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Fic: Opposites (ReVamped) 06/07, Kindred/Highlander, Richie/Frank, NC17/18

Title: Opposites (ReVamped) 06/07
Author: Beren
Fandom: Highlander/Kindred: the Embraced
Pairing: Richie/OMC, Richie/Frank, Lillie/Duncan
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned Rysher Entertainment et Al. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings: explicit sex, explicit violence
Summary: Kindred and Immortal should not mix; it is a volatile combination and when Richie is in the wrong place at the wrong time he finds out just how insane it can be.
Word Count: 36,277
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Chapter 6 Ideas

They had been talking for at least an hour, proposing theories and just trying to understand what had happened, but Julian realised they were going around in circles.

"We need more answers," he decided as silence once again descended, "Daedelus, if you would be so kind as to fetch our young friend; I believe it is time we asked some more detailed questions."

Daedelus nodded and stood up, just as Cash came into the room followed by a subdued looking Andre. Julian had only met Lillie's guest once when he had arrived in the city and he was not feeling overly hospitable now.

"Sorry for the delay," Cash said almost straight away, "we had to stop and get Andre a meal; he was rather low on blood."

"Richie drained him?" Lillie asked, sounding hopeful; that was one way to gain power.

"No," Cash returned and took his habitual place at the table, "Ryan drained his blood and used it to paint with."

Julian shook his head; Toreador could be so unpredictable.

"You have caused us a great deal of trouble," he said, looking at Andre, "and by rights I should have you punished."

Lillie looked worried; by Kindred law what Andre had done was tantamount to treason and Julian had the right to demand what he liked. Andre went to speak, most likely in his own defence, but Julian put up his hand; he didn't want to hear it.

"However," he said firmly, looking the other Kindred directly in the eyes, "if, and only if, we can settle this matter without further trouble I have no wish to quarrel with your sire or any of my Primogens, so I will let what Richie did to you serve as recompense. If you set one more foot out of line while in my city I will send you home in a crate with a stake through your heart, are we clear?"

Andre appeared a little shocked, but nodded and accepted the judgement. What Julian did not need was more trouble and Andre was too well known to deal with like one of his own, but he would carry out his threat if it became necessary. He was all too aware that Toreadors were at the mercy of their artistic whims.

As he sat down again Daedelus returned from the study, alone.

"Our guest is gone," Daedelus said in his usually unexcited tones.

"But the grounds are on alert," Cash pointed out.

That meant if a guard did not check in the others would know about it so Julian was as surprised as his head of security.

"I believe," Daedelus said, "he may have flown."

The Nosferatu placed a single feather on the table.

Julian rubbed the bridge of his nose; he was getting a headache, quite an achievement for a Kindred.

"He may become human again soon," he said with a cool anger, "but for now he is my problem. Get Duncan MacLeod over here, we need to know what we are up against."

Then he stood and stalked into his study, leaving he others to do his bidding.


The roof top was like hundreds of others all over the city, but something about it called to Richie and he swooped down as he saw a shape which caught his interest. Almost as soon as he touched down, Richie morphed back into his own shape, and stood staring at the back of the person who had attracted his attention. She was pale against the night sky, dressed in a long white dress with only a battered leather jacket against the chill of the air. Her hair fell in long blond, slightly messy strands around her shoulders and for a long moment Richie just stood there looking at her.

She was staring down at the road below the apartment building as if fascinated by the distance, and her sorrow was almost tangible to him. He was as silent as the moon, and she had no idea he was there, not until he spoke.

"Are you going to jump?" he asked in a voice that could have charmed the birds from the trees.

Her back tensed slightly, but she did not look round at him.

"What's it to you if I am?" she asked in a cold, deriding tone.

"Nothing really," Richie replied, honestly feeling nothing but curiosity, "I was just wondering. Do you live here, or did you just pick this building because it's high?"

She laughed at that, as if she hadn't expected him to be quite so remote about the whole thing.

"I live here," she replied, eyes still intent on the drop below her, "not that anyone cares. I'm going to fall past all those closed windows, let them see me jump to my death. Then they'll know my name, then they'll realise I exist. The mouse from number 46, finally done something with her life to warrant notice."

Richie moved, silent and swift until he was standing almost next to her, at which point she noticed his presence.

"Don't touch me," she warned, wobbling precariously on the edge; "you can't stop me."

