Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I've been baking again this weekend ...

... well I had to do something whilst Rob was watching the Rugby on Saturday, and of course yesterday was Mothering Sunday, so spent that with the parental units, which all in all means I have been completely off line most of the weekend.

I did discover that I have a whole medieval/fantasy set of cookie cutters ... not that I had a chance to use them in the end, but I did find them :) I decided to do piped, vanilla and chocolate Vienese fingers, and hell, if the piping isn't really hard (I think my mixture was a bit too stiff ;)). I was going to do knights and dragons and stuff after that, but my hands refused, so I made some more of the crunchy jumbles instead.

Wow, the dancing on ice final was spectacular. I think the right two went through to the Bolero, but I wish they all could have done it. Jessica just didn't seem to have it last night, which was a shame, because some weeks she has and her and Pav have done so well.

I thought Ray was out of this world; he and Maria were just amazing. Donal was lovely as well - he really didn't think he would be doing Bolero and was so pleased when he and his partner went through. All in all I think the right person won and Ray is just so cute ... he's adorable and makes me want to pet him on the head, well except when he ripples those muscles or they put him in the see through tops ::g::.

I forgot my glasses this morning, so I am squinting at the PC ... should make today a whole lot of fun. I can read fine, but it takes a bit more effort.
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