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Fic: MMOM16 - Pining, Panik RPS, Linke/Jan/Juri, NC17/18

Title: MMOM16 - Pining
Author: Beren
Fandom: Panik RPS
Pairing: Linke/Jan/Juri
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.
Warnings: threesome, semi-explicit sex
Summary: Juri has been looking tired and down, but Linke can't understand why only he and Jan seem to notice. (Sequel - Not Pining Anymore)
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta.
Word count: 4,855
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Linke was happier than he remembered being in a long while. Two months previously he had got drunk and managed to confess to Franky that he was madly in love with Jan, a secret he had kept from everyone. When he had sobered up, he'd found out that Franky had told Timo who had sat him down and had told him in no uncertain terms to stop being an idiot and tell Jan how he felt. Coming from Timo, that was huge, because Timo tended to stay out of the way of other people's relationships and so Linke had suspected that Timo had known something he didn't. That knowledge had given him the courage to actually talk to Jan and they had been happily making up for lost time since.

One mar on his enjoyment of the current situation was however the fact that where he and Jan were almost painfully happy, it was becoming more and more obvious that Juri wasn't. He didn't know why he thought the two things were connected, but he did. Juri had seemed so happy for them, delighted that they were happy with each other and still managed to muster up a smile every time Jan did something cute, but that didn't change the grey rimmed eyes or the haggard look to Juri's features.

There was something wrong, Linke was almost sure, but whenever he approached Juri, their drummer just said he wasn't sleeping well, or he had a cold or something equally as minor. At first he had been the only one who seemed to notice that Juri was looking down, but lately Jan was noticing too. The really strange thing was, no one else seemed to think anything odd was going on. It was beginning to worry Linke quite a lot.

Worry turned to out right anxiety when, after a live performance, they were headed to their hotel room and he watched Juri literally walk into the door frame of the room he was sharing with Franky. He looked at Jan who just nodded and then abandoned all thought of going into their room and instead followed Juri into his before the door could close. Franky was down at the bar chatting up a groupie so Juri was by himself.

"Juri, what's wrong?" he asked as they entered to find Juri standing in the middle of the room looking lost.

Their friend turned towards them and Linke was shocked how pale and tired Juri looked even though he was prepared for it.

"Where am I?" Juri asked as if he was totally confused and then their tall drummer was keeling over.

Linke and Jan both moved at the same time to catch him and then somehow they manoeuvred him onto the bed.

"Juri, Juri, can you hear me?" Linke asked urgently, leaning over his friend and trying to find signs of life.

Juri mumbled something, but it wasn't a real reply. Linke was way beyond anxious now and he scrabbled to pull his phone out of his pocket; he was calling for help. The problem was he went to dial and an arc of white lightening went from one corner of his phone to another and it sparked and died as he hastily dropped it.

"What the hell?" he asked, trying to work out what had happened.

Jan reached for his phone as well, but dropped it as soon as it was out of his pocket.

"It's hot," Jan said, sounding mystified.

Linke had no idea what was going on, but he did know that he had to do something about it. He tried for the hotel phone, but when he picked it up there was no dial tone at all.

"You stay here," he decided quickly, looking at Jan, "and I'll go and get help. Something weird is happening here."

Jan just nodded and Linke went for the door that clicked loudly just as he got to it. He tried moving the handle and tugging on the door, but the thing remained stubbornly closed and the anxiety running through him gained an edge of fear.

"We’re locked in," he said, returning to Jan's side and trying to find a rational explanation.

"Then we have to help Juri ourselves," Jan decided in a very sensible way that seemed to be escaping Linke at that moment.

This wasn't just strange, it was verging on the bizarre and Linke was beginning to think he had no way of figuring out what was going on. Being practical was the only way out, so he shook himself and decided Jan was right.

"You get some water," he decided quickly, "I'll make sure Juri isn't going to swallow his tongue or anything."

As Jan hurried off to the bathroom, Linke went to roll Juri onto his side. The only problem with that idea was that, all of a sudden, Juri seemed to weigh a tonne and Linke really couldn't seem to move his friend. He managed to shift the drummer a little way, but then had to let him lie back, because he couldn't manage anymore. It was only when his legs began to shake that he realised that possibly Juri had not become heavier, he was just weaker.