"I wouldn't want to," Richie said, peering over the edge himself and wondering how far he would fall before he could change into the bird again if he stepped off the edge. "If you wish to die, that's your business."

He smiled a little when he saw her expression at that; she almost appeared put out.

"Of course," he said, letting a little of the vampire inside out, "there are alternatives."

The woman gasped quietly in shock and suddenly seemed to realise that they were on the roof and she had no idea how he came to be there.

"What are you?" she asked in little more than a whisper.

"Does it matter?" Richie replied, feeling hunger stir in his belly.

"What do you want?" was her next question.

"You blood," he said and gave her a fangy smile.

At that she almost wobbled off the ledge and he reached out to steady her.

"I want," he said, pulling her towards him, "to taste you. I want you to feel as your life slips away, drop by drop, and then, when you can see death as clearly as you see life; when you understand what it really is, I want to give you a choice. I find it's always better to make an informed decision."

Then he let her go again.

"Or you can just jump," he added and looked down.


The phone call had not really surprised Duncan, he had been waiting for them to get round to him. In the days he had spent nosing around he had come to the conclusion that Richie was not dead, and that the peculiar community around Lillie that was not quite the underworld, had something to do with his disappearance. Julian Luna was a man with a past which did not quite add up, and the Highlander recognised the signs. The fact that he was now invited to the man's mansion was not much of a shock.

He had been admitted by a young looking man with a slightly wild look about him, and he was shown into a room with a large table and several cold faced people. Lillie and Julian he recognised, most of the others he had seen around, but had no names for the faces. Only a stunning individual with long brown hair and classically good looking features gave him someone to look at he had not seen before.

"Good evening, Mr MacLeod," Luna greeted calmly, "please, have a seat."

There were chairs positioned at the end of the table which obviously did not usually belong there, and from the seating he quickly realised that he and the new face were the only two who did not 'belong' in this room. There were five of the others and it did not take much to work out that they were used to their places.

"Thank you," he replied as he sat down, "your phone call said this has something to do with Richie."

There was no point in wasting time.

"That it does," Luna replied, seemingly quite happy with his wish for speed, "but first I think there are a few things you should know."

There was a sudden tension in the air, even greater than when he had first walked in and Duncan had the feeling he was about to be let in on a very well kept secret. It didn't take a lot to guess it was probably something to do with Lillie's longevity, which, he suspected, was shared by the rest of those in the room.

"You know that Lillie is not quite what she seems," Luna began after a moment, "anymore than you are. What you do not know is what she is, and therefore what we are."

A slight nod gave the indication that he was following this perfectly.

"We are known as Kindred, Mr MacLeod," Luna informed him slowly, "or more coarsely, vampires. We live among humans, just as you do, hiding what we are, and continuing with our lives. We need blood to survive, but we do not kill to get it, that would endanger the Masquerade. We create more of our own kind by embracing carefully chosen mortals, which is what brings me to the problem at hand."

Duncan's gaze did not falter as he looked directly into the self confessed vampire's eyes. He had seen enough in the city to believe that something like Luna's Masquerade was possible and it did rather explain the pale complexions and agelessness.

"We became aware of a battle that took place in an alley close to the Haven, and we found what we assumed was a dead body. Because of the unusual circumstances of the death we chose not to inform the police," Luna continued, "and shortly after discovered that the young man we had found did not stay dead. We questioned him, made him forget he had ever seen us and let him go. It was then that he disappeared."

The glare that Luna was sending in Andre's direction made it very clear to Duncan who was to blame. It didn't take much to read between the lines, and he reached a conclusion before he had to be told.

"Are you trying to say that *he* embraced, Richie?" he asked, definitely not happy about that.

If these people had hurt Richie heads were going to roll.

"It's all right, Duncan," Lillie put in rapidly, "we're almost sure he's returning to normal. We are completely incompatible with your physiology, and your friend seems to be fighting off the change."

That made him feel a little better, but he was still not best pleased.

"Why did you ask me to come here then?" he enquired pointedly. "You must have a very good reason."

If Richie was returning to normal he did not understand why they were telling him their secrets; there had to be more.

"We do," Luna returned with his seemingly ever calm visage, "we want to find out exactly what happened to Richard when he was embraced, and make sure it never happens again. You see, your companion did not become what could be considered a ... normal Kindred." The man paused as if to try and decide how to phrase what he was about to admit. "In the last twenty four hours he has, ... disabled his sire, taken on six males of another clan, at the same time, broken into my home, past my security, *and* held his own against the strongest of us all."

