Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Back and Birthdays :)

Still recovering from Connotations, which was fabulous as always - so much fun. I think I managed to hook a few people into CB - will have to post them lots of links on the comm.

Was travelling home most of yesterday so didn't get online much, hence I am late with some birthdays, please forgive me.

Happy Birthday to:
hearts_n_roses, fayaslam and the wonderful dacro for yesterday,
heliopath, lerah99, simmysim, zellieh and darkcuriosity for today,
the fabulous moonlettuce, cracknanny and queendaeva for tomorrow,
evening_star for the 2nd,
charmed310 and clear_stream18 for the 3rd and
silver04 and thoughtful_kaos for the 4th

Many Happy Returns to you all.
Tags: info: birthdays

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