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Fic: MMOM 21 – Welcome to My World, Panik RPS, Franky/Linke, NC17/18

Title: MMOM 21 – Welcome to My World
Author: Beren
Fandom: Panik RPS
Pairing: Franky/Linke
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.
Warnings: dubious consent
Summary: Franky has lost a weekend and what he does remember about it is too fantastic to consider as being real. Unfortunately it's more real than he knows and Linke is about to discover why.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Word count: 3,149
Link: to MMOM 2009 fic links
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They had had the weekend off, as in completely free in the run up to a really intense part of the year. Like the last weekend of holidays before going back to school in the good ole days of childhood. In the spirit of this, Franky had decided to do some partying. He'd gone out on the Friday night with some friends he hadn't seen in a while, and the problem was, now it was Monday morning and he didn't remember anything past about ten on the Friday evening. He'd met a girl in the first club and then ... nothing.

Well that wasn't strictly true, he did remember flashes of things, but they were too bizarre to have been real. Girls turning into monsters while you were having sex with them might be every guy's nightmare, but reality, Franky didn't think so. They whole girl screaming and being beheaded by two guys wielding swords as seen from hiding in a cupboard was also an interesting take on bad dreams.

The only conclusion he could come to was that someone had slipped him something on the Friday and he'd had a really bad trip. He wasn't stupid; when he'd woken up somewhere strange in the early hours of Monday morning, he had taken himself to the nearest hospital and been checked out, but there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. He had been declared as fit as a fiddle; no bruises, no cuts, no sign of anything strange at all. In fact the doctor had told him he was the healthiest specimen he'd seen in a long time.

"Woah, you look like you had either a really amazing weekend or the worst imaginable," Linke said as Franky walked into the practice room.

"When I remember it, I'll let you know," was what he replied and decided to find coffee.

Linke seemed to think he was joking and laughed and, since Franky really didn't want to talk about it, he gave a half arsed smile and headed for the kitchen. He'd been wide awake at the hospital, but now he was beginning to feel sleepy. He met David on the way and muttered a hello, but was very, very grateful when he found caffeine. By the time everyone arrived and they started rehearsal, he was almost sentient. Given the way Jan looked, he didn't think he was the only one who had decided that partying was a good idea.

The full on schedule was starting the next day; they were doing appearances to promote the album and then new single from then until eternity and after rehearsing most of the day, they all climbed into a van and headed for a hotel that evening. They weren't too far from home, but their appointment in the morning was on one of those breakfast shows and so they were all staying close rather than virtually not bothering to go to bed.

Franky barely realised he was sharing with Linke until they were both in the hotel room and then he really didn't care. He was pretty sure he was going to sleep like the dead and so it didn't make a huge amount of difference who he was rooming with. One day they were going to be famous enough so they didn't have to share hotel rooms, he was sure, but today was not that day.

"Gonna use the bathroom," he said, or at least mostly said, since he wasn't feeling overly coherent.

He cleaned up, considered taking a shower and then decided to leave it to the morning and then walked into the other room, fell into his bed and passed out like a light.

It was dark when he opened his eyes again, the only light in the room being the glow from behind the curtains from the street lights outside. From being completely asleep he went to completely awake and he wasn't sure why, well other than the fact that he was hungry. He'd cooked them all a huge meal before they had left for the hotel, so he wasn't sure why he was hungry, but he'd given up arguing with his metabolism as a teenager and wasn't overly bothered by that part. The waking up from a perfectly good sleep, however, was annoying.

Grumbling to himself, he put his head back down on the pillow and willed sleep to come back. Then Linke rolled over in the other bed and made an odd snuffling noise before settling again and Franky found that his whole focus was suddenly on his friend. Sleep was now a mere memory and he looked across the room, picking out Linke's features in the darkness where his companion was now lying on his back. It was as if something had just switched on in him, like a light and it had narrowed his world down to Linke. For no reason he could explain, he felt hungry and horny and both needs were focussed completely on Linke.

He did not stop to ask why, or what he thought he was doing, he just pushed the duvet back off himself and climbed out, prowling across the short distance to the other bed and looking down. It was a cheap hotel, the beds weren't huge and Linke was sprawled across his awkwardly where it clearly wasn't quite long enough for the bassist's lanky frame. Franky could see well in the dim light now, his eyes having adjust and he looked down at his friend for a little while.

Linke was handsome and he wondered why he'd never noticed it before. There was muscle on that lean body, although Franky thought Linke could do with an extra meal or too, and he found himself wanting to see more of it. Without questioning himself, he reached out and carefully pulled the duvet back, revealing more and more of Linke's long frame and smiling more and more as he did. He found that he wanted to explore that body, he wanted to taste it and investigate it and he threw the duvet over the end of the bed.

