not be impregnated or impregnate anyone without the aid of their dragon once they heard the call, so sex was a fun and safe pastime that many dragon companions enjoyed. Tom had thrown himself into it like he had been born to it; that had been the start of Bill's troubles. Bill had sort of tried sex, but never made it past the initial touches and he had realised very quickly that there was only one person he wanted.

"Be still, young one," Rya soothed, "let the anger flow over you."

Given that dragons were incredibly genetically sensitive and were the guiding factor in making sure the colony produced the perfect dragon companions, just occasionally breeding couples were put together that would not, on face value, seem sensible. It had been known for brother and sister to be mated on very rare occasions. This was very unusual, but it did mean that the taboo of incest had long since died among those associated with the dragons. The normal populace maintained those boundaries, but those working with and around the dragons did not. That made the fact that Tom would not look at him that way even worse for Bill.

"I want him so much, Oma," he said, using the familiar name that just seemed right when he spoke to Rya about such things.

"I know, Sweet Singer," she replied, nuzzling him again, "I can feel it, but these things cannot be forced. You must let him find his own way."

"It's hard," he said, wishing as hard as he could that Tom could see the way he did.

They were two halves of the same soul, even Tom knew that, but Tom just didn't seem to realise what was going on in Bill's heart.

"Sing me a song," Rya said after several moments' silence, "sing me a song of magic and I will sooth you to sleep."

A melody jumped into Bill's minds almost instantly and words came with it, but he held it inside for a while. He could never refuse a dragon's request to sing, it was what he was made for, but singing with such a heavy heart was not easy. That the song would take away the worry, remove him from the now for a little while could be a blessing, but he was not sure he really wanted to let go.

"Sing, Bill," Rya said gently, "sing and be at peace."

Singing a dragon song was not like singing an ordinary song; it was not something he had learned to do or something he could repeat. Each song was unique and had a purpose and they came from somewhere deep inside him that was not logical or rational. He began to sing quietly, virtually humming the tune in his head, but slowly it began to grow. As ever the music took him over and his mind sailed away with the beautiful sound. He did not know how long he sang, or what he was really singing for, but he felt the dragon magic moving through him and he eventually fell asleep with the music still in his mind. He did not dream.

There was light streaming into the cave through the crystal tubes in the roof when he woke up and he felt refreshed. At least it had been a good sleep, but he suddenly realised that Tom had no idea where he was, because dragon magic tended to confuse their bond and his twin would probably be looking for him. With that in mind he moved straight away, which was when he realised something was strange.

It was very odd, his clothes didn't feel right; they were too tight in several places and he was sure they had been fine the night before. Standing up, he went to smooth himself out, hoping that the oddness was just the way he had been sleeping. That was the moment he found out that things were more than strange.

"Rya!" he all but screamed with his mind.

Currently he was looking down at his chest and what was catching his eye very clearly was the two small but pert mounds under his shirt. The waist of his trousers was also too loose and they were tight round his hips, but most significantly, there was a significant bulge missing. He couldn't help himself, he grabbed the front of his trousers and took a look.

"Rya," he looked up at the dragon, "I'm a girl."

He was about ready to panic.

"Hush," Rya soothed.

"I'm a girl," Bill reiterated, out loud as well this time and his voice sounded really high.

"I know," Rya said as if this was perfectly all right, "we changed you as you slept."

Bill's mind all but stalled.

"I don't want to be a girl," he said eventually.

"No, my dear," Rya said sympathetically, "but you need to be. It is not permanent; you will have this shape for as long as you need it and then you will return to being as you were."

That managed to catch at least some of Bill's panic.

"Why?" he asked, totally confused. "How long?"

"I think you know why," Rya told him in a kindly tone, "and how long depends on you. Trust me, dear one, this must be."

Bill felt like demanding that the dragons make him normal again right that instant, but the sincerity in Rya's tone held him back. Sometimes dragons had a funny sense of humour, but this was not a joke and so he could not rile against it. This was about Tom, he knew that as surely as he knew his own name.

Slowly it began to occur to him that maybe this shape would garner Tom's attention. Pulling at his shirt he looked down the front at what seemed to be two shapely, proportional breasts. Even if he did say so himself, he liked the look of them, so maybe Tom would too.

"Only as long as I need?" he said, just to make sure.