By the time, Luna had finished there was a low chuckle coming from the Duncan's mouth.

"Richie's kicking ass," he said, finding the whole thing quite amusing, "and you don't know what to do about it. I'm sure there's a motto in there somewhere."

There was a slightly unhappy look on Luna's face as he saw Duncan's reaction, but he did not choose to voice his feelings. Instead the Kindred sat forward and waited for the sombre mood to have its effect on Duncan.

"That is not the centre of the problem," Luna commented slowly as the Duncan became serious again. "What I wish to know, is how a twenty two year old man can transform into the equivalent of a Kindred many centuries his senior. What is it about your kind that gives you that sort of power?"

That stopped Duncan in mid thought, as he could not help but come to one conclusion. To give them the answer he would have to reveal part of his own secret, but he was sure they had already seen the idea in his face. He was a strong willed man, but he had taken in the underlying atmosphere and realised that he could probably not stand up to six vampires.

"We are not just what we were when we died for the first time," he finally said, choosing his words carefully, "and it isn't just age which makes us powerful. If you saw a fight and questioned Richie, you must have found out that we battle our own kind, and attempt to kill each other. What you don't seem to realise is what happens when one of us wins."

He paused to make sure he had everyone's attention: he didn't what to have to repeat himself.

"The victor gains the essence of his dead opponent," Duncan wasn't quite sure how these people would react, but at one level he didn't really care. "Richie has fought and killed several old Immortals, and taken their Quickenings. The only thing I can think of to explain what you've been telling me is that the combined power of those who've challenged him, translated directly into whatever you perceive as ability in your race."

"Fascinating," said a very odd looking Kindred whose name Duncan didn't know. "Could these ... Quickenings, explain the rapid personality changes that Mr Ryan appeared to go through?" the kindred enquired politely.

Those words caused Duncan to go cold all over, although he did his best to hide his reaction. His mind flicked unbidden to his own battered soul when the dark Quickening had taken him. Without letting himself dwell in the memory he prayed that his protégé was not in as much turmoil as he himself had been.

"Yes, they could," he said, once again afraid for Richie. "It's not unknown for an Immortal to suffer from multiple personalities, although there was no sign of any such thing in Richie *before* you got your hands on him."

It was a direct accusation that he could not help, but he pushed it aside quickly. All he could hope now was that with these people's assistance he would be able to bring Richie back.

"We'd better find him, soon," was all he said.


The apartment was small and full of nondescript furniture and Richie could tell why Jessica felt like she wanted to end her life. There was no joy in the place at all. That was all that had passed between them since the roof, a swap of names, there had been nothing else to say. Richie suspected that Jessica still thought she was going to die, just in a different way.

He threw his coat on the couch as the white panel door clicked shut and blocked out the outside world. It fell open as it landed and the hilt of the sword it contained became obvious. With a fascinated little stare Jessica just looked at it for a while. There was just a little fear at the sight of such a weapon and Richie decided that was better than the nothing he had been picking up from her so far.

"A sword?" Jessica said quietly, still not turning.

"Yes," he whispered in her ear, "does it matter?"

"No," Jessica replied after a moment, and finally turned to face him.

Her eyes were so empty and her gaze so lost that Richie found himself stepping forward before he thought about what he was doing. He cupped the side of her face with his hand and searched her features for some glimmer of hope.

"Are you going to rape me before you kill me?" she asked, as if she no longer believed what he had told her on the roof top and had just decided the worst.

"No," he said, running his fingers through her long hair, "I only want to feed one hunger."

Her head fell at that.

"Not pretty enough," she said, as if she was disappointed.

At that he lifted he chin and made her look at him.

"You don't want me," he said, looking her directly in the eyes, "no more no less. I am hungry and your blood will be sweet. You think you wish to die and if you choose it, I will let you, but you cannot truly know until you see death as it really is. If you have changed your mind I will leave, but I will not be a fiend just because you want me to be."

Jessica seemed quite shocked by his tone and blinked at him, all big eyes and wild hair. She was not the most attractive girl he had ever met, but most of that was her demeanour and he sensed what was inside; becoming Kindred would not trap her, it would release her, if only she could see it.

"You're a vampire," she said simply.

