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Fic: MMOM18 - Not Pining Anymore, Panik, Linke/Jan/Juri, R

Title: MMOM18 - Not Pining Anymore
Author: Beren
Fandom: Panik RPS
Pairing: Linke/Jan/Juri
Rating: R
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.
Warnings: threesome
Summary: Sequel to Pining: Linke, Jan and Juri are now a three and it's time to explain it to the others.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Word count: 3,205
Link: to MMOM 2009 fic links
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Someone giggled, of that Linke was one hundred percent sure, but it took him a little while to figure out that the only person he knew who giggled like that was Jan.

"Stop laughing at me and help."

It wasn't Jan who spoke though, it was Juri and Linke's brain began to come on line. He was snuggled up to a warm body and hanging on rather possessively.

"Get used to it," Jan said, sounding completely unsympathetic, "I woke up like that every time we shared a bed for two weeks after we started sleeping together. Chris get's clingy."

Linke almost smiled at that and revealed he was awake, but decided to stay still for a while. He wasn't sure what motivated him, but Jan was right, he did get clingy in his sleep. The first time Jan had thought it was adorable, the second time, not so much and he'd bitched at him for the third and fourth before finally accepting it. It was funny, after Jan had accepted it, Linke's subconscious had seemed to not need to do it as much anymore.

"Please stop looking so smug and give me a hand," Juri seemed to be about to beg, "I need the bathroom and I don't want to wake him unless I have to."

That changed things and Linke lifted his head from where it was pillowed on Juri's chest.

"I'm awake," he said and blinked at his bed companions sleepily.

He wasn't sure how he managed it, or how he even stayed asleep, considering the position he was in was not completely comfortable, but he was wrapped quite well around Juri. Careful not to poke a limb where it would be unwanted, he removed the leg he had possessively hooked over one of Juri's and moved a little away from him new boyfriend so Juri could move.

"Sorry about that," he said, although he wasn't ashamed of his behaviour at all.

It always seemed right to him, so he didn't question it.

Juri looked at him and seemed to want to say something, but was clearly conflicted.

"Don't go back to sleep," Juri said after a moment and sat up, "we need to talk."

And then their large drummer very nimbly climbed out of bed and disappeared in the direction of the small bathroom. Linke used the opportunity to wake up a little more and peered at the TV across the room with its little clock until it resolved into numbers. It was about three in the morning; he'd been asleep for a few hours. When he looked back at Jan, his boyfriend appeared disgustingly awake.

"How is it you are so bright and cheery at 2:51 am?" he asked, doing his best to kick his brain back into gear.

"Wait and you'll see," Jan replied and grinned at him.

That sounded a little ominous, but Linke sat up and forced his thoughts into motion rather than falling asleep like a lot of him was urging. It was as he finally managed to shake off the dopey, half awake lethargy that he began to feel it; it was like he was tingling or something. As he woke up, so did his nerves and they were giving him more information than usual. It was invigorating and a little strange.

"Good, isn't it," Jan said, leaning over to him and planting a kiss right on his mouth before he could reply.

The sensation that wasn't quite tingling, but was something akin to it, increased for a moment and then faded back to its original level again and Linke just sat there as Jan drew back.

"That's," he said, trying his best to think of something to describe it, but coming up empty.

"I know," Jan said, obscenely cheerful for so early in the morning, "that's Juri."

"Actually, that's us," Juri's voice made him turn and look at the entrance to the bathroom; he hadn't even noticed the flush going.

"But you're the one with the power," he said, not really following.

Juri walked back to the bed and sat down.

"No," their drummer corrected, "I'm just the one with the ability to access it. Humans are incredible power sources, it's just most of the time you don't know it's there and can't touch it. If humans had no power when human and yokai had children they would always be pure yokai because yokai power would overcome the human part, but that's not what happens."

Linke had never considered it that way, but then he had never considered it at all really since he hadn't thought yokai were real.

"Ugh," he said and flopped back onto the bed; "it's too early for deep conversations."

What he really meant was he needed time to get his head around the ideas floating inside it, but Juri seemed to get the message.

"Maybe you're right," Juri replied and smiled a rather mischievous smile, "but I'm not in the mood for sleep just now."

Linke had to admit that neither was he and if Jan had any more energy, their little DJ would probably have vibrated right out of the bed.

"We could watch some TV," Linke said in a neutral tone and watched Juri's smile widen.

He had had a feeling that would happen.

"I was thinking of something a little more physical," Juri replied, leaning over him in a way that had him thinking they might have created a monster; a good monster, but a monster never the less.

"Really?" he asked, trying to sound like his heart rate had not just doubled.

"Well I do have to pay you back," Juri said, still smiling in that rather unsettling way, "both of you, for molesting me in my sleep."

"Promise?" Jan asked, clearly enjoying the moment.

"Oh yes," Juri replied, looking at their DJ for a little while, "and I'll get to you in a moment, but I think Linke's in a better position right now."