Rya seemed to be smiling at him fondly, but she nodded.

"You must remember only one thing," Rya told him, bringing her head down and looking directly at him, "if you lose your virginity in this shape, you will remain this way forever."

Several of the plans building in Bill's head fell apart at that, but he nodded. It just meant he'd have to be a little less forward than he planned, but he could still hook Tom, he had to.


Having spent a little longer talking to Rya, Bill finally walked out of the dragon caves to find that it was nearly noon. Most people he met were too busy to even notice him, let alone realise how different he was; it wasn't as if he had been the most masculine person to begin with. He made his way back to his and Tom's rooms and disappeared into the bathroom as quickly as he could. Then he stripped off and stood in front of the full length mirror and just looked.

He was still as slim as ever, but he had gentle curves rather than hard angles and he was pretty sure he was shorter than he had been. The lack of cock made part of him quail very loudly, but he shushed it and tried to figure out what he was going to do. If he was going to catch Tom he needed to look good and that was the first order of business.

Walking out of the bathroom he went to where he stored his clothes. The first thing he pulled out was an old pair of trousers made of soft leather; they were shorter than the pair he had taken off and would fit better. Then he found a very old shirt and began to plan remodelling it.

The trousers sat on his hips nicely when he belted them there and he tied the shirt in such a way that there was a good foot of bare skin between it and the leather and it pushed his bust up and together. He didn't have a huge amount to work with; he probably would have looked very silly if he had, but after a little rearranging he thought he looked rather good. Then there was his hair. He had been dying it black for years and kept it longer than Tom kept his, now it seemed to be even longer and softer and curled gently at the edges. Working as fast as he could, he began pinning it and tying it so that it was away from his face on the sides, but hung in long tresses down his back. If there was one thing he knew it was that Tom liked long hair.

In the end he was just in time as he heard the door open and Tom calling his name. Giving himself one more look in the mirror he decided he looked stunning and then he walked into the little hallway.

"Bill," Tom said, straight away, "I've been looking ..."

Then Tom stopped and Bill could tell his twin was finally really looking at him.

"Bill?" Tom eventually said in a very tentative tone.

"It's me," Bill replied, letting Tom look.

"What happened?" Tom asked, stepping closer.

"Dragons," he said and made a huffing sound as if he was annoyed, "their idea of a joke. I went to see Rya blind drunk last night."

Tom relaxed a little.

"How long are you stuck like this?" Tom asked, eyes roaming over him in a very un-brotherly like way.

"According to Rya that depends on me," Bill said with a shrug; "so I'm making the best of it."

Just then the door opened again and Georg stepped in.

"Did you find Bill?" Georg asked before his eyes found Bill.

It was quite obvious his friend did not recognise him and the wolf whistle that followed had him blushing.

"Your little brother has very good taste," Georg said with a lecherous grin.

Bill almost laughed when Tom hit Georg for that.

"That is my little brother," Tom said in more of a growl than anything else.

That was when Georg's eyes almost popped out.

"What the hell?" was Georg's verbal reaction, which brought another head around the door and Gustav's eyes opened in shocked recognition all but instantly.

"Bill?" Gustav said, clearly surprised.

"Go on," Bill said, feeling embarrassed at all the attention, "laugh and get it over with."

Surprisingly, none of the others did laugh, they just stared.

"What?" he finally asked, baffled by their behaviour.

"Bill," Gustav said eventually, "you're stunning."

That made him blush and he wasn't usually the blushing type.

"That's my brother you're talking about," Tom said hotly and it suddenly dawned on him that Tom sounded very protective.

That wasn't quite the response he had been hoping for.

"I was just saying," Gustav defended himself.

"Well don't," was Tom's response. "Bill, put some clothes on, we're going to see Rya about changing you back."

That was precisely the wrong thing to say, if there was one thing Bill hated it was being told what to do and he forgot about all his plans.

"Screw you," he said bluntly and marched towards the door; "I'm going to go and find Andi while you deal with your masculine melt down."

Tom almost tried to stop him, but a glare from him still worked just as well, in fact maybe better while he was in female form and he stalked off. It was only when he was halfway up the mountain to the outcrop he knew Andi liked to practice on that he realised things weren't even remotely going to plan.