"That's not what those who made me call themselves," Richie said, releasing her and giving a small smile, "but yes, that is what I am."

She looked at him then, long and hard and seemed to be thinking about it, which he took as a positive sign. When he had landed on the roof he had been curious, but there were feelings stirring under the remote detachment that had come over him that were making it harder to stay aloof.

"Okay," Jessica said eventually, "then kill me."

Richie did not give her a chance to change her mind and he moved forward fast, taking her in his arms and making her cry out just a little. It wasn't that he wanted to frighten her, it was just that he wanted to see some sort of proper reaction out of her. She had turned off her emotions and he wanted her to turn them back on again.

"You can be free without dying," he told her, whispering in her ear as she breathed hard. "Maybe you will see that soon."

He pulled her hair aside, revealing what was a long, slender neck and then before she could struggle he bared his fangs and bit her. The only sounds she made were a tiny cry and then a deep gasp as her blood hit his tongue. As he drank he remembered the life leaving him, the wonderful feeling of surrender as his blood was taken from his body and wondered if it was the same for Jessica. She did not moan and she did not cry out, she just panted and made little gasping sounds as he sank into the pleasure of feeding, taking he with him.

It was strangely unisexual; he remembered it feeling somewhat sexual to him, but, although there was need and desire in this, it was not for sex. It was still primal, but not in that way and the blood consumed him. He almost drank too much, but at the last moment he forced himself to pull away. Jessica was limp in his arms, but she was still alive. Taking her chin in one hand he turned her face up so that they were looking at each other.

"Now you see," he said, voice heavy with Kindred power and he shook her when her eyes fell closed. "There is life, there is death," he said as she blearily gazed up at him; "there is power, there is darkness. You must choose."

For long moments Jessica just blinked up at him and he could feel her fading until finally her lips moved, but he did not hear what she said.

"Tell me," he demanded, refusing to let her slip away.

"Life," was the tiniest whisper, but this time it was clear and he did not hesitate.

Running one sharp nail over his neck, he dug it in deep and then he lifted Jessica to the wound. It was not dignified and it was messy, but he knew the moment she latched on and began to drink. For once he felt no conflict with the Kindred power inside of him, no battle of wills or physiology; it just felt right as he passed on what had been given to him. For a moment everything was right and then Jessica passed out and the moment was over.

For a little while Richie just stood there, holding the limp woman in his arms as the power of blood ran through him. He felt a little better, maybe a little saner and he carefully picked Jessica up in his arms. Now he had one thing he needed, but as that hunger passed, there were other ones building.


They'd told him that they were scouring the city for Richie, but Frank was pretty sure they wouldn't find him. He'd spoken to the peculiar half breed long enough to know that if he did not want to be found, no-one would stand a chance. Of course it wasn't his problem anymore and he walked into his apartment, threw his keys on the sideboard and walked towards his bedroom. It had been a long night and all he wanted was a shower to get the kinks out of his back and then to fall into bed to sleep the day away.

It was still mostly dark, with the sky just beginning to show signs that dawn was on the way, but it was light enough that he didn't bother flicking the switch on the wall as he entered his room. The thought of a nice hot shower was the only thing in his mind and he began to strip off his clothes, throwing first his jacket then everything else onto the bed one by one. He was down to his pants when he had the sudden impression that he wasn't alone.

Turning, he saw a dark shape in the corner and he immediately went for his gun where he had put it on the bed, only it wasn't there. There was a chuckle and then the sidelight flicked on and Frank realised Richie was standing in his bedroom.

"Looking for this?" Richie asked, holding his gun on one finger. "You could shoot me if you like, but I think you might just piss me off."

Frank felt a little bit better when Richie handed him the weapon.

"How long have you been here?" he asked, not pleased to have a visitor.

"About an hour," Richie replied, totally unrepentant. "In another life I used to be a burglar; you really should change your locks, they're terrible."

Richie's eyes were looking him up and down in a rather obvious way and Frank didn't like it.

"Do you make it a habit of watching people undress?" he demanded, and reached for his shirt again.

"No," Richie replied with another smile, "but I liked what I saw; don't stop on my account."

Frank just stood there and looked at his uninvited guest.

"Have you flipped again?" he finally asked, because he had been damn sure Richie was straight given their conversation of a few days previously.

They had discussed the local talent in quite a lot of details and he had seen Richie's reaction to Andre; things just didn't add up.