Flat on his back and helpless could be called a position, Linke agreed, and his cock, which had taken an interest in proceedings at the simple sight of naked Juri going to the bathroom, seemed to think the whole thing was a wonderful idea, by the way it was responding. They had been covered in a sheet when he'd woken up (he wasn't sure who had covered them and he thought it best not to think about that) and it was now haphazardly thrown over his legs and waist. He did not even attempt to stop Juri, as the drummer slowly pulled the cotton off of him. The way it dragged over his cock made him whimper just a little.

"Oh look," Juri said, sounding far too smug, "I think maybe you're more interested than you let on, Chris."

"Maybe," Linke replied and smiled slightly himself.

He wasn't sure what Juri had in mind, but he had no intention of saying no. For a few moments Juri just hovered over him looking, which was hot in so many ways, especially since Jan seemed to be enjoying the show as well, and then Juri just bent down and ran his tongue up the underside of his needy cock.

"Holy fuck!" was Linke's response to that and he lost his fond association with words for a while as Juri sucked the head of his cock into a warm and very inviting mouth.

There was a god, that proved it and Linke let himself be taken to heaven.


Morning came far too soon. Juri had meant it when he had promised to pay them both back and they had managed a couple more hours sleep, but Juri had insisted on being very thorough in his pay back before that. Linke kind of stumbled through his shower and didn't try and rationalise how a clean set of his clothes had ended up in the room. He suspected Elena, but he really didn't want to think too hard about that first thing in the morning. Unless he asked and she confirmed, his brain still had plausible deniability on certain facts.

Of course the light of day brought other questions, like the fact that they were in Juri's and Franky's room and Frank wasn't, so where was their singer? Linke assumed Elena had dealt with that as well, but as he pulled on his clothes, he wondered what she would have told the others. There was no way Franky would have accepted a stranger's word without talking to David and Timo, which probably meant breakfast was going to be interesting.

"Everyone sentient?" Linke asked when they had all taken a shower and managed to find their clothes.

"Yeah," Juri replied, looking at the door, "but I think I'd rather stay in here."

Since Elena had not come calling, they had assumed they were supposed to appear outside the hotel room at some point, but none of them were quite sure what they would find.

"I'll protect you," Jan pipped up and gave Juri a hug, which made Linke laugh out loud.

The size difference between Jan and Juri just made the whole statement preposterous, which, he suspected, was why Jan had done it, since Juri was smiling as well.

"Let's hope we don't need protecting," was what Juri said and Linke took that as the cue to lead the way.

He opened the door and stuck his head into the corridor to find there was no one about. Before the whole evening had gone in strange directions, the band had agreed to meet up for breakfast in the restaurant next to the hotel. Since Linke was hungry, he decided to go with the old plan and headed off towards the lifts with Jan and Juri on his heels.

When they reached the restaurant, he wasn't sure if he was surprised or not to find Franky, David and Timo sitting at a table with Elena and Sebastien having what seemed to be a very cheerful breakfast.

"I see you started without us," he commented, taking one of the free chairs at the table.

"We weren't sure you were ever getting out of bed," Timo replied in an off hand tone and continued eating.

Franky blushed at that and there was obviously a story behind that, but Linke wasn't sure he wanted to know. The way David appeared amused made him think he definitely didn't want to know.

"Sit, eat," Elena said before the conversation could continue; "you can talk about everything afterwards."

From the way no one argued, Linke also concluded that Elena had all of them right where she wanted them.

They had had nothing formal planned for the day, which seemed to be a very good thing now and after they had eaten their fill, Elena shooed them all back into the hotel. She seemed to have rock band wrangling down to an art form. David had insisted they pack up first, since they had to be out of the hotel before twelve, but after that they all ended up in one room, without Elena and Sebastien, which seemed significant. Juri had had a quiet word with his grandmother, Linke had noticed, so he was willing to take his lead from the drummer.

"Could someone please just tell me what's going on?" Franky said as they all sat down, and their singer did appear rather confused.

The fact that they were divided down the centre of the room, Linke, Jan and Juri one side and Franky, David and Timo the other, did not escape Linke and he very deliberately went and sat on a chair on the other side of the room.

"There's something you don't know about me," Juri said and Linke realised it was going to be a very significant conversation indeed.

"Which has a lot to do why you suddenly have relatives coming out of the woodwork?" David said as Juri paused.

Juri nodded and Linke gave his new boyfriend a look of support.

"Is Elena your aunt," Franky asked, seemingly pleased that some sense was finally being made, "because I thought we met both your aunts at that family thing you dragged us to once?"

"Great grandmother, actually," Juri replied.

Linke was interested to see what his face had probably looked like when Elena had told him the same thing, because Franky, David and Timo all had very similar expressions.

"That would be physically impossible," Timo said in a very sure tone.

"Not really," Juri replied, playing it cool quite well, "she is going on for two hundred years old."

Franky looked as if he wasn't sure what the joke was supposed to mean; Timo seemed to be getting annoyed and David just appeared inscrutable.

"I assume you're going to explain the bad joke or give us a reason for what you just said," David spoke for all of them it seemed.

"She's not human," Juri said simply, "and neither am I, completely. We're yokai."

