Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

UP Fanaction

UniversalPanik is having a fan action to give the boys a good send off, here are the details.

We know all of the fans are dismayed and upset by the recent announcement of the break up of Panik. We're all going to miss their music a great deal. So we thought it might be a good idea to tell the guys themselves just how much they meant to us. What we'd like you to do is write a letter to each member of the band telling them what their music meant to you and what kind of impact it had on your life. You may then either email the letters to us as attachments, which we will print out on nice paper or you can mail them to us directly.

We will then collect these letters into nice gift boxes, one for each member of the band, and have them delivered at the last concert so each of them will have something to remember just how much the fans care when they're going through rough times in the future.

If you wish to email us your letters, please send them to If you prefer to mail the letters to us directly, please send an email to the same account and let us know whether you want the US mailing address or the European mailing address. However, because of time constraints, and the fact that the band will be going their separate ways after the concerts in December, we MUST get these letters to them soon. The deadline for receiving your letters is Saturday, November 28th. If we do not receive your letter by that date, we will not be able to include it in the fanaction. So please keep this in mind when you're making a choice about how you will send us your letter.

Please note, because of the time limits and shipping fees, we can not accept items or gifts to send to the band. This will be for letters only.
Tags: fandom: panik

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