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Toyz - Cinema Bizarre

I finally have my mitts on Toyz and please give me a moment while I rave about it. OMG - this album is not just superior to Final Attraction, it's in another stratosphere. It is everything a second album should be.

Let's see if I can articulate my thoughts ...

Right, so the depth of the music is fantastic; so many layers and lots of different sounds on the album.
We have songs like I Came 2 Party and Toyz, which are dancey with Strify's beautiful voice over the top and then we have deep, emo songs like My Obsession and Blasphemy with everything in between. Some are similar to Final Attraction songs with lots of electro like Out of Love and others are much rockier like Deeper and Deeper, and yet they are all very Cinema Bizarre. A lot of that I think is thanks to Strify's fantastic and unusual voice.

In this album you can tell these guys are really musicians. There honestly isn't one song I don't like.

Soph and I played spot the 80s influence on the way home last night, but never fear there is the rock of the 90s in there are well, which seems to be how the second half of this decade is going: mix the 80s and the 90s for something very 00s :).

I don't have a fav song yet, there are so many good ones and I have only heard most of them once. I do already know that I will be listening to this album on repeat for quite a while.

For those who want to purchase it:
Delux Version (EUR 17,95)
Normal Version (EUR 14,95)
There are mp3 downloads available as well, but not to anyone outside Germany, but it does mean you can sample the songs before you buy if you want to:
Delux version for mp3 download
Normal Version ($31.99)
Bang Has some of the same songs and some Final Attraction - this is the US release ($7.99)
Normal Version (CA$13.99)
Not yet available from

[Edit: and can I just say, I want the X-rated vid to go with Toyz please ;)]
[Edit2: how can a song called "I don't wanna know (if you got laid)" actually be a touching song?]
[Edit3: Someone tell me I'm not the only one who thinks "Fame!" in the first bars of "Out of Love".]
Tags: fandom: cinema bizarre, info: music

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