It was funny, very few people laughed at him, even when the news spread of what had happened. In fact, most of the men and some of the women seemed to be having trouble picking their tongues up off the floor. While he liked the attention, turning down the propositions became tiresome very quickly and Tom seemed to be all protective rather than interested and the second night of the feast was a total disaster. He had Tom's attention, but definitely not in the way he wanted, which was why he changed his plan.

"Georg," he said when he found his friend the next morning, having spent most of the night holed up in his rooms, "I need a favour."

Georg appeared more than a little dubious.

"What with?" was the tentative question.

"Tom," Bill replied and sat down.

It was quite amusing how Georg's eyes flicked to his chest and then away again.

"I'm not covering for you," Georg said quickly, "he'd kill me."

That much was true, but Bill had no intention of going off with anyone else and he had decided that he had to be perfectly honest with Georg, or it would never work.

"I don't want you to cover for me," he said simply, "I want you to help me make him jealous."

That clearly confused Georg completely.

"I'm following you even less than usual," Georg told him.

"This isn't a joke," Bill said and indicated his new body, bits of which Georg found very distracting; "Rya changed me because she knows something no one else does."

He had only told the dragon the truth, never anyone else and that was about to change.

"I want Tom," he said bluntly; "I want Tom so much it hurts, but he's only interested in girls. Rya changed me, I think so I can get his attention, but you know dragons, she just did it with very little explanation. I'm only going to change back when I don't need to look like this anymore."

Georg blinked a little.

"You want Tom," Georg finally said, "you want your own brother?"

"He's more than my brother," Bill said firmly, "he's the other half of my soul. I need him like I need air. Seeing him with all those girls is killing me."

The incest taboo might not exist, but it still wasn't something that many jumped into.

"But why do you need my help?" Georg asked, sounding very unsure.

"Because he's gone all protective older brother on me, as if I'm some rich merchant's daughter with many suitors and he's my father protecting my honour," he replied with a sigh. "I can't seduce him because he's more likely to protect me from him than anything else. I need to make him jealous, so jealous that he forgets being a big brother and remembers that he's a man."

It was the only way forward that Bill could see and he was desperate.

"If I touch you, he'll remove my balls," Georg pointed out, obviously believing it totally.

"You forget," Bill replied, "he'd have to get through me first. I won't let him hurt you, I swear."

Georg really looked as if he was going to say no.

"Please," Bill begged, bringing out the big baby dragon eyes look that he knew was irresistible; "he'd never believe Gustav would touch me and Andi can't keep a straight face and frankly, you're the only one I'm attracted to apart from Tom. I promise I will make it worth your while."

He could tell Georg's resistance was crumbling.

"How?" Georg asked, putting off the inevitable.

"To make him jealous we'll have to make out," Bill said, leaning forward, "and that means you get to play with these. I'm also a guy in a woman's body; I know exactly what we like and I have very clever fingers."

As Georg stared at his chest, Bill knew that the lights were on, but all thought had left the building and he knew he had Georg right where he wanted him. At the evening's feast he would hook Tom, he was sure of it.


All day Bill had been making a show of being interested in Georg, including holding hands in front of Tom. It had been all innocent, but that was going to change at the feast. He couldn't help noticing, however, that when Georg came and sat next to him at the huge table in the feasting hall, his friend was rather pale.

"You okay?" he asked as he reached for Georg's hand and Georg all but flinched.

"I don't think this is going to work," Georg said in a hushed whisper.

Bill frowned.

"What happened?" he said in a dangerous tone.

"Tom just spent the last hour telling me exactly what he is going to do to me if I lay one hand on you," Georg said, all but shaking.

Bill sent a glare at his twin and began to ply Georg with alcohol. That worked up to a point, but just as the artificial courage was beginning to kick in, Georg fell asleep. That wrecked Bill's plans completely.

Bill was never one to give up, however. The next day he made sure Georg got an eyeful when he was changing for the feast. Lust was a wonderful motivator and Bill was sure the plan would work, except Georg never turned up at the feast at all. Gustav found him the next day locked in one of the supply store rooms.

On day five Bill found his drink had been spiked with an hallucinogenic plant that some of the other feasters were using and he spent the whole night cooing about pretty lights.

Day six Tom blatantly locked him in his room, which just left the last night of the feast. Bill was determined and Georg was going to play along whether he liked it or not. As soon as the food was done and the serious drinking was beginning, Bill simply climbed into Georg's lap and began to kiss him. He had spent the previous evening in his room, making the most risqué, low cut top he could manage and that meant that when he wasn't kissing Georg, his friend literally had an eye full.

