Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Translators wanted - German to English

Translators wanted - German to English

UniversalPanik is looking for translators. What with the new album coming out there is suddenly a deluge of things popping up in German about the Panik boys and the majority of us can manage a quick Google translate, but, as you can imagine, this misses some of the subtleties :).

UP would like to build up a team of translators so that no one is snowed under or has to worry about translating and real life at the same time.

So are you interested? Do you think any of your flist would be interested?

Please, please comment here if you think you can help, or ask your friends to comment here if they can help.

Thank you so much for any assistance.
Tags: fandom: panik, info: universalpanik

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