Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Fic: A Gift from the Heart (Naughty Ending), Tokio Hotel, Bill/Tom, NC17

Title: A Gift from the Heart (Naughty Ending)
Author: Beren
Fandom: Tokio Hotel
Pairing: Bill/Tom
Rating: NC17
Link: Back to first part

The blinds were down, but slitted open to let in the daylight, but Tom hurried to close them completely; just in case one of the paparazzi had a very good lens, and then he flicked the light on. By the time he was done and could focus back on Bill, his twin was already half naked and was just pulling off his t-shirt as well before throwing it onto the side as a makeshift cushion. Tom just watched as Bill lifted himself onto the counter and then sat down, knocking his heels against the cupboard door and just looking at Tom with an incredibly innocent expression.

Sex was definitely on his top ten list of the best things in the world and had risen to second when he had started having it will Bill. How it had taken them years to realise that what they wanted was each other he had no idea, but the past year and a half had been the best of his life. That's why he worked very hard to make sure Bill loved sex as much as he did. The gift he had bought Bill was a black silicon vibrator, about the size of a normal cock, but with a tapered end so that it could be used for preparation as well as fun. What made it so special was that, under the smooth surface, were little silver stars and glitter. It had screamed Bill's name at him from the webpage.

"Do you want something, Bill?" he asked, smiling his best killer smile.

"Yes, Tomi," Bill said, leaning back and putting one foot on the back of one of the chairs and the other on the second and spreading his legs so that Tom could see everything that was on offer, "you know what I want."

They had a whole collection of sex toys and they'd christened just about every room in the house, but it never got old. Seeing Bill, spread out and waiting for him on their kitchen counter sent thrills through him that pooled in his cock. Very quickly he placed the lube in his hand on the counter and ripped into the packet of AA batteries he also had, slipping them into place in the vibrator. Only then did he retrieve the lube and moved forward so that he was standing between Bill's legs.

"God you look hot like that," he said, running a finger up the inside of Bill's thigh and making his twin tremble.

"Only for you, Tomi," Bill told him, "only for you."

That made his cock throb even more.

Bill was all his and no one else's; no one had ever touched Bill, not the way he did. Bill's virginity had remained firmly intact until given to him and it was a gift that made every gift he had ever given Bill pale in comparison. It was something he would never forget and would treasure forever. These days Bill was very far from a virgin, more along the lines of a wanton hussy, which Tom was more than glad of as well.

Taking the toy, he firstly ripped open one of the sterile cleaning cloths he had also bought and wiped it off thoroughly and then he smeared the whole thing with lube. Throughout the entire process Bill watched him avidly and when Tom was ready, angled his hips up a little so Tom had the perfect access. He could make Bill beg if he wanted to, about the only time he could, but the eager movement of Bill's hips was more than enough encouragement for him. Bill's eyes were alight with excitement and the anticipation was almost as good as the act as far as Tom was concerned.

He didn't bother to say anything, he just smiled at Bill and then reached out and gently ran his lubricated fingers over the soft skin behind Bill's sac and down over the little, puckered hole further back. Bill's eyes slipped shut and his head went back and the most decadent sound issued from his mouth. It ran over Tom like a physical thing and made him shiver.

They had done this so many times, from both positions, that it was almost second nature and Tom carefully lined the toy up with Bill's entrance. He would never hurt Bill, well not unless Bill was in one of his moods and actually asked him to, but that was a whole other game, and he was firm but gentle as he began to put it in. The slimmer tip opened Bill's body with ease and Bill hummed in pleasure as Tom slowly pushed the toy further in. He knew the moment it would be too much; he knew every reaction of Bill's body and he immediately paused and then clicked on the button on the base.

The toy had vibrate and twist in its repertoire and he had chosen vibrate, making Bill moan deep and low. Sometimes they talked during sex, occasionally they talked a lot, but at others they just enjoyed the reactions they could cause in the other and Tom soaked in every move and every sound Bill made. Carefully he pulled the toy out a little and then moved it back in, feeling the vibrations running through Bill and loosening his muscles incredibly quickly. So quickly in fact that it only took a few moments before the resistance was gone and Tom found himself pushing the toy nearly all the way in. Bill's body just opened up and took it and when Bill mewed he turned off the vibrating part, knowing that Bill could never take that for long.

Ever so slowly he began to move the toy, watching the silver stars glint in the light from the kitchen lamps, slowly in and out, taking in every twitch of muscle with his eyes. Later that would be his cock; Bill could never go without him after they had played with toys, and he knew the feeling because he was just the same. The toys could turn them on and easily get them to orgasm, but they always needed eachother as well, a reaffirmation of their bond. As it was, for now, Tom wanted to make Bill come completely undone, so he held the toy in play and turned on its other function.

Bill gave a little cry and then began to pant in time with the toy's movements. Braced as he was on the counter and the chairs, Bill was helpless to move and his hands were holding him in place so he was completely at Tom's mercy. Tom could see that Bill wanted to touch himself, the way Bill's fingers clasped and unclasped the edge of the counter, but he did not relent yet. He just held the toy firmly and watched Bill falling apart.

"Tomi, please," Bill eventually all but begged and Tom finally had mercy.

With his other hand he took hold of Bill's hard, glistening cock and began to pump, just how Bill liked it.

"Oh god," Bill said and began dropping words, some real, some nonsensical, in time with Tom's movements.

Tom felt himself flush with heat that he could do this to his twin and his cock was hard and throbbing in his pants. He loved Bill with every fibre of his being and that he could give Bill pleasure drove him almost as wild as it drove Bill. Bill's skin was damp with sweat and flushed with arousal and Tom wanted to kiss every inch, but he did not dare interrupt the rhythm he had going. He knew the moment Bill hit the edge because the words stopped and Bill's breathing faltered and then Bill was spilling milky white fluid all over his hand and his own stomach.

It was wonderful, it was exhilarating and Tom could almost feel the high as Bill rode it out. This was living. To be able to touch and to be touched by such a wonderful creature as Bill was all Tom could ever ask for. If the fame and the money and the music vanished the next day, he knew he would still have Bill and that was all that really mattered.

The End
Tags: category: slash, ch_story: a gift from the heart, fandom: tokio hotel, fictype: 01-3kwds, pairing: th - bill/tom, rating: r to nc17

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