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crack_tourbus Fic Rec Community!

Have you ever gotten on the computer, in the mood to read one particular pairing only to not be able to find anything, or to find lots that isn't really very good? Fanfic is our drug, so we've definitely had that happen to me. And the problem with asking for recommendations is that usually people only remember a few fics on spur-of-the-moment. So lirren, steinsgrrl and I decided it was time to get a fic rec community going (well it was mostly lirren's hard work :)). Therefore, following in the footsteps of crack_van, the multifandom fic rec community and crack_broom, the Harry Potter fic rec community, we present to you

crack_tourbus - A Tokio Hotel Fanfiction Rec Community

Here's how it works:

People interested in being a fic reccer sign up on the appropriate category post. Categories available are:

Rare Pairs

Once they sign up, they will be put on the list of available reccers for that category. Reccers are chosen on a first-come/first-served basis, except in rare cases. Full rules and explanations for the com can be found here.
Tags: comm: crack_tourbus

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