Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Random :)

I discovered last night that I own a pair of jeans that used to snug which I can now take off without undoing them ... this pleases me more than it probably should :). I'm not going to elaborate on how I found this out, because that would count as TMI :P

Also, Primeval fic (the one I was whining about the other day) is finished (I hope), just waiting on alyse to tell me if I've done anything stupid with the plot since I haven't seen all the eps yet (she very kindly agreed to help - hope it's not too hard going ::g::). Seen a goodly few now, just not every last one. I may co-opt the telly this weekend to finish watching, let Rob go play in the garden or something ::g::. He shudders when I threaten to watch the DVDs - LOL.

Talking of new fandoms, do y'all get as paranoid as I do when stepping into a new one. If I don't know every shred of cannon I get very jumpy ::g::. I also worry about the fics out there and wonder if I am duplicating what someone else has done without even knowing it. Which is silly, because there are only a limited number of plots anyway and I blithely tell everyone who worries about it that it's all in the execution, but still worry about it myself anyway. Fickle, that's what the human brain is, fickle!
Tags: info: general

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