Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Have been asked to pass this along :)

Please consider helping out paraboobizarre

This is a copy from her LJ:

I need to pimp this because it's for one of my little girls. She's 13 years old, a mini pro skier and Snickers has a contest where the winner gets a sponsorship worth 10.000 €. She registered her Team "Blue Fire" Ski Racing at the site but now they need votes - lots of votes, so I thought I would pimp this over LJ here.

It's really simple:
click here >> click "JETZT VOTEN" >> click ALS GAST VOTEN >> type in the generated code, click "VOTEN" and you're done :)

You can vote once per day.

I'd be really grateful if you guys voted for my darling girl, also if you would pimp this on your journals ♥♥♥

Here is the instructions code if you want to pimp it:
Tags: type: pimpage

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