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Yes, I know, not a word to be uttered in polite conversation, and not one I would normally mention.

Now those of you who are too young to worry, or too active to have to worry, please skip on, this is for those of you, who like me, thought that you were stuck with the issue :)

I am not a person who believes in miracle creams, honestly I'm not, but I need to pass on this info, because, my god, it works miracles.

Nivea Goodbye Cellulite (and for those in the UK, it's half price in Sainsburys at the mo 4.99 rather than 9.99)

Honestly, that's what it's called, and it works!

Not only does my skin think its wonderful (all soft and lovely), but the cellulite is all but gone. I have almost smooth thighs - probably TMI, but hell, I never thought I'd see the day again.

It's not instant, it takes about four weeks to kick in, but it's brilliant.

It's just the fact your rubbing it in, I hear you say, and I'm not about to deny that may be part of it, but I have tried things before and they've never worked. This blue gel is amazing, honestly, and I had to share.

Thanks to yuvi for this link about how it works :
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