"Yokai, as in Japanese demons?" David said incredulously.

The way David's eyebrows almost reached his hairline would have been amusing at any other time.

"It's not a joke, it's true," he said, backing Juri up before anyone could doubt their drummer's word.

When David looked at him it was very clear that their resident musical genius was trying to work out if this was a very elaborate prank and couldn't think of any way it would be.

"Look, I had it easier," Linke said as David stared at him, "Elena proved it."

"Yeah, me too," Jan added, standing close to Juri.

"Can you prove it?" Timo asked, looking at Juri.

Juri appeared rather awkward.

"Um," Juri said slowly, "I'm not really in touch with my yokai side, I decided to stay human as long as I could. I'm not practiced."

"We could ask Elena," Linke suggested, since Elena's show had more than convinced him.

"No," Juri said, seemingly embarrassed at having to ask his grandmother for help, "I can do it, I just thought I'd warn you that I might not be very good at it."

"I'm sure you'll be fine," Jan said and nudged Juri on the arm.

Linke had to assume that revealing their true nature was not something yokai did very often because Juri appeared very nervous. When Juri let some of his power out, Linke felt it, felt it very directly in fact and found himself staring at Juri with complete concentration. Juri didn't look that different, but there was a gentle glow behind his blue eyes and there were markings on Juri's face as there had been on Elena's, but the most significant difference was that Juri's hair was streaked with black. Linke had to grip the side of the chair, because he so wanted to reach out and touch.

Jan, it seemed, didn't even try and stop himself, running his fingers over the soft strands while Linke tried not to be too jealous. Even so he crossed his legs rather hurriedly as his cock decided to take interest: yokai Juri spoke to his baser instincts even more than Juri did in his human guise and that was saying something since the previous evening. His imagination was far too good and was painting very interesting pictures of Juri and Jan and Linke had to squash them ruthlessly.

"Okay," Franky said in a very uncertain voice as Juri returned to normal, "so what does this mean?"

"Nothing really," Juri said, kind of helplessly, "I haven't changed."

"It's only our relationship that has," Linke decided Juri needed more backup and it also gave him a chance to shift in his seat and change his position. "Last night Juri had a reaction to me and Jan, then we hooked up; that's all that's changed. For the record, we are not unhooking."

"What he said," Jan agreed and lent against Juri to make his point.

"All this because you guys decided to get kinky?" Timo asked, rather incredulously.

Put like that it did seem to be quite a lot of trouble.

"It's more complicated than that," Juri said in a quiet, serious voice. "The reaction Chris tactfully tried to gloss over was all my fault and it could have gone a lot of different ways."

"What you guys haven't been able to see is Juri getting weaker and weaker over the last couple of months," Linke jumped in again. "Last night was do or die."

David at least appeared more sympathetic now.

"Juri collapsed," Jan added quietly; "he wasn't going to wake up."

After that Timo's eyes opened in shock and Franky looked very pale.

"I don't really want to be anything more than a drummer," Juri said after several moments of strained silence, "but sometimes my heritage bites me on the arse."

Linke cold tell the others were processing everything and he finally stood up and went back to stand next to his partners. He knew this took time to process, so he waited.

"This is so far out," Timo said, looking at them, looking away and then looking at David.

"I was going to say weird," Franky added.

"So what's new?" was David's surprisingly flippant response.

Timo now appeared to think David had lost his mind.

"Oh give it up," David said, uncurling from where he was sitting on one of the beds, "so they're going to be at it even more than Jan and Linke were, but really, nothing else is different, we just know more. We aren't going to suddenly find bogeymen hiding under the bed I take it?"

Juri actually smiled slightly at that analogy.

"No," Juri said and seemed to relax slightly, "and I promise not to invite any of the weirder relations to concerts."

That made Linke wonder what relatives Juri might have, but he decided not to think about it.

"Right, great," David said and gave Timo a glare Linke recognised as don't make trouble, "then we have an hour to get out of here and then we're supposed to be practicing this afternoon. We can talk about this more when we're up to speed for tomorrow night's gig."

And that was it; David had spoken. Linke had the feeling he was going to be cornered by Timo at least, probably several times, before Timo had enough knowledge to be comfortable, but things were looking, well, almost normal. They needed to say good bye to Elena and Sebastien and Linke had another feeling that they would be seeing more of Juri's great grandmother in the near future, but when David said back to work everyone knew not to argue.

Franky still looked shell shocked, but Linke was actually pretty sure their singer would deal with the information the best once he was over the shock. David and Timo would need a little more, but he was almost sure Franky would just accept it.

"We'll see you down at the van," Jan said to Juri, grabbing Linke's arm and dragging him out.

That was perfectly normal, so Linke just went with it. The fact that Jan could be a bossy little so and so when he wanted to be was not really a secret, but Linke did wonder if Juri really knew what he was in for.

The End
Tags: category: slash, category: threesome/moresome, fandom: panik, ficfest: mmom, fictype: 03-10kwds, genre: creature fic, pairing: pk - linke/jan/juri, rating: r to nc17, series: pining

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