If only took him a moment to climb on and he pinned Linke down with his own body, holding Linke's arms beside his head with ease. Of course his move woke Linke up.

"Franky?" Linke sounded startled but still sleepy. "Frank, what the fuck?"

"I want you," he replied simply, because he did; it was that simple.

"Get the fuck off me," was Linke's immediate response, bucking to try and shift him off, but all that did was excite him more.

"I don't think so," he said and looked straight into Linke's eyes, "I think you want me too."

Linke continued to try and push him off, but slowly his friend's movements became less and eventually Linke was staring into his eyes and not resisting at all.

"Yes," Linke said, blinking once as if in a dream, "yes I want you."

Franky smiled and let go of where he was holding Linke's arms.

"Good boy," he said and sat up so he could look down at Linke beneath him.

So much lovely skin to play with, he didn't know where to start. It was only a stab of hunger that made his decision for him; playing would have to wait for another day.

"I guess I'll have to see what you're made of another time," he said, moving down the bed and urging Linke's legs apart; "I need instant gratification now."

He didn't know how he knew what he needed, or even why he needed it, but everything seemed completely straight forward, so he followed his instincts. Linke's only clothes were a pair of grey boxers and they were in the way, so Franky shredded them with the nails of his right hand. That gave him pause for a moment and he looked at his own hand as he realised it had changed in that the nails were long and razor sharp. He hadn't expected that, and watched as they faded to normal.

This was not normal; rationally he knew that, but it didn't seem to matter and his attention soon turned back to the cock he had just freed from its material confines.

"Linke, you don't seem to be enjoying this yet," he said, looking up the bed at where Linke was watching him with glassy eyes; "we need to change that.

Reaching out, he wrapped his fingers around Linke's unresponsive cock and slowly began to stroke. Linke made a little noise in the back of his throat, letting his head fall back on the pillow and Franky knew he had his friend completely. Linke was already hardening in his hand and he could feel the sexual energy building. This is what he wanted, what he needed and it felt so good. Linke would give him what he needed.

Then, out of nowhere there was a flash of light on the other side of the room and Franky turned to see two men appear out of thin air. They both had swords and were wearing some sort of light leather armour and he knew instinctively that they were the enemy. The vague recollections of the weekend came back and he knew where he had seen them before: they had killed Becca, he had seen them through the gap in the wardrobe doors.

"Get away from him, demon spawn," one of the men said and lifted his sword.

Franky snarled and backed off the bed to give himself room to move. He could sense the danger, but he was not afraid. He was going to kill them both and then return to his meal. After this he wouldn't be able to hide; he would have to move on, which was even more annoying.

"I'm going to enjoy killing you," he all but growled and then one of them went to attack.

"Enough!" a voice Franky had not expected, roared and his attacker bounced off an invisible barrier that glowed blue where the man touched it.

He turned to see Linke standing beside the bed, still naked, but with one hand outstretched, palm glowing. The two men with swords looked astounded and very, very confused and Franky thought that for once, he and they might be in agreement.

"Mage," one of the men said with reverence, "we ..."

"Didn't bother to check before you charged in," Linke said, clearly furious.

"But we trailed him from another site, Mage," the other man tried. "Last night we thought a she-demon had killed him, but then we felt the spark."

"It takes three days for a succubus to fully drain a human male," Linke snapped back as if talking to an idiot, "any child knows that, I sensed the corruption the moment I came into contact with him and until you buffoons arrived I had everything under control."

The two warriors looked unconvinced of that and Franky had to agree with them there.

"But, Mage," the first one tired again.

"But nothing," Linke said in a very dangerous tone. "He has never killed, you imbeciles; his soul is not lost. If you had not so noisily interrupted, he would have fed from me and been bound. As a mage I am quite capable of maintaining a bound familiar."

The two men looked abashed and although Franky had no idea what Linke was talking about, it seemed to make sense to everyone else in the room.

"Apologies, Mage," one of the men said and they both bowed, "what do you wish of us?"

"Leave," was the very succinct reply.

There was no arguing; the two men sheathed their swords, touched the centre of a pendant they each wore and vanished as quickly as they had come. That left Franky in a room with Linke; a person he clearly didn't really know.

"Oh, stop looking at me like that," Linke said, shaking his head and sitting down on the bed, "and come and sit down. There are things you need to know and I was going to explain after I bound you, but now I'll have to explain before. Just so you know, though, I can kill you with a thought and if you fight me I will have to."

Franky didn't like the sound of that, but he could feel Linke's power and he didn't doubt what his friend said. He was still hungry and Linke still attracted him, but he sat down with great reluctance.

