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Cinema Bizarre Pimp Post

Okay, so it's time for another Pimp Post. (As I said to Laura earlier) Come into my slightly gay and very pretty parlour said the spider to the fly ;).
Cinema Bizarre

Okay so this is Cinema Bizarre, and yes they are German (how did you guess), but, before you run away, they sing in English.

Their look is Visual Kei/Glam/Rock and their songs are poppy with a bit of a rock edge in places. I have been listening to their album "Final Attraction" on repeat for a few days now :) and their new album "Toyz" will be coming out in August.

Some of their songs sound a bit like Depeche Mode, another is like T.A.T.U. and yet with something that is very them too. You have to listen to really understand.

According to the Official US fanclub the band originally met online and then met up at an Anime convention where they formed the band. No idea how much of that is true and how much is PR, given their look, but it's a nice idea :). They are successful in Germany, Austria, France and Poland and in March 2009 they toured the US as an opening act for Lady Gaga in a bid to launch there. There will be a special US album called "Bang!" in August.

The Members
I'm going alphabetically here :)
Kiro is the bassist of the band and the shortest, but only just :). His date of birth is 11th Jan 1988, but I have given up feeling guilt for being into bands where the members are so young and just appreciate the view ;). He lists Within Temptation and Nightwish as bands he likes, so I have to respect his choice in music and he seems to like horror movies, so what's not to love about this petite package of talent? As far as fanfic goes, in a conversation Laura, Sarah and I were having the other day it was clearly decided he was "the little black dress", in that he goes with anyone ;). He's bisexual. (Psst ... he's also my fav).
Romeo is the keyboardist and he replaced Luminor who had to retire from the band because of health issues. He has a passion for his instrument, as you can tell by this little clip: He's only half an inch taller than Kiro, but he's not as petite and he seems cheerfully nuts in all the clips I've seen him in :). Also a 1988 baby, but August 4th.
Shin plays drums and has the mystique that drummers always have. I haven't found much out about him yet (a lot of the fandom is in German and my German sucks :)). He's the youngest (1989, Dec 12), but IMHO doesn't look it and I have to agree with Sarah that he can appear the most girly of the band.
Now Strify is the vocalist and I love his voice; it's so melodic. He's an 88 baby as well, August 20, and has the wildest clothes. He features a great deal in the fic I've seen around too, often paired with Yu. He does a lot of talking and if you would like to see a subtitled interview with him this is CBTV #8: .
The most masculine looking of the guys I think (feel free to disagree with me). That may have something to do with his penchant for taking his clothes off ;). Yu plays lead guitar and is yet another 88 baby, Dec 29 (so only just :)). Lists lots of Jrock bands amongst his favs and I think he has the wildest hair ::g::. He's had training as a massage therapist too - talk about fic fodder ;)
I don't have a piccie of Luminor on this PC, but Thanks to deusssexmachina for the piccie. Luminor was the keyboardist before Romeo. He also used to sing the deep vocals backing up Strify on many of their songs. He was unwell and had to leave the band, but I believe they still maintain contact.

LJ comms
cb_fic - slash orientate CB community with fic and pic spams etc
cb_gen_2 - all things CB (post lots of lovely info)
cb_translations - (only just found this one) translations of CB stuff.
cbaday - a pic a day keep the doldrums away :)
cinemabizarre - all things CB
cinemabizrslash - another slash orientated CB comm

Offical US fanclub:
Cherry Tree:
Cinema Bizarre Fanfiction:
Offical Site (en):
Official Site (De):
Youtube channel:
(for those in the UK who can't see most of the CB channel half the time (it seems to be very odd) then try this user:

Fanservice: :D

sarahsan's pimp post with lots more piccies:
lirren has a wonderful pimp post as well:

My CB fic is here (click)

And some icons in case anyone wants one:

(in case you were wondering PPM = Private Pornographic Moment ;))

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