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Fic: MMOM23 - Sexpo, Merlin RPS, Colin/Bradley, R

Title: MMOM23 - Sexpo
Author: Beren
Fandom: Merlin RPS
Pairing: Colin Morgan/Bradley James
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.
Warnings: semi-explicit sex
Summary: Colin and Bradley are at a fan event and Bradley can't wait any longer.
Author's Notes: The title is all Soph's fault and no, just because I was there I don't think this happened – it really, really didn't :). I caught one glimpse of Colin and Katie as they walked past our area to the lift for the green room and totally managed to miss Bradley when he did the same thing :). Didn't even see a hint of Angel, but heard wonderful things about all of them. Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Word count: 1,055
Link: to MMOM 2009 fic links
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The air wooshed out of Colin as his back hit the wall of the lift and he squeaked, although he would deny it if challenged, as Bradley flattened against him and kissed him.

"Bradley," he said as best he could, trying to keep his brain on track as Bradley tried to derail every thought in his head, "what are you doing?"

"Ravashing you," Bradley replied, breaking the kiss for only a moment and hitting a button on the lift panel behind Colin.

"There are thousands of fans out there," Colin pointed out as Bradley moved on to kissing his neck and the lift ground to a halt, "and we're only on a five minute break."

They were at a fan event and they'd done the panel on stage and were now supposed to sign autographs for an hour or so, but they had a bathroom break first. Colin had thought they were headed to the green room to grab a bite to eat, a quick drink and then back to the grind via the loo, but it seemed Bradley had other ideas.

"We're stuck in a lift," Bradley replied, not stopping for a second, "no one can blame us for being a little late."

Colin tried to say something sensible but heard himself whimper instead as Bradley nibbled a particularly sensitive bit of skin.

"And I missed you," Bradley told him, "needed you, it's been ages."

That woke up Colin's brain a little.

"Ages!" he protested. "Bradley, we had sex last night in your hotel room, I remember distinctly being there."

"Too long ago," Bradley replied, working his way under Colin's clothes, and it felt too good for Colin to stop him.

"Oh fuck," Colin said as Bradley's very talented hands went to town on his skin.

His attempt to be adult about the whole thing evaporated under Bradley's attentions and he laced his fingers through Bradley's hair and just hung on. When Bradley was like this it was pointless to resist anyway as he'd discovered on more than one occasion. Admittedly sometimes it was him and Angel had made them swear to at least find a place with closable doors after one incident behind the catering truck, but more often than not it was Bradley who instigated these things. At least he would swear to it, even if he couldn't actually site the statistics.

The speed with which Bradley got into his jeans should probably have told them both that Bradley was far too good at this, but Colin's brain was way too busy thinking things like 'so good' and 'more' as Bradley palmed his cock. Given the angle they were at and the determination with which Bradley seemed to be trying to kill him, Colin had little way to reciprocate, so he just stuck his hip and leg out at an angle and hoped it would do. The way Bradley straddled his leg and pushed against him, groaning happily all the while, Colin decided that it had to be at least partially working for his friend and lover.

They'd been friends since they had first started filming Merlin for the first season, they'd been lovers since they started filming for season two. Colin still wasn't sure how it had happened, but they'd met up after the hiatus, having seen each other only at odd times during it, and something had gone click in his head. He thought something similar had happened to Bradley as well, because the first night they'd met up for their usual DVD wind down type thing, that had been it. He still didn't know how it had happened really, just that he and Bradley had ended up with their clothes off and very much each other on. Nothing had stopped them since; not even Arthur's armour that one time after Bradley had been doing a big fight scene.

"They're going to start panicking about getting us out in a minute," Colin pointed out as his sensible brain made a valiant effort to kick back in for all of five seconds.

Bradley just growled and did something that should have been illegal from the way it melted Colin's brain. There were no further attempts at speech from Colin as he surrendered with what little grace he had left. Heaven knew what they were going to look like when Bradley was finished, but he was just about beyond caring.

"Oh fuck," he said as Bradley bit into his shoulder, just below the line of his shirt and twisted his hand just so and then everything went white for a little while.

That was another thing he couldn't work out; how the hell it was that whenever he was with Bradley his orgasms were about ten times better than they had ever been with anyone else. If he'd been cynical he would have said it was chemical, but he had a nasty suspicion it might be something like love and he'd been trying not the think about that since the idea had first occurred to him. The fact that it always reoccurred to him as his brain was trying to put itself together after the aforementioned orgasms was beginning to give him a hint that it might not be a passing fancy, but he was still trying to ignore it for now.

Bradley was still rutting against his leg as he began to come down, but he could hear that his lover was close from the way Bradley was panting. He knew just about every nuance of Bradley's reactions by now and he was not surprised when Bradley stilled suddenly and then shuddered, groaned in a very deep tone. If he'd had anything left, Colin was sure that would have set him off again, because there was nothing sexier than Bradley mid orgasm.

They were going to be in so much trouble if anyone realised what they had been doing, but Colin was doing his very best not to give a shit. Cleaning up in the men's loo was a priority, but being the star had to have a few perks and it was not like he planned to be a diva any time soon. Bradley was one perk he intended to keep, for a very, very long time; he just had to figure out how to tell Bradley that.

The End
Tags: category: slash, fandom: merlin rps, ficfest: mmom, fictype: 01-3kwds, pairing: mrps - bradley/colin, rating: r to nc17

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