Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Birthdays :)

I'm running a bit late today - stomach kept me up all night being crampy and horrid, so I am off work today and have been catching up on sleep. I have only given my stomach liquid so far and it seems to be getting better, so let's hope it returns to normal soon.

Happy Birthday to:
supergirl69187, chal and maytimemagic for today,
firefly820, nimbusrogue, slave_monkey and singlemomsummer for tomorrow,
skyelight2x1 and billistmeinherz for the 14th,
aspiringdaxzy, flamingpants, mefeather and villes_muse for the 16th and
ambersnake for the 17th

Many Happy Returns to you all.
Tags: info: birthdays

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