"There are two worlds," Linke said simply, looking him in the eye; "one is this world, all science, the other is magical, everything from elves to demons. Sometimes they touch and things from one world end up in the other and the things from my world should not be here. By the way, in case you were wondering, I found out that that was my world when I turned sixteen and was dragged there by my grandfather. When I disappear for the odd day, that's where I go, only for me it can be months. Because I'm a mage I can create the portals and chose the time they open."

It made a kind of sense at least.

"You were picked up by a succubus some time this weekend," Linke told him; "she was draining your life force through sex. She should not have been in this world, which was why the warriors came through and killed her. When she fed from you she contaminated you and because you didn't die, the contamination has spread. You now need to feed like she did. Because you haven't yet taken another life your soul is still pure, which gives you two choices. Number one, you feed from me and allow me to bind you. This will mean you will only ever be able to feed from me, but you won't need to kill. Number two you kill someone and become a full incubus. You understand though, I can't allow the second; you're my friend, Franky, but an incubus in this world could do unspeakable damage."

In one weekend it seemed to Franky as if his whole life had been turned on its head.

"Am I a monster?" he asked, finally giving his logical brain time to kick in.

"No," Linke replied, clearly sympathetic, "not yet. Most of the time you probably won't feel much different, although you are going to be more sensitive to sexual things; you'll probably have to get used to knowing the sex lives of the whole band."

That would have been amusing a couple of hours earlier.

"How the hell did you keep all this quiet?" he asked, feeling just a little betrayed.

"With difficulty," Linke said and he was sure his friend was being completely truthful. "Look, Frank, I'm sorry this happened, but we have to deal with it. I can see the hunger rising in you again and the instincts will try and take over. You need to choose."

Franky could feel his needs rising again to over take him, so he knew Linke was right. It was like being under the influence of something and he didn't really like it.

"Just one thing," he said, before he could decide; "why are you doing this? This means we will have to have sex regularly, doesn't it? Why are you willing to do that for me?"

Linke looked him in the eye then.

"It's not all one sided," Linke told him; "with you bound to me, I get a magical boost. Add that to the fact that I've always fancied you and I don't see a problem."

That shocked Franky more than the men appearing out of thin air had.

"You have?" he asked incredulously. "Why? How? Why did you never say anything?"

"Franky," Linke said, looking him over carefully; "we don't have time for an in-depth discussion; let's just say it has to do with magic, until today you being straight and me having never really being fully heterosexual. Now make your decision."

That was very to the point and there really was no choice.

"Bind me," he said simply.

Linke half smiled at that.

"Okay," Linke said, moving back onto the bed; "you need to feed from me, so let's just take up where we left off. I'll do the rest."

Linke was still naked and still partially hard, so Franky found he didn't have much trouble getting back in the mood. As Linke spread his legs and let him kneel in place again, he reached out and took hold of Linke's cock, feeling the sexual atmosphere rise again. This felt dangerous and there was a small part of him that was screaming for freedom which seemed to be growing, so he did not think taking his time was a good idea. Finesse was not on the menu, at least not tonight and, without letting himself hesitate, he bent down and sucked Linke into his mouth.

"Not planning on messing around then," Linke said, voice higher and tighter than usual as Franky went to town.

He really wasn't overly clear on what he was doing since, as Linke had pointed out, until that night he had been straight and hence had never given a blowjob before, but his new instincts seemed to be good for one thing: they let him know exactly what Linke liked when he liked it. This meant that it didn't take him long to have Linke panting and just about begging, which was gratifying if nothing else. Of course the aim was speed, so he didn't hold back and before either of them really knew it, Linke was bucking up and coming in his mouth and Franky was swallowing life force as well as bodily fluids and along with the mix came magic.

The magic lanced into him, twisting through his body and taking hold of the demon power that was lurking there. The demon power didn't like it at all, but the magic was far stronger than it and chained it ruthlessly and all Franky could do was watch like a passenger in his own body. He was pretty sure that had he been experiencing it first hand it could quite possibly have destroyed his sanity, but with the magic had come a blanket of remoteness that left him almost separate from what was happening and it stayed that way for what seemed like a long time.

When he snapped back to reality, he was lying on his side on the bed and he felt like he had just been in the gym for three hours. He was tired and sweaty and all his muscles were shaking and he had no idea how it had happened. Linke had one hand on his chest that was glowing blue and his friend's eyes were closed, but, as he looked up, they slowly opened.

"Welcome to my world," Linke said with a small smile.

The End
Tags: category: slash, fandom: panik, ficfest: mmom, fictype: 01-3kwds, genre: creature fic, genre: fantasy, pairing: pk - linke/franky, rating: r to nc17

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