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Vampire and Creature Fic Listing

Vampire/Creature Fanfiction Listing

All of these fics appear in their fandom listings as well, but I thought people might like them all in one place as well.

Vampire Fics
Title/LinkPairing(s)/Character(s)RatingWd CountDate Pub
Fandom:Fandom: Blood Ties
Summary:Mike no longer reacts to Henry the way he knows he should, but he can't help himself. (written for MMOM 2008)
Fanning the FlamesMike/HenryNC17/182,55530-May-08
Summary:Sequel to Reactions - Mike just can't resist Henry's allure and Henry seems to enjoy making him remember that every time they meet. (written for MMOM 2008)
Summary:Drabble so not summary.
Summary:Drabble so not summary.
Fandom: Cinema Bizarre
What Is RealKiro/StrifyPG132,13517-Jul-09
Summary:There are rules, even to being a vampire and it can make life lonely.
Almost RealKiro/StrifyNC17/183,82027-Aug-09
Summary:Sequel to What is Real? - Kiro and Strify have some fun the morning after the night before.
Fandom: Crossover: Anita Blake/Harry Potter
Black Magic by MoonlightAsher/Anita/Jean-Claude, Anita/Nathaniel, Harry/Nathaniel/Draco, Harry/Draco, Anita/MicahNC17/18 or R 29-Apr-05
Summary:Harry Potter/Anita Blake: Harry Potter could find trouble in paradise and when Draco sends him to St Louis for a holiday it's not paradise and there's lots of trouble. With dark magic, vampires, lycanthropes and more, who else could sort it out but Anita Blake?
Fandom: Crossover: Highlander/Kindred: The Embraced
Opposites (ReVamped)Richie/OMC, Richie/Frank, Lillie/DuncanNC17/1836,27714-Oct-09
Summary:Highlander/Kindred: the Embaced - Kindred and Immortal should not mix; it is a volatile combination and when Richie is in the wrong place at the wrong time he finds out just how insane it can be.
Fandom: Crossover: Jrock/Tokio Hotel RPS
Das Geschenk (the Gift) seriesBill/Gackt, Bill/Gustav, Tom/GirlNC17/18Wd Count21-Feb-07
Summary:Jrock/Tokio Hotel RPS: The members of Tokio Hotel are in the UK to launch the English version of their album and Bill has caught the eye of another visiting rock star. When they meet Bill finds out that some things he thought were just fantasy do, in fact, exist.
Fandom: Crossover: Tokio Hotel/Panik RPS
Fang and Eyes and Blood - Oh My! Linke/David/Timo (mentions Bill/Tom/Georg/Gustav)NC17/1827,94731-Jul-08
Summary:Paink/Tokio Hotel: Linke's not feeling well and it turns out not to be the flu.
Fandom: Harry Potter
A Vampire's LoveHarry/DracoNC17/188,27125-May-04
Summary:Voldemort is dead, but he almost took The Boy Who Lived with him. Draco Malfoy has been assumed dead by the wizarding world for almost four years having been taken by a vampire, although Harry had always known where to find him, but this time Draco has found Harry.
The Power of TwoHarry/DracoNC17/184,86901-Sep-04
Summary:Harry finds himself in a very awkward predicament involving a naked woman and a naked Malfoy.
Summary:Draco has a mission from Voldemort to finally kill The Boy Who Lived. He has been subject to Voldemort's ministrations to make sure he does not fail, but nothing is ever certain when Harry Potter is involved.
The Will of VampiresSnape/HarryNC17/188,33712-Jul-05
Summary:Snape disappeared a year ago, now the side of the Light find out what happened to him, and the price the vampires are demanding for their affiliation.
Blood and SurrenderLucius/HarryNC17/18 (very)6,06812-Jul-05
Summary:Lucius has Harry exactly where he wants him.
The ChaseRL/SB/SSNC17/184,83528-Jul-05
Summary:Sirius it the prey, and he cannot escape.
The Stability of ThreeHarry/Neville/DracoNC17/185,50927-Jun-06
Summary:Two vampires have found themselves a lost soul and they intend to make him theirs.
The Secret of SurrenderSnape/Bill, Snape/Hermione (sorta), Snape/Draco, Snape/Harry, Snape/Ron, mentions Ron/BillNC17/188,15327-Jun-06
Summary:Severus knows something strange is happening and he thinks there is a new Dark Lord, but things are stranger than he could ever have imagined.
Summary:When Harry became a vampire against his consent he made a decision that changes his life completely. He went to the Dark Lord and the Dark Lord did not kill him.
Of Wanting and WaitingHarry/DracoNC17/185,40713-May-09
Summary:Harry tried to leave the wizarding world by becoming a vampire; it didn't work and his life is about to become even more complicated by the addition of Draco Malfoy. (written for MMOM 2009)
Fandom: Jrock
You Want To What?Gackt/HydePG2,22530-Jun-06
