Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

The new Trek Movie ...

I think that this may be the most important Sci-Fi movie since The Empire Strikes Back.

If you haven't seen it yet, I suggest you take yourself to your nearest cinema and do so, it is truly awesome. I think it will appeal to die hard fans and people who haven't a clue alike.

Can we please put this film in wikipedia with a note saying - prequels, this is how to do it. I do believe we are witnessing the rebirth of a franchise and a fandom. It feels like coming home (I've been a Trekkie since Next Gen first started showing on our screens) and leaping into a whole new fandom at the same time.

Someone please tell me there is a Kirk/Spock/Uhura comm. *okay, found it* :)

But then there is the dilemma- K/S/U or K/Bones? It kind of screamed both at me all the time. Ooh and let's not forget the Captain Pike/Kirk vibe either, or the Scotty/his little engineering pal (that was Soph or Rob who pointed that out in the car on the way home last night, I can't remember which).

This film was just amazing. They rewrote history and managed to make me not resent it. Nimoy I think helped a lot because Spock accepted it, which, I think, went a long way to helping the audience do the same. It's not as if Trek didn't already do multiple universes :).

I love slightly conflicted younger Spock who doesn't have all his emotions locked away. I did just have one WTF moment though - Winnona Ryder is Spock's mum???!!!!! That kind of failed to compute when I first saw her - LOL.

Just one thought ... if everyone was gathered to see Kirk's hearing at the beginning and then they all got sent off in space ships and were killed at Vulcan, how the hell were there so many cadets at his medal ceremony? They certainly restocked fast ;).

I want to see it again ... soon.

(All the comms I found so far:
spock_uhura st_reboot mccoy_slash kirk_mccoy trek_news trekfics uruha_daily kirk_uhura kirkspockuhura)
Tags: fandom: star trek

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