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Fanfic meme

Grabbed from lirren

What's your username?

How many fanfictions have you written?
Oh god ... runs to get a rough count ... more than 243 (which is the number of fics on my personal archive under this user name.

What genres do you write?
supernatural, creature fic, fluff, romance, drama, a bit of action adventure anything that takes my fancy really. It's easier to ask what I won't write and that's open-ended angst and character death.

What story has the most comments, and how many?
Gold Tinted Spectacles - um I have no idea, it's been posted in two versions and has 40 chapters so I'm not counting them all. Let's just say lots.

Most words?
Gold Tinted Spectacles - 182,581 according to my archive, but I think that's because there are two versions of some chapters (R and NC17) and it's actually about 160,000.

Which one do you like the best?
GTS or Out With The Old are the two I am most proud of and I like them both for different reasons.

Which one do you like the least?
Ummm ... I really don't think about my fic that way ... I honestly don't know.

Your Stories

Choose your top three stories (Or oneshots) you like best.

What's #1 about?
Out With the Old - Bill is turned into a vampire against his will, causing him great trauma and Tom has to help put him back together as they learn about the vampire world.

Number 2?
GTS - Harry discovers that Draco Malfoy is not what he thought and that because of that it's time for his heritage to be revealed.

Number 3?
Chaos or Crawford's Hideously Awful Operational Screw-up - Schwartz have seeded Aya from Weiss with an experimental serum that is supposed to turn him into a sex maniac who's pheromones can kill, but they didn't count on Yoji being the first Weiss he comes into contact with. The results are not quite as expected.

How many chapters do they have total?

Why do you like them?
They have fluff and romance and drama, all of my buttons and I also think they are well written.

Your Favorites

How many favorite authors do you have?
Many, from many different fandoms.

Favorite stories?
I actually have very few stories that I go back to read time and again, but I do go back and look at a fav author's catalogue every now and then and just browse around and read.

What genres are your favorite stories?
Fluff, romance, happy endings, creature fic

Which one has the most comments?
No idea ... I don't look at things like that.

Will you read someone's stories if they asked you to?
Depends how they asked really. I do prefer to find stuff to read by myself. However, if they ask me to read it they will get my honest opinion.


What do you think of het stories?
I think there are many, many bad ones, but good het it well worth the read - I have written het.

Pretty boys are FTW :)

Lemon or lime?
Both :)

Favourite het pairing?
Hmmmm ... Hyde/Megumi or Draco/Ginny

Favourite slash pairing?
Oh god, even harder! Bill/Tom or Harry/Draco or ... I can't choose!
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