Summary:Humour - Gackt has made an announcement and it fills Hyde will a familiar feeling of dread.
The Dragon SagaGackt/Hyde, Hyde/OMC, Hyde/Megumi, Hyde/Gackt/MegumiNC17/18~40,000Date
Summary:Series of fics: Hyde and Gackt are about to start filming in Taiwan when Hyde learns Gackt's most closely guarded secret. (vampires)
In the BloodGackt/You, Gackt/HydeR1,46203-May-07
Summary:Hyde watches his lover feed. (written for MMOM 2007)
When You're Not ThereGackt/HydeNC17/182,84304-May-09
Summary:Gackt hid what he was in plain sight by claiming to be a vampire, but actually being one is more complicated that simply drinking blood. Hyde does not know his lover's true nature and there are steps Gackt has to take to make sue it never overwhelms him. (written for MMOM 2009)
Fandom: Merlin
From Darkness Comes LightMerlin/ArthurNC17/18 28-Nov-08
Summary:When dark creatures that prey on the living, taking their blood and causing the dead to rise from their graves are reported in Albion it is Arthur who is sent to destroy them. Some things, however, do not fall to the sword and Arthur learns this the hard way. Merlin is faced with giving up more than his secret to save his friend.
Fandom: Moon Child
Brighter than the SunKei/ShoNC17/185,91215-Jun-06
Summary:There is one thing Kei has never done, one indulgence he has never allowed himself, and as he and Sho await the sunrise he gives in to the last temptation.
The Choices We MakeKei/ShoNC17/186,27702-Feb-07
Summary:Sho wakes up a vampire after Kei had turned him and things go from there.
Fandom: Primeval
Summary:Connor has been trapped on the wrong side of an anomaly for two days thanks to Helen and when he comes back things have changed. (written of MMOM 2009)
Unrestrained AlphaConnor/NickR1,32626-May-09
Summary:Sequel to Alpha - Connor and Nick are adjusting to their new relationship and Connor's finding it very interesting. (written of MMOM 2009)
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary:Sam finds himself in a velvet cage and then is forced to face the fact that there are other far more fundamental barriers in his life. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Dean has an encounter with a female vampire that isn't how he expected at all. (written for MMOM 2006)
Summary:Sam is the bait to catch a monster and it goes horribly wrong. (written for MMOM 2006)
Fandom: Tokio Hotel
Curses!Bill/Tom, Gustav/Bill, Tom/Georg, Georg/Gustav (hints of all combinations)NC17/1823,76510-Oct-07
Summary:TH_Fanfic FQF Prompt: 61. HALLOWEEN Prompt 1: (Supernatural twist) The band encounter--and accidentally piss off--a mysterious woman in black while they are at a costume party and end up turning into their costumes. Bill/vampire, Gustav/is himself, Georg/Ninja and Tom goes as a "virgin" as a joke. Once they turn, Bill keeps trying to bite and seduce Tom and Georg keeps trying to kill Bill. Gustav is the only one who can use his smarts in order to counter act the curse. (Submitted by nightshade24)
Author's Notes: I've played with the prompt a little, it's a woman in white for a start and it's a just a costume party rather than being Halloween, but I think I still have the spirit of it :). gajastar has written a version of this prompt as well, definitely worth a read. Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Out With the Old, In With the NewBill/TomNC17/18 29-Feb-08
Summary:There are things that many people do not see and are never supposed to see, but when one of these takes Bill from his hotel room, by force, everything changes for him and Tom. (vampires)
Yours and MineTom/Bill, Bill/Bushido/TomNC17/18 13-Jan-09
Summary:Tom is on the hunt, but goes for Bushido rather than his usual girls and that makes Bill a very jealous boy.
Summary:Things were normal, then a stalker got to Tom and now things are going to hell. (written for MMOM 2009)
Quite DeliberateBill/TomNC17/183,10119-May-09
Summary:Sequel to Accidental: Becoming a vampire is a very big deal, but Bill and Tom are facing it together and enjoying it. (written for MMOM 2009)
Fandom: Misc: Being Human
The Beasts in All of UsAnnie (solo), George/Mitchellnc17/181,76706-May-08
Summary:Annie is discovering that being a ghost is not so bad. (written for MMOM 08)
Fandom:The Lair
Second Time AroundToo many to countNC17/1824,349Date
Summary:Thom wakes up a somewhat different person after the events in the Lair when the Sheriff and Jonathan attempted to stage a rescue. The first thing he has to do is sort out the mess his presence has managed to cause.