It meant that any objections Georg might have had melted away very quickly.

Bill meant what he had said as well, he was determined to make it worth Georg's while and he had his hand down Georg's trousers by the time he felt himself being bodily dragged away. That was the one problem with being a girl, even though he had been able to hold his own against Tom before, because he was now smaller, he was out matched. He could have kicked and scratched and bitten, but really he didn't want to hurt Tom, and on the plain wrestling stakes he just didn't have the body mass or the muscle to win.

"Get off me," he protested vehemently.

"No way," was Tom's response, "what the hell do you think you are doing?"

"Having fun," Bill said hotly, and finally squirmed out of Tom's grip, turning to his twin and glaring.

"No you're not," Tom replied, equally as annoyed, "you're ... you're ..."

"What, Tomi?" Bill snapped acidly. "Doing the same as you?"

He jabbed Tom in the shoulder.

"Why can't I?" he said, getting right in his brother's face. "What gives you the right to stop me?"

Tom didn't seem to know what to say to that.

"Something different about me, Tomi?" he kept on. "Is there a reason I'm not allowed to let Georg screw me as hard as I want?"

He knew he was pushing, but he needed to; he could see the protectiveness in Tom's face, but he could also see the jealousy. It was confused, Bill could tell, but it was definitely there.

"You can't," Tom hissed at him, "he can't."

"Want me yourself?" Bill finally played his trump card in as equally low a voice.

Tom looked shocked and almost stepped back, but Bill grabbed his twin's arm.

"I know that feeling," he said in little more than a whisper, softening his voice and letting Tom see what he was really feeling.

It was all he had left and he knew it was the pivotal moment.

For a while he didn't know what Tom was going to do and then Tom had grabbed his arm and was dragging him away from the feast. Bill just went because he didn't know what Tom was thinking and he only stopped moving when the door to their rooms slammed behind them.

"This is about me?" Tom said, turning to him and looking him directly in the eyes.

"It's always been about you," Bill replied, feeling anything but confident now.

It was the truth, finally, and Bill just stood there waiting to find out what would happen.

"Why?" Tom asked, clearly still confused.

"Because I've only ever wanted you," Bill replied, baring his soul. "I love you, I need you and no one else is ever going to be able to take your place for me. If that means I have to be a girl, then so be it."

Tom looked taken aback.

"You asked Rya to do this?" Tom asked, sounding as shocked as he looked.

"No," Bill admitted; he wasn't about to outright lie, "but I told her about you and me and she just did it. She said I'm like this for as long as I need to be."

He didn't bother mentioning that that would be forever if he let Tom go all the way. It was difficult to know what to do about that, he was playing it by ear. It was beginning to occur to him, though, that if Tom wanted it, he was willing to give it.

"Why didn't you tell me?" Tom asked and Tom actually sounded upset.

It occurred to Bill then, that maybe he should have said something.

"I was afraid," he admitted, dropping his head down. "You like girls, so do I, but I like boys too and you're the only one I want like that and I didn't want to frighten you away. I was hoping one day you'd just see."

Tom had left him just inside the door and crossed to the other side of the room, but now Tom actually stepped towards him and made Bill feel like he wanted to cry. There was so much tension in the room.

"I never knew," Tom said quietly, almost as if the idea hadn't quite sunk in yet. "I never even thought ..."

Before Tom could say any more, Bill closed the gap between them, desperate to stop his twin rejecting him. He pushed his lips against Tom's, trying to make Tom understand, but Tom did not respond and he drew back, head dropping down as he felt the tears well in his eyes.

"Please," he begged, knowing that he had come too close to ever go back now.

He did not dare look Tom in the eyes; he couldn't bear the rejection, all he had was the hope in his heart and he just stood there. The silence seemed to go on for eons, but then finally Tom reached out. His twin's touch was tentative and unsure, but Tom lifted his chin gently and made him look up.

"You are so beautiful, Bill," Tom said, brushing his cheek every so lightly with his thumb, "you always have been; I never thought I could touch."

Hope blossomed in Bill's chest.

"I love you, Tomi," he said in little more than a whisper, "I only want you to touch me."