"Nope," Richie said, sounding almost normal, "in fact I'm feeling saner than I've felt in days. Not quite there yet, but almost. Still dealing with the whole Kindred needs thing though and right about now I'm in the mood for sex and I know you're not exclusively into the female of the species because I saw you checking out the barman at the Haven last night."

Frank didn't actively pursue men often because, given his job, it was just simpler not to, but he wasn't about to deny it.

"I might not be completely heterosexual," he said without any dancing around the subject, "but I was almost positive you were."

Richie gave him a grin at that.

"I was," Richie replied and wandered a little closer, being even less subtle about checking Frank out, "but I don't seem to be anymore. I was with a woman earlier tonight, Frank, held her helpless in my arms, yet here I am."

"You left a woman to come here?" Frank really didn't get that at all.

"She didn't interest me like that," Richie said with a small shrug, "you on the other hand do. Believe me, I was surprised, but this week seems to be all about new experiences. So what do you say, Frank?"

It wasn't as if Richie was being anything but upfront and Frank felt the first stirrings of interest at the proposition, but he wasn't stupid.

"What's to stop you waking up later and deciding I've led you astray? I'll break if you have a snit fit," he pointed out.

Given he had seen Richie's mood change at the drop of a hat he was not overly confident that there wouldn't be another huge mood swing that was bad for his health.

"Oh you'd be surprised how difficult it would be to break you, Frank," Richie said, smiling even more, "but, I don't think I'll be having any more major changes of attitude. I'm much more me again, just with added extras. I also think I know what will end this for good, but I don't think it's a good idea to go into a fight as distracted as I am. I can smell that you're attracted to me, Frank, just give in to it."

That was the problem with Kindred; they were often one step ahead and Frank was attracted to Richie. It had been a while since he'd had the time for sex and Frank couldn't say that his libido wasn't interested, but there was still the question of being eaten.

"I promise I won't bite," Richie said, as if reading his mind, and took another step towards him.

It was predator and prey and Frank knew he was the prey, but he couldn't help the fact that he liked it. When Richie reached out, took hold of the top of his pants and tugged, Frank went and then they were all but nose to nose.

"Come on, Frank," Richie said in little more than a whisper, "you know you want to."

Frank's resistance crumbled and Richie had to have seen it, because the next thing Frank knew he was being pushed against the wall and Richie was nibbling over his ear and down his neck. He was greeted by a chuckle when he tensed as Richie passed his jugular and be might have been annoyed except that Richie just went on kissing his neck and it felt really good. Alexandra had been fond of his neck; he wondered if it was a Kindred thing of if it just happened to be a very kissable part of his body.

Frank still thought he had to be slightly insane to be letting this happen, but the way Richie rubbed against him had his thoughts scattering to the four winds. He knew Toreadors were supposed to be good lovers; Lillie teased him about it at every opportunity, but he'd forgotten how intoxicating Kindred could be. His affair with Alexandra seemed like so long ago, but he remembered the passion and he could feel it between him and Richie as well. Maybe he was addicted, maybe when you had had Kindred you just didn't want to go back, but he gave up arguing with his psyche and decided to see just how well Richie kissed.

He knew that Richie was stronger than he was, but that didn't mean he was going to allow the Kindred hybrid all his own way and he pushed off the wall, slamming Richie into wardrobe and asserting his will. That made Richie grin and Frank definitely saw a flash of gold in the Immortal's eyes, but Richie did not shove back when Frank moved in for the kiss he wanted. Frank was pretty sure that if passion had been directly proportional to heat they would both have been smoking, as it was Richie sucked on his tongue and then grazed teeth over his lips.

"Have you ... ever done ... this before?" Frank asked between searing kisses and he pulled Richie's shirt from his jeans, seeking skin.

"Never," Richie replied, but didn't sound overly bothered and was doing his best to help with the whole clothes removal; "you're just going to have to show me how."

For just a moment Frank pulled back and Richie held still under his scrutiny.

"I won't break," Richie said with a grin, "promise."

That was the point at which Frank decided that if Richie was offering, he was taking and to hell with thinking.

"Yeah well I do," he replied grinning as well, "so I get to top."

"Whatever you want, Frank," Richie said, eyes hot with lust, "just get on with it."

That was easier than he had expected, but he wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth and he went back to kissing and stripping in equal measure.