He heard Jan call his name, but, before he could do anything, he was falling forward over Juri and where he fell he stayed, because he just couldn't move. Jan tried shaking him, but he was so far gone he couldn't even say anything and then everything began to go dark and he didn’t have the strength to stop it.


"Come on, Child," said a gentle voice as he swam back to consciousness, "you need to wake up."

He wasn't overly fond of being referred to as child, but the more important thing seemed to be quite how difficult it was to open his eyes. In his whole life he did not remember feeling so tired and, when someone helped him sit up and put a cup to his mouth, he drank whatever was poured past his lips. A second or so after that he realised how disgusting it tasted, but he was beginning to feel more alert.

The person helping him sit up moved round to in front of him as he began to support himself and he blinked at what he was pretty sure was a woman. It took him a moment or two to really see her and then she smiled at him.

"Welcome back," she greeted, "how are you feeling?"

"Dopey," he replied honestly, but that wasn't what he really cared about. "Where's Juri, is he okay, is he awake?"

The woman's smile diminished somewhat.

"I'm afraid not," she told him, "my grandson's condition is quite severe, so severe in fact that it had an effect on you as well."

So many questions invaded his head at that, not least of which was the woman didn't look old enough to be anyone's grandmother.

"Jan," he said, since he realised he was no longer in Juri's room and he could not see his boyfriend, "where's Jan?"

"With Juri," the woman assured him and patted him on the hand; "he refused to leave even when we took you out of the room for your own good. He is fine; he was not as affected by Juri's condition and he's been treated, as you have, to now be immune. Juri must be very attached to you to have affected you so badly."

Linke was just becoming more confused with everything the woman said, rather than less.

"Who are you?" he decided that he had to ask what he needed to know. "You don't look old enough to be Juri's grand mother," the woman didn't look a day over forty, if that. "What's going on? Why is Juri ill? If you can help him why didn't you come before?"

He was desperate for answers and everything came out in a rush.

"I understand your confusion, child," Juri's so-called grand mother told him and patted his hand gently; "you are part of something you have no way of understanding. I am Elena, Juri's great grand mother to be precise, and before you say that is impossible let me explain why it is. I am full blood Yokai, or more coarsely, demon."

That was plain unbelievable, but Elena seemed to realise this was rather hard to take and blinked at him. For a moment her eyes flashed gold and markings appeared over her forehead and down the side of her neck.

"My real name is very long and unpronoucable and I originally come from Japan," Elena continued to explain as Linke did his very best not to panic. "I came to Europe by mistake many years ago and met a man whom I loved. I chose to take on human form, this form, to please him, hence why you are probably thinking I do not look Japanese."

Even as his mind rebelled, Linke nodded, he had been thinking that. The fact that Elena had long blonde hair had been the first thing he's noticed.

"Juri is my great grandson and is one of the few where my blood bred true," Elena told him. "He is yokai, almost as pure blooded as I am, but he chose to remain human for as long as he was able."

"And that has something to do with what's wrong with him?" Linke asked, since at least he could relate to that.

Elena appeared a little sad.

"I am afraid so," she replied and gave him a look that made him feel as if somehow this was his fault. "Yokai hearts can be fickle."

Linke still didn't understand and he frowned.

"Juri is pining for love," Elena said simply.

That really didn't make any sense.

"Why? Who?" he asked, but then stopped as he realised what Elena had been saying the whole time. "For me," he concluded.

Elena nodded.

"For you," she confirmed in a calm tone, "and I believe in a lesser sense, for Jan as well, but that has probably come about because of the relationship between the two of you."

"But he never said anything," Linke protested as he went over the whole time he had known Juri in his mind; he hadn't had a clue. "Before Jan he never gave any hint."

Elena patted him on the hand again.

"That is because he probably sensed where you heart lay," Elena said in a gentle voice. "You have been in love with Jan for some time, I feel."

Linke ducked his head in acknowledgement; he had been holding a candle for Jan for quite a while.

"Then he would not have intruded on that," Elena told him. "Juri is a gentle soul, always has been since he was a boy and he probably fooled himself into believing that as long as you were happy so was he."

The way Juri had been acting was beginning to make sense now. The way Juri seemed to have been happy for him and Jan and yet not happy at the same time; it was all becoming clear.

