Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Okay, you all know I love to cook right?

Well I have coveted a big mixer, the ones with the big bowl and the big whisk (you see them on all the cooking programs - Nigella uses them to make meringues etc) for ages. Today Rob picks me up even though, poor lamb, he has been signed off for a week because he has really bad RSI in his right arm (he has figured out how to drive one armed even though I offered to drive) and when we get home he produces this huge box from the boot of the car. So he says it's for me and I open it and it's a mixer.

He is such a sweetie, he said that because he's always getting things he decided to buy me something.

I am dying to try it out now. I want to make cakes and cup cakes and meringues and lots of lovely things.

My husband is so wonderful to me, he is such an amazing man and I love him to pieces. It was such a lovely surprise.

Now I have to go massage his back and arms to help with his RSI.
Tags: info: food

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