Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Just musing on a couple of things while my code compiles :)

Am I the only person who doesn't get freaked by being friended by random people? :) I always check that they aren't empty journals or spam bot journals, but anything else really doesn't bother me. If there's nothing in there I want to read I don't friend back, but I don't think about it otherwise. Since I post most everything public I've never really considered my flist in the same way some other people seem to :).

Also - the anon writing feedback meme that's going round - don't think I'll be touching that with a barge poll :).

If you would like to leave me constructive crit, please feel free to do so on the fics to which it applies. If I disagree with you I will say so and if I agree with you I will thank you. We can only improve if our mistakes are pointed out. However, I am not going down the anonymous route. I am a firm believer in saying what you have to say with your name attached or not saying it at all. Either you believe in it, or you don't; if you don't, then don't say it. There are reasons for being anonymous in life, constructive crit on fic isn't one of them, I'd say :).
Tags: info: fic stuff, info: lj

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