"He started to look ill almost as soon as Jan and I became a couple," he said, sorting through the ideas in his head. "I kept asking him what was wrong, but he kept telling me nothing or making excuses. No one else seemed to notice, not until a few weeks ago when Jan started to see it too."

Elena looked a little surprised.

"Juri's connection to you must run very deep," Elena said, looking into his eyes as if searching for something; "most humans would not have seen what you saw. You saw beyond the image he projects to protect his yokai nature."

At least that explained why he had been thinking he was seeing things because the rest of the band didn't see them. Of course, that left one rather important question.

"Can you help him?" he asked, since Juri was clearly not getting better on his own.

"We will try," Elena said, looking very serious; "his uncle is with him now and we will have to take him home. When he became so ill I sensed it and I hope I can reach him and bring him out of the coma he has fallen into. His mind has shut down to protect itself and we will have to go in and find him. If he does not wish to be found, however, it may be an impossible job."

That didn't sound good, not good at all and Linke found that he didn't like the idea of losing Juri at all.

"Is there anything we can do as his friends?" he asked, trying to come up with anything that might help. "You said he and I have a connection, could we use that to reach him, and Jan must have one too or he wouldn't have seen."

Elena reached out and took his hand this time, clearly understanding his worry.

"We would not ask that of you," she said sincerely, "we will take him home."

A frown settled on to Linke's features again, he was missing something, he was sure.

"What would you be asking of me?" he said, since he didn't know why she had refused.

Elena seemed to realise then that she was not explaining clearly enough.

"We, Juri's family, have a familial connection with him," Elena began to make the situation clearer, "we can try to reach him with memories and platonic love. The connection he has with you was not formed from the same things. You have been attracted to my grand son, have you not?"

That made Linke blink a bit, but he wasn't about to lie.

"Yes," he replied, as plainly as he could, "he's an attractive man."

He had noticed Juri the moment their drummer had joined the band, but Jan had always had his heart so he had never done anything about it.

"You connection to Juri is built on friendship, but with a side of lust and want and attraction," Elena explained gently. "The only parts of the bond between you that would be strong enough to reach him now are those sexual aspects."

"Are you saying that to reach him we'd have to have sex?" Linke asked, trying to confirm what Elena seemed to be implying.

"Yes," was the simple response.

That hadn't been quite what he was expecting, but he could accept that. The idea shocked him on one level, but that didn't stop him coming to the conclusions that he'd be willing to do it if it would save Juri. Of course, he doubted it was that simple.

"If we could get him back that way," he tried to reason through what he knew, "it would just happen again though, wouldn't it? He might wake up, but he'd start pining again."

"More so," Elena replied with a nod, seemingly impressed that he understood. "To have had a taste of what he could not have might very well kill him. Such a solution would need to be permanent."

It was such a huge idea; Juri was pining because of a family tree that Linke had trouble believing in and there might be no way out of it.

"If you take him home," he said slowly, "he's never coming back, is he?"

"It would be impossible," Elena confirmed and seemed sad to have to say it.

Linke wasn't sure what to do; it was all so incredible.

"Can you send Jan in here, please?" he finally said, realising that he needed to talk to his boyfriend.

"Of course," Elena replied, standing up from his side. "It will take us a few hours to prepare for the journey, perhaps you should call his other friends so that they can say good bye."

Linke nodded, although that wasn't what he was thinking about at the moment. He wanted to talk to Jan because Jan always looked at things from a slightly different view point than everyone else. It was one of the things he loved about his little DJ.


Linke held Jan's hand firmly in his own and walked into the other hotel room where he knew Juri and his family members were. He and Jan had been talking for nearly an hour and they had come to a decision, one that was going to change their lives, but one they were both certain was the right one.

"We want to bring him back," he said as soon as Elena looked up at him.

Elena was sitting on the bed next to a very still Juri, but she stood up then.

"And you understand what this means?" Elena asked, looking from him to Jan and back again.

"We understand," Jan said in a very resolute tone.

"As long as he can accept both of us," Linke added, since they had decided that being a three did not worry them as it probably should have.

Being totally honest had been quite liberating and they had both admitted that they thought they could love Juri like that.

"He already has," Elena told them, still appraising them carefully; "or Jan would not have started to see what you saw, Linke."

That was it then; there was nothing in their way.

"What do we have to do?" he asked, since he really wasn't sure what they were up against.

