Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Why does sex sometimes take so long to write?

And I almost voiced that out loud in the office which could have been a bad idea - LOL.

Sometimes the sex in a fic is the shortest part, but it takes the longest for me to write. It's a little bit frustrating. Yesterday I wrote approx 4,500 wds for my Merlin big bang fic (I'm up to 16,500 wds now) with no problem at all, I wrote 500 for my Georg FQF fic (it's nearly done, just the sex left, but the sex is taking so long). I was writing plot for the first and smut for the second and they took almost the same amount of time!

You'd think pretty boys would be more willing to jump to it! ;)

Any one else find they sometimes have the same problem?
Tags: info: fic writing

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