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Kindred: The Embraced (Again :))

I've been rewatching Kindred and it is such a shame it was cancelled because it has layers I didn't remember. It actually has a complex structure and plot and everything is not straight forward and 2-D. Given that vampire series are hot this season it would make a very good remake.

Does anyone know if there is Julian/Frank slash out there ... I have a yearning for some sexual tension ;)

elfflame mentioned on my last post how it was compared to Forever Knight back in the day, but, having watched both series recently, I don't see it (well not all of it :)). I can see how people could and there are parallels, like the cop/vamp partnership, and Lillie owning a Nightclub like Janette, but it feels entirely different to me.

For example, you have the conflict within the Kindred community in K:tE, where as it feels much more an us and then as in vamps and humans in FK. Once you're in the vamp club in FK, you're in, but in Kindred, once you're in there is a whole heap of clan rivalry to deal with. Hence the suspense comes much more from within in Kindred and without in FK.

Given that Kindred can go out in daylight, the show is not as dark and hence doesn't feel as dark as it were. Also the main character doesn't seem so terminally depressed ;). Don't get me wrong I love FK, but it's definitely on more of a downer than K:tE.

When it comes to the cop angle, it's the focus of the show in FK, but it's almost secondary in K:tE. Frank is at odds with Julian and the fact he is a cop keeps putting him in the right place at the right time, but he's the human not the vampire and he is really our foil into understanding Kindred rather than the continuous centre of the action. It's very much an ensemble show where all the characters are important and we're not shown just one as the hero, like a lot of modern shows, where as FK was very Nick centric. Julian is arguably the most important character, but Cash, Frank, Lillie, Daedalus and Sasha are all important as well.

Where they are very similar is that a lot of action takes place in the Haven, just like it does in the Raven in FK. That is definitely the same and I'll give anyone that, however, Lillie doesn't strike me as the same as Janette. I'd say Lillie is far more dependent on Julian than Janette is on anyone. I think Janette would shag Nick in a heartbeat, but she's not likely to go killing anyone he sleeps with or plotting his downfall because of it. Lillie is Toreador, ruled by passions, I'd say Janette is much more practical, like a Ventrue. Yes, they're both vampires, yes they're both women, yes they both have a romantic connection to the lead, yes the both own a club, but their characters are very different and so are their roles in the plot.

We have the Kindred in love with a human angle in K:tE and we have Nick and Nat in FK, but in Kindred the insecurity is all on the human, not the Kindred. Julian's up for anything and it's Kaitlin holding it back, where as in FK, it's all Nick issue with the vamp problem.

I love both shows; have them both on DVD and I can see some similarities, but I think it's on the surface. Feel free to disagree with me, I'd love to hear other points of view :)

[Edit: question for those familiar with K:tE - what's with the whole claw on the index finger thing? Both Lillie and Zane are seen to just bite people, but when we see Grace embraced and the orderly fed from by the Nightstalker, they both have the little slash in their necks and we saw Lillie use the claw on Zane. I'm trying to work out what on earth is going on. Any guesses?]
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