"Screw it," Richie said as Frank had a little trouble with the belt on his jeans and then Frank was treated to the delight of watching Richie strip off the rest of his clothes in double time.

It was clear that Richie was as desperate as he claimed to be and the ample erection that Frank found his eyes drawn to was a very clear pointer.

"Frank, clothes," Richie said in a less than patient tone.

That was when he realised he'd just been standing there and looking and he was still in his pants.

"Patience," he said with a grin and couldn't help noticing the way Richie was all but bouncing on the spot.

"Sex, now," was the only reply and there was a hint of golden eyes again.

Frank stepped back when Richie went to help him with pants; he wanted to keep them in one piece and he had a feeling Richie was out of patience.

"Okay," he said as Richie gave a little growl, "I get the message. Get on the bed on your front, I'll be back in a moment."

It looked like Richie might object, but Frank just glared and Richie did as he was told. Frank headed into the bathroom quickly and retrieved the supplies he kept in the cupboard under the sink just in case before returning to the bedroom. Richie was half lying, half sitting pushed up on his arms and Frank liked what he saw. It was obvious that Richie led a very active life and Frank drank in the view of toned muscles.

"Are you going to stand there all day?" Richie asked and Frank grinned and moved in.

He threw the supplies on the bed and then stripped out of the last of his clothes before climbing on beside Richie. It was the Immortal's turn to stare hungrily and Frank rather enjoyed the scrutiny. There was something very honest in the wanton abandon in his soon to be lover and Frank didn't need to worry that Richie wasn't really into this. He had the feeling that he would know right away if Richie didn't like what he was doing and it gave him an excited, fluttery feeling in his stomach.

"Just hang on for the ride," he said and then set about making sure Richie was not only ready for him, but just about begging for it.

The way Richie responded as he touched him would have told Frank that Richie was not used to this even if he hadn't known, but Richie seemed to be as good as his word and was letting Frank show him how things were done. There was a twitch of muscles when he first touched the other man, but that was it. He began by massaging slowly at the base of Richie's spine and gradually making his way onto the firm, round buttocks.

"Okay," Richie said, head falling forward, "that's good."

Frank smiled to himself; he was going to enjoy this. He had never actually been someone's first time; when he was younger his partners had been older and more experienced than him and the couple he had had later on had definitely not been new at it. The idea rather appealed to him and he carefully drizzled his fingers with lube.

Richie hummed low in his throat as Frank carefully spread him and slowly swiped his slicked fingers down the crack of Richie's ass. Since Richie seemed to want him to get to it, that's exactly what he did and pushed firmly, sliding one finger into his new lover. There were many other things they could have done first, but he didn't think Richie was going to let him get away with less.

"Still good?" he asked, just to make sure; he did not want a pissed of Kindred/Immortal hybrid on his hands.

What came back was a rather non-committal reply, so Frank moved his finger experimentally. As Richie began to relax, the hum was back and he took that as a good sign. Since this was Richie's first time he gave the other man a little while to get used to the whole idea, then he decided to add a little spice. There was a good deal of swearing when Frank used his fingers to find Richie's prostate and Frank grinned in triumph.

"Like that?" he asked in a bland tone.

"Bastard," was the only reply and he laughed.

From there it was not much effort to loosen Richie up. The Immortal was a very fast learner and soon had Frank catering to his every whim, at least when it came to finger fucking him.

"Lift up," Frank finally said when he decided that Richie was as ready as he was ever going to be.

Then as Richie climbed eagerly to his knees, Frank reached for where he had put the condoms. Richie immediately batted his hand away from them.

"Immortal, remember," Richie said, heat in his eyes, "no diseases."

That was something Frank really hadn't considered and he didn't really know how to process that for a moment.

"I want you just as you are," Richie told him and there weren't really a lot of ways to argue with that.

Frank had never slept with a man without protection; he wasn't stupid, but it began to dawn on him that Richie had a point. He was surprised by quite how much the idea made his cock throb and he smiled.

"Before you die of old age, Frank," Richie added in a very demanding tone.

"Just remember who's in charge," he replied, but reached to slick himself with lube anyway.

Richie gave him a rebellious look for that, but didn't say anything as Frank knelt up and moved into position. It seemed his lover was not going to argue as long as he got what he wanted. Richie was tight as Frank pushed in as slowly as he could manage and he felt it the moment Richie's muscles decided to object so he stilled.

