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Single Sentence meme

Stolen from lirren, 'cause I'm waiting from some SQL to run :)

"Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!"

These are the ones I have poked recently :)

  1. "The game's over," Richie said in a tone so cold it could have frozen water, "now it's my turn."
  2. "The subject is responding beyond my predictions," the man sounded excited and Aya felt the burning hate welling up in him again.
  3. [Are you a telepath,] he decided on his next question, [or can we speak like this because of the machines?]
  4. Being naked was not something Aya really cared about, after all you could still kill someone when you had no clothes on and naked people tended to be underestimated, so nudity was not high on his problems to be solved list.
  5. From the little Aya remembered of the previous evening Omi had put himself back together while the other two fussed over Aya and he tutted as he viewed the wound.
  6. "Keep doing that and you'll hurt yourself," Aya-chan said petting him as she held him in her arms. "You make a lovely cat, brother."
  7. "What do you mean you killed me five times?" Yoji eventually managed to splutter through his shock.
  8. "Oh I definitely wish it," Avon snapped back: the confusion in his mind was beginning to really annoy him: he would catch a thought and begin to analyse it and then something else would snatch his attention away making rational conclusions virtually impossible.
  9. The first strange thing that happened was Kiro's hair extensions began to fall out.
  10. Breasts again, breasts and a total lack of other things; he was a she and it felt really odd.
  11. Strify walked into the holding room and was almost barrelled straight back out again as a small, but firm body collided with him and then tried to wrap around him like an octopus.
  12. He wasn't allowed to grope Strify in public unless they were on stage, which was even more frustrating; fanservive yes, actual sex, no and his vampire nature wasn't so fond of that.
  13. Kiro didn't stop to consider what he was doing, he simply reacted, snarling and growling and using the only weapon he had available, opening his mouth, lifting his head and biting the wrist close to him.
  14. Joe was older and seemed to move with a little more stiffness, but he was still the man Richie remembered and he was overcome with memories for a moment.
  15. This was more fun than he had expected and he was willing to bet that the man with the drinking problem was the barman's watcher.
  16. What was more was that it was old energy, never destroyed, only converted, and as his mind grasped at the concept he recognised that energy had memory.
  17. "Now I don't believe the stress of being among the other pupils will be good for you just yet," the headmaster continued, which in Harry's opinion was a nice way of saying that it would be better to avoid him killing any of his classmates, "so other arrangements will be made."
  18. "Hogwash," that from Minerva, "that is His wand; are you trying to tell me that He just happened to give it to Harry and let him break it?"
  19. For the first time in his career, apart from a couple of stays in St Mungo's when he had been under healer's orders not to move or risk being strapped to the bed, Harry had called in sick.
  20. The smell of toast and butter drew Harry from his exhausted sleep and he blearily opened his eyes to find it an outrageously cheerful morning.
  21. "I am not a vampire," was Bliss' next statement and he made it very slowly, "and neither is she, but as you can see we are infected."
  22. "The Mother forgives all who repent," Hyde said as his eyes returned to staring at nothing; "return to your duties, brother, what happens here is not your concern."
  23. "Kei," he called, trying to move forward, but being fought back by the lethal light.
  24. Looking down and staring rather stupidly at the sword sticking out of his chest seemed like a valid course of action to Hyde and it was about all he could manage.
  25. "Not necessarily," he replied, looking as the small figure in the tub, "he may become a wolfkind like Ren."
  26. Hyde did not have a violent temperament as a rule, but on the rare occasions when his lover was angry, Gackt always knew about it, especially when he was the cause.
  27. Oh the series had all the historical stuff wrong, but the events, those it had spot on.
  28. He'd only turned his back for five minutes to fill their water skins and when he'd turned back he'd seen Arthur disappearing with an ethereal female form.
  29. He was hard and he was aching, but Arthur was going to have to do better than that to make him "ask nicely".
  30. "We don't want to 'eat and be well'," Arthur all but snarled, "we want to leave."
  31. Jesse's thermal power didn't very often get a practical workout, but he had a fairly good handle on it these days; he hadn't set fire to anything he hadn't meant to in weeks.
  32. David had fallen out of bed the previous evening and that had sealed it; they had decided to buy a bigger bed, or at least he and Timo had agreed when David had decided.
  33. Juri had not planned to fall in love, he hadn't even planned to fall in lust, but he had very quickly discovered that love had very little to do with planning.
  34. "You took advantage of my little brother," Jo said in a tone that could have cut flesh.
  35. "Linke," Jan spoke softly, clearly afraid and anxious, "can you hear me?"
  36. "You try and 'just breathe' when you're pregnant," David all but snarled and pushed passed him.
  37. Connor walked through the front door of the apartment, up the stairs, out the window onto the fire escape and ran down the metal steps with practiced efficiency.
  38. Connor opened his eyes and the first thing he realised was the he was naked, the second was that he was not alone and whoever he was with had hands that were not in innocent places on his body.
  39. Seeing Connor so pale and helpless had really shaken her and she wanted the bright, slightly insane geek back as soon as possible.
  40. He kept the lemon firmly under his nose until Gustav returned to the other side of the table and handed him the mug.
  41. "We were, Georg and I," Gustav started slowly, "messing around and we hadn't made it to the bed and then Georg managed to knock over a glass," that was typically Georg; the clumsiest one of them all, "and he cut himself and I felt ..." Gustav paused again. "I felt this need."
  42. "You know, Tomi," Bill's unmistakable voice floated across the room to him, "I had all sorts of plans; clever ideas to break it to you gently, but I can't change who I am and I have never lied to you."
  43. "Georg," the prince said and Tom knew the plan was working, "what is going on."
  44. The second in line had identical features to the first even unadorned by makeup, so Harry knew the pair had to be Bill and Tom Kaulitz, but he had no idea which was which.
  45. Tyler was beginning to realise something; since his encounter with El Blanco none of the local wild life, the very deadly 'will eat anything that moves if it doesn't get out of the way fast enough' wild life, was coming remotely near him.
  46. There were no more questions, no more half understood answers; this was the moment the universe had created him for and he felt it with every fibre of his being.
  47. He gave Gustav a kiss on the cheek as he wandered into the bathroom to take his turn and rather enjoyed the fond smile his boyfriend gave him.
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