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Kindred: The Embraced

Kindred: The Embraced

Right so most of you have probably never heard of Kindred: The Embraced (or Kindred: the Embarassed as some liked to call it :)). K:tE was a short lived, 8 episode series based loosely on Vampire the Masquerade. VtM is a Whitewolf role playing game about, you guessed it, vampires.

The Clans
There are many vampire clans in the game and in the series we are introduced to 6 in San Francisco:
Ventrue - the business men and in this city rulers
Toreador - the artistes
Gangrel - the street punks
Brujah - the mob
Nosferatu - the quite odd and very secretive
and we get to see an Assimite as well in one ep

The clans have been adapted and simplified from the game to fit into the TV setup.

A Few Facts
The clans hide their true nature and blend in with human society, this is the Masquerade and it is to protect the whole of Kindred society and it the most important thing in Kindred society. Those who endanger the Masquerade tend to end up dead.

Each city had a Prince and he is responsible for making sure everything runs smoothly (and the Prince can be female :)). Under the prince are the Primogens who control each clan and meet in a council with the Prince to run the city.

Kindred make more Kindred by Embracing them; this consists of draining the mortal and then feeding them the blood of the Kindred making them. To embrace someone you have to ask permission of the Prince. Embracing another without permission is a big no, no.

Kindred can go out in daylight, but only when they have recently fed and it's not exactly good for them.

Kindred do not kill to feed, they use their powers of suggestion to make mortals forget about them.

The Characters
Frank KohanekFrank Kohanek
Frank is human. He's a detective and he finds out about Kindred in the first episode. He is not happy, but has no choice but the play along. He is my favourite character :).
He was played by C.Thomas Howell
Julian LunaJulian Luna
Julian is the Ventrue Prince of the City. He runs everything and all Kindred in San Francisco answer to him. He used to be Archon Raine's enforcer when Archon was the Prince of the City.
He was played by Mark Frankel
Lillie LangtryLillie Langtry
Lillie is the very beautiful and seductive Primogen of the Toreador Clan. She used to be Julian's lover and is almost obsessed with getting him back, to the point where she'd rather see him dead than with another woman. Toreadors have obsession issues.
She was played by Stacy Haiduk.
Daedalus is Primogen of the Nosferatu clan and he had a gentle soul, but can be very deadly when he needs to be. He is Julian's enforcer.
Cash is the Primogen of the Grangrel clan and becomes Julian's bodyguard in the first ep after his sire, Stevie Ray, is killed by Brujah. He's a little bit hot headed and madly in love with Sasha.
Kaitlin ByrneKaitlin Byrne
Kaitlin is human. She is a reporter and becomes mixed up with Julian. Their romance blossoms over the series even while Julian keeps trying to prevent her from finding out about Kindred.
Archon RaineArchon Raine
Archon is the Primogen of the Ventrue clan and used to be Prince of the City before Julian. He had been around and has many skeletons in the closet. He is Julian's sire and Julian talks to him about everything.
Sasha is Julian's human descendant and does not know about Kindred at the beginning of the series. She falls for Cash and things get more complicated from there.
Sonny is Julian's childe and is Frank's partner in the police force. Frank has no idea Sonny is Kindred even after he finds out that they exist.
Eddie FioriEddie Fiori
Eddie is the Primogen of the Brujah clan and Julian's biggest rival. Eddie wants to be Prince and is willing to do just about anything to get there.
Alexandra is why Frank finds out about Kindred; at the opening of the show they are a couple. She breaks the Masquerade in letting Frank know the truth and her life is forfeit, but she makes sure Frank is safe. She used to be Julian's lover.

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