This time when they came together it was by mutual consent and the kiss felt like the sweetest thing Bill had ever experienced. Tom's touch was so gentle, so careful and it lit flames inside him that felt like dragon fire under his skin. It was the seventh night of feasting; the beginning of the New Year and Bill wanted to spend it with Tom.

He wound his arms around his twin, pulling Tom close and deepening the kiss. He would give his everything for Tom.

Somehow clothes began to be shed; Bill didn't follow how, all he cared about was that Tom was touching him at last. It didn't matter what else was going on as long as that connection was there and he lost himself in the slow dance of kissing and stroking as they moved from the hall into Tom's room. He let his last clothes be removed as Tom lowered him to the bed and then he just let Tom look at him. His body was not his own, but if it pleased Tom, that was all he cared about. He looked at his partially clothed twin from under long lashes and let Tom take the lead.

He held his breath as Tom ran his hand slowly up his body. It felt amazing to be touched like this by his beloved twin and if it meant he had to stay a girl forever, then so be it. Tom was worth the sacrifice.

He could feel the calluses on Tom's fingers where his twin played the archlute and they felt wonderful against his skin. His body actually tingled as Tom's hand slowly moved over and up to cup one of his breasts, but then suddenly the touch was gone and Tom was sitting back.

"It feels wrong," Tom said, looking confused and torn.

Bill's heart literally broke; even now, even in this shape, Tom did not love him as he loved Tom. He could not bear the way Tom was looking at him and he grabbed the sheet and ran. There was no plan in his mind, no idea of what he was doing, but with the material clasped around him, he fled, trying to outrun the desolation in his heart.

"Bill," he heard Tom calling after him, but he did not dare stop.

Tom did not love him like that and that fact was destroying him. He had no idea where he was going, all he knew was that it was away from Tom, possibly forever, because to see his twin in another's arms now would kill as surely as a knife through his heart.

The sheet wrapped around one of his legs and he tripped, falling hard against the wall, slipping down it as all the fight was forced out of him. He didn't know what to do, where to go and he curled in on himself as the tears began to fall.

"Bill, oh damn, Bill," Tom's voice made him cringe down and try and hide in the flimsy covering that had been his downfall.

When hands touched him he flinched, but Tom did not let him get away and strong arms wound around him pulling him close. He felt like he wanted to die.

"Ssh," Tom said, rocking him gently and holding him tightly, "don't cry, Bill, I hate it when you cry."

"Let me go," Bill said through his sobs, but he did not have the strength to push his twin away, "you don't want me like I want you."

"But, Bill, I do," were the words that caused complete confusion in him.

The tiny flame of hope that had been almost completely extinguished flared into life again, but it was tempered with confusion and fear.

"I love you, Bill," Tom said, still holding him tight, "that's what I just realised. I didn't mean it how it sounded. I love you, I always have and I need you as much as you need me, but I don't want a sister, I want a brother. I want you back and I want to touch the real you, not this illusion made just for me because I've been completely blind."

Bill couldn't believe it, from the ashes of complete destruction was rising the dragon of perfection and he really couldn't comprehend it. It was hard to stop crying even as his mind tried to come to terms with what Tom had told him and his twin cradled him close until he managed it. Tom wanted him, wanted the real him and it kind of blew his mind. Eventually he looked up into his twin's worried face and he almost began crying all over again.

"Really?" he finally asked, so overwhelmed that he needed it said again.

Tom nodded.

"Really," Tom replied, "I want my Bill back and then I want to show you exactly why I want the real you."

Bill smiled through the last of his tears and then Tom leant forward and kissed him ever so lightly on the lips.

"We need to talk to Rya," Tom said quietly and then began to help him to his feet.

That much was for sure; Bill wanted to be male again as soon as physically possible.

"But let's get you cleaned up first," Tom decided, taking charge and fingering his shoulder carefully.

It was only then he realised that there was a nasty graze all over it where he had hit the wall.

With Tom's support he stood up properly and they began to limp back to their rooms. Luckily with the feast going on there were no one to see them, which Bill thanked all the gods for. They were about halfway there when the most peculiar feeling ran up his spine and began to spread throughout the rest of his body, settling mostly in his nether regions and his chest. He almost fell over again, but Tom was there to catch him and he gasped as the tingling in his groin.

"I think," he said breathlessly, "I'm changing back."