Creature Fics
Title/LinkPairing(s)/Character(s)RatingWd CountDate Pub
Fandom: Anime: Weiss Kreuz
Chaos or Crawford's Hideously Awful Operational Screw-upAya/everyoneNC17/1817,19301-Feb-08
Summary:Humour - Schwarz have a perfect plan until chaos steps in to ruin Crawford's week, but at least the sex is good.
Fandom: Cinema Bizarre
Biologyhints at Yu/KiroPG134,23324-Sep-09
Summary:When you're an elf living in the human world things can be problematic at times and Yu has a bit of an embarrassing predicament which makes life a little difficult for a while.
Fandom: Crossover: Jrock/Harry Potter
Creature ComfortsHarry/Draco/Hyde, Hyde/Megumi (mentions Hyde/Gackt)NC17/187,93928-Jun-06
Summary:Harry Potter/Jrock RPS: Hogwarts is celebrating five years of peace by having a reunion for students from the past thirty years.
Fandom: Crossover: Torchwood/Tokio Hotel RPS
More Things In This WorldBill/Tom, Jack/Ianto, Bill/Tom/Jack/IantoNC17/18 27-Aug-07
Summary:Tokio HotelRPS/Torchwood: Promoting the band means travelling all over the UK and Tokio Hotel have ended up in Cardiff for a TV interview and some signings. Thanks to the effects of a rogue alien device they run into Torchwood.
Fandom: Harry Potter
Gold Tinted Spectacles Harry/DracoNC17/18163,00011-Feb-04
Summary:Harry is about to enter his seventh year, and things are not quite what he expected. He is no longer the angry boy who watched his world fall apart at the end of his fifth year, but neither has he completely found his place yet. He is looking for someting, and to his confusion it seems to have something to do with Draco Malfoy.
There's Something About JamesJP/SB JP/PP JP/RL JP/LE (hints of HP/Dudley)NC17/185,94929-Mar-04
Summary:The Potters have a rather interesting family secret, and a prophecy all their own that has little to do with Voldemort. James must do his duty so that his son may find his destiny.
Summary:#1 in the Corruption Sequence. Voldemort has captured Harry and for his own twisted reasons has chosen not to kill him outright. Revenge in the Dark Lord's mind requires a fate worse than death and Harry is about to find out what that is.
Summary:#2 in the Corruption Sequence. Voldemort died at Harry's hand, just like the Prophecy said, but is there a life for Harry after what the Dark Lord has done to him?
Summary:#3 in the Corruption Sequence. Harry has returned to Hogwarts after Dumbledore took charge of the situation at Malfoy Manor, but is he safe from the Ministry and is the world safe from him?
Angels and DevilsHarry/DracoNC17/1852,36905-Jan-05
Summary:Harry defeated Voldemort: his act of heroism is famous throughout the wizarding world. He’s trying to finish his final year at Hogwarts in peace, but something peculiar is happening to him, something he never would have expected. It's all rather embarrassing and making his life very complicated.
Summary: Draco has Veela heritage and quite frankly the Dark Lord has stepped over the line.
Honesty Is the Best PolicyHary/DracoNC17/1812,80024-Mar-07
Summary:Draco has family heritage to deal with and an obsession who is completely immune to his advances. He's about ready to try anything, even honesty.(Harry/Draco)
Fandom: Jrock
The BeastGackt/HydeR5,66407-May-07
Summary:Hyde had come to a time in his life where he has to make a decision and part of that involves telling Gackt a truth he has hidden from the world. (written for MMOM 2007)
Fandom: Panik
Summary:Juri has been looking tired and down, but Linke can't understand why only he and Jan seem to notice. (written for MMOM 2009)
Not Pining AnymoreLinke/Jan/JuriR3,20518-May-09
Summary:Sequel to Pining: Linke, Jan and Juri are now a three and it's time to explain it to the others. (written for MMOM 2009)
Welcome to My WorldFranky/LinkeNC17/183,14921-May-09
Summary:Franky has lost a weekend and what he does remember about it is too fantastic to consider as being real. Unfortunately it's more real than he knows and Linke is about to discover why. (written for MMOM 2009)
Fandom: Supernatural
Summary:A demon reveals the truth to Sam and brings the Winchesters' world crashing down around their ears.
Fandom: Tokio Hotel
Summary:Gustav ends up in the middle of something he was never supposed to know about which has some rather unexpected consequences. Will he be able to get past it? (written for MMOM 2007)
Band MatesGustav/Bill, Georg/TomNC17/185,50316-May-07
Summary:Sequel to Heritage - The blue moon is causing problems again, this time in a much bigger way. (written for MMOM 2007)
Origin of the SpeciesBill/TomNC17/1814,63502-Jan-08
Summary:Bill has an encounter that affects the balance between himself and Tom and they have to take drastic measures to prevent themselves being torn apart forever.
In the Hearts of SinnersGustav/BillNC17/183,27815-May-08
Summary:Gustav is not a normal teenager, in fact he's not quite human, but then neither are the twins, which is why he was given a mortal body in the first place. His assignment is to watch, protect and keep Bill and Tom unaware, only he has a little problem; he's fallen in love. (written for MMOM 2008)
Summary:Bill is after sex and he sets his sights on Georg, but Tom isn't happy to be left out.
Fandom: Misc: Mutant X
Sum of the Individual PartsShalimar/Brennan, Shalimar/Jesse/BrennanNC17/1842,36029-Jan-09
Summary:The team think Jesse is dead; killed by a fatal shot to the back, only there are things going on they could not possibly have predicted. Jesse isn't dead, but is he really Jesse any more?

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