He knew he was blushing, but he had an idea of what was likely to be required even though he wasn't clear on it and it wasn't something he really wanted to be talking to Juri's great grandmother about.

"You need to arouse him," Elena said, politely ignoring his embarrassment, "and engage in some form of sexual act. It does not need to be intercourse, but all three of you will need to come to orgasm. Your arousal with reach him and your acceptance will give him strength. The climax should bring him out of it."

It sounded simple enough, but Linke was sure if wouldn't be quite so straight forward. Juri looked so pale and still on the hotel bed and it seemed like a ridiculous idea that they could rouse him with simple sex. Then of course it wasn't really simple sex at all, it was complicated on every level except the physical.

"Is there anything we should expect?" Jan asked, being practical again.

"You will feel his power," Elena told them, reaching out and taking their free hands. "Juri has always kept it tightly under control and it may frighten you, but he will never hurt you."

As if to give them a taster, Linke felt energy flow up his arm and he gasped; Elena was showing them a hint of her power too.

"We understand," he said, looking at Jan and then down at Juri.

Elena leant forward and kissed him on the cheek, before doing the same to Jan.

"Welcome to the family," she said, giving them each a supportive smile. "Sebastien and I will wait outside."

Linke's heart felt like it might beat right out of his chest as he and Jan were left alone with Juri. This really was the point of no return and he pulled Jan to him and wrapped his boyfriend in his arms for a few moments. Jan hugged back just as hard and they broke apart only reluctantly. Linke knew they were about to do something which would propel them into a whole new world and a whole new part of their lives, but he refused to back away from it.

"Let's get him undressed," he said, deciding that action was better than thinking.

Juri was a big guy and taking his clothes off was not easy. As they worked together, Linke came to understand why emergency rooms tended to cut clothes off unconscious people; it was very hard work doing it the other way. Once they had Juri naked, Linke looked at Jan and then just began stripping himself, making no comment. The time for stopping this was long since past and even though it unnerved him, he had to acknowledge that he could feel something between himself and Juri. Whatever Elena had given him to drink meant that he did not feel the weakness like before, but he could feel something.

"How do you want to do this?" Jan asked, seemingly looking to him for direction on this one.

They were both as naked as Juri now and Linke couldn't help looking at both his companions and comparing them. Where Jan was small and compact, Juri was long and lean and yet Linke could appreciate both. In fact he had appreciated both from afar and having had Jan hadn't stopped him noticing Juri, he'd just never done anything about it. He had always been of the opinion that window shopping was fine for all concerned, it was actually sampling the goods that people had to worry about.

"You lie down that side of him, I'll lie down this side," he decided after a moment, since the whole point of this was to bring Juri to both of them.

Jan didn't argue, just did as Linke suggested and Linke followed suit so that they were both aligned along Juri's sides. Of course that didn't help the fact that Juri was still laying there totally still and penis completely flaccid.

"Elena said our acceptance would give him strength," he said, going over possibly moves in his mind, "so let's start with some simple touching. If we touch Juri and each other that should show him our acceptance and I don't know about you, but arousal's not going to be a problem."

He tried to make it sound light and Jan gave him a smile for trying, but it was not a light situation and it fell a little flat. Reaching out over Juri, he took Jan's hand and squeezed it, then he let go and turned his attention to their motionless drummer. Given that he and Juri had never had that kind of relationship, he had no idea what Juri liked, but he did know what drove Jan crazy and what could have him writhing in ecstasy, so he figured a combination of the two had to hit the right notes somewhere.

It felt strange going to kiss an unconscious man who could not kiss back, so instead he started with Juri's chest, kissing along Juri's collar bone as Jan started stroking up and down Juri's other side. There was no outward response from Juri as they continued to play, but when Linke kissed over one of the little pink nipples on the broad, muscled chest, it hardened under his tongue. When he looked down, Juri's cock was not yet showing similar interest, but he didn't think they would have much trouble.

His own cock was already hard, the stimulation of seeing Jan and Juri naked more than enough to get him going and actually touching making him want to be touched back. It occurred to him as he sucked on Juri's nipple that he was holding himself just a little away from the drummer's body and his propriety was a little silly. Pushing himself flush with Juri's body made him moan quietly and, when he deliberately brushed himself up and down, he kind of lost his thought processes for a few moments. The heat in his loins was distracting to say the least and he hoped Juri realised it was because of him.

