Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

The Anonymous MultiFandom Kinkathon

Come and play

The Anonymous MultiFandom Kinkathon

The fandoms we have listed so far are:
Tokio Hotel RPF (Real Person Fanfic)
Panik RPF
Killerpilze RPF
Merlin RPF & FPF (Fictional Person Fanfic)
Star Trek
Jrock RPF
Blood Ties
Harry Potter
Weiss Kreuz

but you can request new fandoms to be added - we just have the list for clarity.

So far we have kink requests from
Tokio Hotel, Panik, Trek, Harry Potter, Merlin, Blood Ties and Primeval
and some wonderful people have already fulfilled two of the TH ones.

Everything over there is anonymous, but you can repost your fic after 30 days wherever you like (of course you don't have to :)).

Come and indulge your kinky side :D

If you're already involved in a kink meme of some sort, feel free to post a link over at kinkmemes so others can come play too :)
Tags: ficfest: kink meme

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