Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Fic: A Gift from the Heart (Innocent Ending), Tokio Hotel, Bill/Tom, PG13

Title: A Gift from the Heart - Innocent Ending
Author: Beren
Fandom: Tokio Hotel
Pairing: Bill/Tom
Rating: PG13
Link: Back to first part

The blinds were down, but slitted open to let in the daylight, but Tom hurried to close them completely; just in case one of the paparazzi had a very good lens, and then he flicked the light on. By the time he was done and could focus back on Bill, his twin was already pulling things out of the cupboards in a very haphazard fashion. Tom knew better than to interfere and waited for Bill to have everything he wanted and then walked forward and handed the gift back.

Baking wasn't exactly a cool pastime and neither Bill nor Tom were very good at it, but it was something they had done as children that they still loved. The other things Tom had bought was some ready to roll puff pasty and some jam and they were to go with the ebony black rolling pin he had found on the cooking site. It was silicon and under the smooth surface there were silver stars inlaid; it had honestly screamed Bill's name and it was cute that Bill had been so embarrassed about it.

Sometimes they made cookies and sometimes pastry things, like today, but they always made a mess. They had two spots they could use, the kitchen and the toughened glass dining room table that they rarely used for actually eating at. Given the kitchen location they were probably about to really make a mess. Bill had the cutters, the flour and two spatulas all out ready and Tom knelt on the chair he had put in place as Bill did the same.

When they had been small they hadn't been able to reach the counter top so their mum had stood them on chairs. Now they were plenty tall enough, but the chairs were part of the tradition and kneeling on them against the counter was as important as spreading flour all over the place.

Another thing that was uniquely them was the fact that they used cookie cutters even when dealing with puff pasty. They had a huge collection and even though their mum had tried to tell them they were just for cookies when they were small, they used them whenever they baked. Well except for the time they had tried to make a cake, but the less said about that the better.

Tom ripped into the packet of pastry as Bill liberally threw flour all over the work surface and some over Tom, for old time's sake.

"If you get flour in my hair I'm withholding sex," he warned as Bill hefted another handful from the bag.

Bill pouted, but did sprinkle his prize over the counter and the rolling pin rather than Tom.

"Spoil sport," Bill said, but Tom could tell his beloved twin was already eyeing up the pastry.

He put it down on the flour base and with a grin Bill launched in with the new rolling pin. Only after this did Tom think that maybe they should have washed it first, but it wasn't like they usually ate many of their creations anyway. The fun was in the making and then presenting them to other people, too polite to say no. Georg and Gustav were unlikely to die from anything that was on the rolling pin.

"Stars first," Bill decided once the pastry was well rolled, "in honour of this."

Bill brandished the rolling pin like a sword and beamed happily at Tom. This was the Bill he loved; his goofy twin with a messy pony tail, no makeup and a smudge of flour on his nose. He loved the perfectly turned megastar as well, but this was the person who was just like him. This was behind the mask and his mask was as equally removed at times like this.

"Then hearts," he said, beaming back, "because if we don't make hearts Gustav will think the world has ended."

That earned him a giggle and then Bill handed him one of the cutters.

The shapes would undoubtedly come out barely recognisable once they were cooked and they would break the tops off, add jam and messily put them back so all features were completely gone, but it would be fun, and that was the whole point. Bill put his star almost in the middle of the pastry and pressed down and Tom put his right next to it and did the same. They weren't six anymore, but sometimes they could pretend.

The End
Tags: category: slash, fandom: tokio hotel, fictype: 01-3kwds, pairing: th - bill/tom, rating: g to pg13

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