This whole thing was about making Juri feel them, making him come back to them, bringing him into what they had and Linke concentrated on their drummer, keeping half an eye on what Jan was doing as well. Even as he kissed over Juri's chest, tasting the skin beneath his lips, he needed Jan and he found himself reaching out. His fingers tangled in Jan's hair and his arousal went up a notch, as if joining them together physically had changed things somehow. There was no way he could understand yokai power, he barely even knew what yokai were except for what he had read in Japanese comic books, which really didn't seem to fit Elena or Juri. It was a new world he did not understand, but for experiencing first hand anyway.

"We need to arouse him," he said, feeling how turned on he was very acutely and he pulled his hand from Jan's hair before linking it with his lover's.

He moved carefully, keeping himself pushed up against Juri and very deliberately wrapped both of their fingers around Juri's limp cock.

"Rub yourself against him," he told Jan as he started to do the same.

Juri was distant from them, he could feel it and they needed to bring him closer. Elena had told them what could do that and he had every intention of being as aroused as physically possible to drag Juri to them.

"I'm not going to last," Jan said, clearly feeling everything as keenly as Linke was.

"Then don't," he replied, moving their hands over Juri's cock and beginning to feel a response to their movements, "just don't stop."

There was a feeling in the air around them like before a low level storm. The atmosphere was heavy with the build up of unreleased power. It made Linke's skin prickle and made his pant.

They moved together with an imperfect rhythm, one each side of Juri, joined in their mutual focus. They were already a couple, comfortable with each other and they worked as one to bring Juri into that as well. There was nothing else they wanted than that at that moment in time.

"Chris," Jan said in an unsteady voice, "I need to come."

Jan was always vocal during their love making, never afraid to tell him what he needed and Linke moaned at the mental image that gave him.

"Let go," he said, fixing his eyes on Jan; "Juri's ours, show him how much."

Jan buried his head against Juri's arm and shuddered against the recumbent drummer with a keening little cry. The power shift was unmistakable and, for the first time, Linke felt something akin to what Elena had shown them. This was no longer the anticipation of power, it was the real thing and it ghosted into him and through him and almost made him falter in what he was doing. It felt so raw and he knew why Elena had warned them; it felt dangerous as well.

Juri's cock was hardening under their joined hands, almost fully erect now and Juri made the smallest of whimpering noises.

"That's it you pig headed Neanderthal," Jan said, eyes alight with the energy they were both feeling. "We want you, come back to us."

Linke couldn't speak, he was so close to the edge, but he needed Juri to be closer as well. He did not stop moving and he bit his lip to hold off his own orgasm as he used his and Jan's linked fingers to stroke Juri until he was fully hard and dribbling pre-come. The sight of Juri's dark headed cock sliding between their fingers and the sensation of slick wetness pushed him over and he muffled his cry with Juri's chest as he came hard, bucking against Juri's side and shaking from head to toe.

The power shifted again and Linke could all but feel Juri there with them even though Juri's eyes were still closed. At least now Juri was moving slightly and gave another low groan and, with one will, Linke and Jan kept their hands moving.

"Now, Juri," Linke said in as firm and commanding a tone as he could manage that soon after a mind melting orgasm, "you need to come for us now."

To his surprise it actually worked and Juri bucked up into their joined hands, spilling his seed over his own stomach as they pumped him slowly for each milky drop. The power wave that swept through him made Linke shake again and seemed to zap the energy right from him, but he did not stop for a moment.

They were sticky, sweaty and thoroughly exhausted, but Linke didn't think he'd been happier than the moment he looked up and saw Juri's eyes blink open. Using what strength he had left he crawled up Juri's body, keeping his hand firmly linked with Jan's and stole the kiss he had felt awkward taking before. Juri accepted his kiss and kissed back, but appeared rather confused when he pulled back.

"Your great grandmother is a lovely woman," he said, feeling somewhat punch drunk as he smiled broadly, "and I'm sure she’ll explain everything. I'm going to sleep now."

At which point he put his head down on Juri's chest and gave up his losing battle with wakefulness. Elena hadn't mentioned quite how knackered he would feel afterwards, but then they hadn't really had time for details. Juri was back with them and looking brighter already and that was all he cared about as he let sleep take him; they could talk about everything else after a nice long nap.

The End
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