"Relax," he said, running his hands over Richie's back.

All he received in reply was a mumbled acknowledgement and he waited. Richie was Kindred and Immortal; he'd heal fast, but Frank did not want to hurt his new lover. Only when Richie pushed back against him a little did he take that as permission to move again. He began rocking, hoping that the gentle movements would encourage Richie's tight muscles to give and each movement sent wonderful shocks through his body.

"I said I won't break," Richie all but growled at him after a little while of that.

"Yes, but..." was as far as Frank got before Richie mercilessly shoved back onto him.

They both swore very loudly and Richie's arms half gave out as Frank saw stars. He was in, he was all the way in and Richie was tight and all his nerves were overloading and for a few moments he couldn't think. That had to have hurt and hurt quite a lot, but Richie was gasping and it didn't sound like the Immortal was in pain, or at least not a bad kind.

"You okay?" he asked, doing his best to make himself think.

"Fine," was the breathless response; "think Kindred may have a thing for pain too."

Frank didn't question that, he just went with it. The tight heat was just too much for his self control and he had to move, dragging a long low groan out of Richie that became a wanton moan. That was the end of any thought he had left and he pushed back in, needing the friction. It had been a long while since he had done this; his last male lover had been a good while back and none of his female companions had been into such things. Now he remembered why he liked this and he let his own desires take him where they wanted to go.

He found out very quickly that Richie really did like it hard and fast and that even attempting to be gentle was pointless because Richie would then force the issue. It was so very good and Frank took everything that was on offer, the arousal building and building in him as he moved closer and closer to the edge. Richie responded to every thrust, panting and letting Frank know exactly what he wanted in words and sounds and Frank was just glad his place had thick walls.

"Want to see you," Richie said as he pushed in deeply yet again.

It was a somewhat surprising request, but one that Frank was happy to oblige and he pulled out quickly. Richie rolled onto his back and lifted his legs and Frank moved back in as fast as he could without rushing. He wanted this to be good for both of them and to be able to see that almost innocent looking, youthful face made him want it all the more. In all honestly they barely knew each other, but there was something there, something more than just sex and Frank chased it. It would probably evaporate soon enough, he wasn't a fool, but he liked the feeling anyway.

He slid back home easily and the move was worth every moment as he saw the pleasure on Richie's face. There was something incredibly erotic about that expression on those features and Frank enjoyed it as he made it happen again. His mind and body were in harmony and it wasn't long before he was so close he was trembling. Reaching out he took Richie's neglected cock in his hand and pumped it, rubbing his thumb over the underside of the head finding it slick with pre-come. Richie all but purred at that and the sounds seemed to send vibrations all through the Immortal's body that transferred right into Frank's cock.

Part of him wanted to slow down and hold off to see how long he could keep Richie on the edge, but another part of him wanted the payoff. He could feel the power in the man on his bed and he wanted to see it released and so he chased it down. The fire in his own veins was building and he pushed Richie on, knowing that it wouldn't take much more to get him off either. As Richie's breathing began to come in short, sharp gasps he knew his lover was close. It was intoxicating and he thought he could sense Kindred power very close to the surface. Alexandra had been careful and experienced and he had never felt this with her; there was a wildness that he could sense just under Richie's skin. This was what Kindred hid behind their human facades and Frank realised this was probably the closest he was every going to get to pure Kindred.

As Richie finally came Frank felt the most incredible rush of energy and it made his body tingle from head to foot. He saw the flash of fangs and the glow of gold before he was coming as well and he didn't have any ability to think anymore as white hot heat flooded his system. Most Kindred were practiced as playing at being human, but Richie wasn't and Frank felt every bit of the supernatural creature in his lover. It just made the shots of wonderful sensation in his body all the harder and it was only as he was coming down that Frank realised he liked the danger.

As he carefully pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to Richie he realised he actually was insane and quite probably addicted to Kindred. He was so screwed and, when he looked over to see Richie's blessed out, but still hungry smile, he thought that might be literally as well as figuratively.

End of Part 6
On to Part 7
Tags: category: het, category: slash, ch_story: opposites, fandom: highlander, fandom: kindred-the-e, fictype: oneshot, genre: vampires, pairing: xo - duncan/lillie, pairing: xo - richie/frank, pairing: xo - richie/omc, rating: r to nc17, type: fiction

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