He had slept through the change from boy to girl, but it seemed that he was going to be very much awake for the reverse. It was only then that he remembered Rya's words: "You will have this shape for as long as you need it." Clearly dragon magic had decided he didn't need it anymore, which made walking rather difficult.

Tom looked undecided for a moment, but then bent down, put an arm under his legs and the picked him up in one swift move. Bill yelped a little in surprise, but did not protest as Tom carried him back to their rooms.

The change did not hurt, but it felt really, really strange and made Bill tremble. He could feel his body shifting and it had the nasty effect of removing most of his motor control, however, the biggest side effect was that it was turning him on like nothing he had ever felt. By the time Tom put him down he was all but male and his newly reappeared cock was very much standing to attention.

"Does it hurt?" Tom asked, smoothing his hair from the side of his face.

Bill shook his head wordlessly.

"I..." he tried to say, but reached out to Tom, "need..."

The desire was growing in him and it was kind of overpowering. The sheet was not a thick one and it hid little, but he still pushed it back. He needed to touch and be touched and the strange tingling through his body made it irresistible.

When Tom pulled away he whimpered in need, but Tom did not go far. In fact all Tom did was stand up properly and push his trousers off, the only garment Tom had left, before coming back to him. Tom did not argue and did not hesitate, climbing into bed with him so their bodies were flush to each other.

"I understand," Tom said in a deep gentle tone, pushing a leg between his thighs and aligning them perfectly so that they were cock to cock.

This was not how Bill had planned it, how he wanted to give himself to Tom, but he simply needed and there was no time for foreplay or preparation. Tom was as hard as he was and Bill needed to feel his twin close to him. He kissed Tom desperately, clinging to his twin as they began to slowly move against each other. He wanted more; he wanted everything Tom had to give, but they were too needy, too close and this would do for now. This was an affirmation of their love, their connection and it was overwhelming.

They moved together, as if of one mind, rubbing themselves against each other, feeling the friction of skin on skin and it was wonderful, but it wasn't quite enough.

"Tomi, please," he begged after a little while, not really sure what he was begging for, but knowing he needed more.

Tom reached between them, taking both their cocks in his long fingered hand, and Bill put his head back, gasping. There were so many things he wanted Tom to do to him and that he wanted to do to Tom, but this was good for now. It was so good, so intimate, bringing them so close and Bill knew they could be closer in a physical sense, but never in a spiritual way. He was as open to Tom as he had ever been and Tom was finally his.

"Come for me, Bill," Tom whispered in his ear and he arched up with a cry.

It felt like he was exploding inside and the fact that he felt Tom shuddering against him as well only made it better. This was how he had always known it should be, how he had always imagined as they shared something so personal. Tom was his, he was Tom's and he finally knew it was completely true.

"I love you," he said as his body trembled with aftershocks, "I will love you forever."

To some those might just have been words, but to him it was the ultimate truth and he finally felt the connection they had always had that seemed to have been slipping from his grasp since they were called, snap back into place.

"Always and forever," Tom replied with a smile.

As the tail end of his orgasm passed, Bill relaxed back onto the bed, but he slowly began to realise that the tingling was not going away. The song of his dragon was growing louder in his mind and he could distantly hear Rya's soothing tones. Something was happening, something he did not understand and he felt the urge to sing building, but it was as if there was a block in his mind. He was suddenly scared and he tried to speak to Tom, but nothing came out. His chest felt tight and he began to panic.

"Bill, what's wrong?" Tom asked urgently as he gripped his twin's arms.

He tried to say, but he couldn't; he could barely breathe, let alone speak even though there was a song begging to be released inside of him. Dragon magic exploded through him as powerfully as his orgasm had and he arched up again, this time in a silent scream.

"He becomes," Rya's voice sounded in his head like an echo and the last thing he saw was Tom's eyes opening wide in worry and shock.

Then the world faded away and all there was, was peaceful blackness.


Bill stood on the mountainside and surveyed the devastation below him. Where the city had sprawled below the mountain with its dragon caves there was now blackened rubble. Bill didn't know how he came to be standing there, or what had happened, but he felt the horror of what he was seeing.

"War is coming, Bill," Rya's very familiar voice said and he turned to see her standing just behind him.

"Everyone is dead," he said, feeling tears beginning to roll from his eyes.

