Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Ten words of fewer meme (grabbed from florahart)

Rules: Take the major fanfic catagories and write something for each using ten or fewer words.

Angst: Bill watched Tom walk away; he felt like dying.

Fluff: Jan kissed Linke and grinned, just because he could.

UST: Watching Nick was all Connor did; it made him want.

Friendship: "You're an idiot," Arthur said, "but give me your hand."

Hurt/Comfort: Bill held up his bruised finger, Tom kissed it better.

Adventure: Nothing by wide open desert; Jim looked at Spock, grinning.

Smut: Fabi took Maex's cock in hand and licked his lips.

Humor: Harry awarded himself points for keeping a straight face ... mostly.

Code if you want to play :)
Tags: type: meme

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