Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Advent08: Small Gestures, Harry Potter, none, G

Title: Small Gestures
Author: Beren
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: none
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine, just borrowing.
Warnings: none
Word Count: 100
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Draco had kept to himself all year and was planning on continuing to do so even though it was Christmas. It seemed better to remain apart even though he had returned to complete his education.

That was until he found Harry Potter crouching down with a crying first year. Neither noticed him so he stepped closer to see Potter trying to mend a broken toy. Each time Potter spelled it, it fell apart again.

"You have to remove the anti-sticking charm first," he said, almost surprising himself.

"Thank you," was the eventual reply and, to his shock, Potter actually smiled.
Tags: category: gen, comm: adventdrabbles, fandom: harry potter, ficfest: advent drabbles, fictype: drabble, pairing: none, rating: g to pg13

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