The world was empty, he could feel it and it filled him with despair.

"No, Bill," Rya said gently, bringing her head down so that they were eye to eye, "this is a reflection of a possible future, but it is not the only one. You are the pivot point, Bill."

Bill was confused, he did not understand.

"When you wake, child, you will find you have great power," Rya told him, voice warm in his mind. "There will be those who are afraid of this power, who fear you, but you have a choice. You have the power to bring peace or death. It is a great responsibility and burden, but it is what you were born for. You will sing great songs, Spell Singer and your choices will shape your world."

There were no words to reply in Bill's mind, he did not know what to say.

"Spell Singer?" he finally said, barely above a whisper.

Spell Singers were the stuff of legend. Where a Dragon Singer could bring forth magic in the dragons, a Spell Singer could bring forth the magic themselves. They could tap directly into the source of all power with no dragons to limit or direct the energy, all by the power of their voice alone.

"Follow your heart, young one," Rya said and nuzzled him gently on the shoulder, "that is all you need to do."

Then she began to fade and Bill realised he was dreaming. As soon as he noticed this, the whole dreamscape began to fade as well, and, as he approached the waking world, his memory of what he had seen began to become confused. By the time he opened his eyes he was not sure what he had been dreaming about and all he really knew was that he was bemused and his throat hurt.

"Tomi..." fingers touched his lips as he tried to speak and there was a deep rumble from somewhere.

It was daylight, he could tell from the brightness of the room even though his eyes weren't working too well yet. The crystal light tubes were bright with sunlight.

"I'm here," Tom's familiar voice told him as he blinked and tried to focus on his twin's face, "don't try and speak, tell me what you need to say in my mind."

Bill frowned; that wasn't possible. Humans could speak to dragons mind to mind and dragons could mediate between humans, but humans could not communicate directly with humans, it just wasn't viable. He opened his mouth again, but this time he was silenced by a kiss.

"Speak to me, Bill," Tom said, only Tom was still kissing him and he knew the feeling of a voice in his mind.

"Tomi?" he said tentatively, this time without moving his lips.

Tom drew back and nodded, smiling down at him.

"You mustn't speak aloud," Tom told him, in his mind and out loud; "your voice is too powerful and you have to learn to control it. You'll bring the roof down."

An image from the dream flashed into his head and he began to vaguely remember what he had seen.

"Spell Singer," he said silently, looking his twin directly in the eyes.

Tom nodded again and then pulled him up into a sitting position before enveloping him in his arms.

"I always knew you were special, Bill," Tom said, mental voice full of pride, "but I never suspected how much. It will be my honour to be your voice until you have control of the magic."

Everything began to fall into place in his head; now he understood why the dragons had interfered, why he had been made into a girl for so many days. Spell Singers required a partner, someone so close to them they could speak mind to mind so that they had a voice when the magic was too much to allow them to use their own. Tom had always been Bill's other half, the second part of his being and there could be no one else for Bill. The dragons had pushed them together to allow them to find the way.

"I couldn't have anyone else," he replied in kind, clinging to Tom.

From what he knew of Spell Singers it would take him time to learn to use his gift, months when he would not be able to speak because one wrong word could bring destruction. It would pass, he would gain control, but until then Tom would be his voice and everything made perfect sense. It also went some way to explaining his obsession with Tom even in the face of apparent indifference; this was how it had to be.

The memory of the battle torn and destroyed city flashed into his head and he knew what he had to do.

"We have to stop a war," he said, certain in his destiny and in Tom's, "we have to bring love and peace instead of death and destruction."

Tom sat back a little and cupped his face gently in one hand.

"We can do that," Tom said, not in the least bit afraid.

It should have frightened him. The knowledge in his heart was so huge, but as he looked into Tom's eyes he was not even slightly anxious. This was their destiny, what they had been born for and together they could do anything. Bill knew this without a doubt and for the first time in his life he no longer had to wonder what was to come. How things would happen was unclear, but that was just the details; he would sing great songs with Tom beside him to create the harmony and together they would bring joy and peace and love. This New Year would bring renewal and life would be good.

The End
Tags: category: slash, fandom: tokio hotel, ficfest: th_fanfic, fictype: 03-10kwds, fictype: oneshot, genre: fantasy, pairing: th - bill/georg, pairing: th - bill/tom, rating: r to nc17

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