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I'm back :)

Mornin' all ::g::. The weekend was a right scream - the Andromeda chaps are bonkers.

Steve Bacic is completely nuts (but I knew this anyway from a Stargate con), and he's naughty and much fun. I have this lovely piccie of him with a stuffed tiger on my wall now, which Rob took as a warm up shot for one of the photo sessions. There are only seven in existance and I'm sorry, but I'm not allowed to put it up to show you all :(.

Gordon Michael Woolvett is such a lovely man. He is sweet and charming and although perky and cute does not just bring out the mother instinct in me ::eg::. Frankly, he's short, but compared to Kevin and Steve anyone is short, so he doesn't have anything to worry about. :) Seems to have a thing for cargo pants, and is one of the few men I have seen who can wear them without looking like a beach bum.

Kevin Sorbo is a complete gentleman and very nice. He was so good with the fans and was terribly nice to all us staff as well. Seemed to like the treacle biscuits I brought along as well - good thing it was two for one in the supermarket ::g::.

There was almost a disaster the first night as Soph shut my finger in a door, but it's just a bit bruised and the pad was sliced off, so no biggy. It bled a bit and I swore a lot, but no major damage. I have this huge piece of gauze over it, stuck to my finger with tape so that the cut can breathe, but I won't knock it. It's bloody difficult to type without my left index finger, I'll tell you!

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