Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

German Music Big Bang Challenge

Okay, where are you all?

More people answered my poll than have signed up - lots more. We did our best to make sure the timing suited as many people as possible.

Having worries about finishing a longer fic? That's what cheerleaders are for - we have a whole comm just for them dmusikbb_cheers :). Come on, you know you wanna. Think of the feeling of accomplishment when you produce an epic. Think of the glory! ;)

And where's the pimping?

The German Music Big Bang Challenge
To produce lots of long fic and pair it with some lovely art.

Please come and join in.

I am not above bribery ;) The next five people who pimp the challenge get a ficlet in the fandom and pairing of their choice (just as long as I write the fandom of course :)). Just comment with your choice and link me to where you pimped. *crosses fingers* I'm not above begging either ;)

This is the code for the banner:
Tags: ficfest: german band big bang

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