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Fanfic Meme - grabbed from everyone :)

You wanted to know all about my fanfic habits didn't you ... go on, admit it ;P. Here you go then.

Do you read or write fanfiction? Both.

When did you first start reading/writing fanfiction? I first started reading it in about 2005 when I started my PhD - I discovered the internet and that's when I first began sharing mine as well, but I've been writing it since I was around 12. I used to write V stories in a little note book.

What was your first fandom? Fandom, as in with other people - Highlander, but Soph and I had our own little V fandom before we knew there were other people out there who were just as strange ::g::.

First ship? Kyle/Elizabeth (V), Troi/Riker (TNG), but online Richie/female - yes I was a het writer and reader - sorry

What website do you use most? Livejournal, no contest - if livejournal is down I don't know what to do with myself online :)

What do you think of It's a hole full of bad fic with the odd diamond in it. It went downhill completely after the whole NC17 fiasco.

What fandoms have you written in? (the ones with stars I've posted places the others I haven't) V, Last StarFighter, Trek, Highlander*, SG-1*, Friends*, Kindred The Embraced*, Poltergeist: the Legacy*, The Invisible Man*, Buffy*, New Professionals*, Star Wars TPM and Original*, Dr Who*, Moon Child/Jrock RPS*, Charmed*, Supernatural*, Tokio Hotel RPS*, Torchwood*, Weiss Kreuz*, Virus Buster Serge*, Harry Potter*, Being Human*, Blake's 7*, Morph*, Scooby Doo*, Blood Ties*, Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors*, Bagpuss*, Anita Blake*, Merlin*, Tremors*, Panik RPS*, Killerpilze RPS*, Mutant X*, Primeval*, The Lair*, Spider-man, LoTR ... I think that's all
[Edit: I forgot some that I've never posted: Bionic Seven, Bionic Man/Woman (the 90s movies), Bodyguards (80s TV show), MacGuyver, William Tell, Robin of Sherwood, Voyager, Enterprise, The Lost Boys]

Pairings? These days I'm all about the pretty boys, but I'll slash anyone :) I also like het, but usually as part of a threesome - I definitely have a thing for boy/girl/boy.

Any fandoms you would like to write in? If I see a fandom I like I do write in it *points up*, so I don't think there are any I would like to write in that I don't.

Do reviews affect how you write in any way? Only in that if people point out things I can improve I do try and do it. It does not affect my plots of what I write, I just write what the muses tell me to :). I basically write what I like to read and oft times I am lucky that other people seem to like to read it too.

Do you use a beta? Yes, my beloved twin. She is wonderful and can fix my hideous mistakes in record time.

What ratings do you read/write? Any and all. Much of the fic I write is adult, but I do turn out the odd PG piece. When reading I like the NC17 stuff, but it's not a must.

What warnings have you used on your fiction/read? I think about the only ones I haven't used are scat and water sports - I have even had to warn for character death at one point.

Do you have any squicks? Character death - can't bear it.

Do you role-play online? Nope - never really been into playing with the muses with other people :)

Have you ever stolen something from another person’s work? No, I don't see the point. Stealing something implies that you wish to claim it as your own and I could never claim something as my own if it wasn't. I have no problem borrowing with credit - I write fanfic - duh! But stealing, no way.

Favorite fandom to write/read? Oh god, you want me to choose. Currently, Merlin, over all I would have to say Harry Potter.

Favorite pairing? Currently Merlin/Arthur, ever Harry/Draco but there are so many more I love, like Bill/Tom and David/Timo and lots of others

Favorite writer/writers? Um ... I really don't go by authors much, I tend to read summaries first and then look at the author afterwards. I leap on lirren's work like a mad thing whenever I see it because I know I am always going to like it.

How long should a chapter be? As long as the subject requires. I object to chapters under 500 words unless a point is being made and for my own chapters I aim for between 3,000 and 7,000 wds.

Do you write/read drabbles? Yes, I think they are a fun exercise in idea creation. It's interesting to try and convey enough information to be interesting in 100 words. I do find that some writes miss the point though and the drabble is just a bunch of nothing.

Any fandoms you avoid? No, not really. If I like a fandom I will read it and if I don't it doesn't really occur to me to think about it so it can't really be called avoiding it. There are bits of fandoms I avoid ... mostly het or insane bits.

Pairings you avoid? Main Character/OFC tends to turn me off unless I trust the author, just because there are such bad ones out there. As for other pairings, I have learned to never say never.

Warnings you avoid? Character Death

Do the number of reviews tell how good a story is? No, they tell you how popular the fandom/pairing is.

What do you think of Mary Sues? Everyone writes them and then tends to get them out of their system - I think they are part of the growing process as a writer, and hell, sometimes they're fun.

Have you ever flamed someone? No, I believe in constructive criticism and trying to find what is good about a story. I would not want to be flamed - it's nasty, so I wouldn't do it to someone else. I would never go and yell at someone in real life unless there was an incredibly good reason, so I don't see how doing it online is any better.

Have you ever been flamed? Yes, a couple of times, but it was laughable.

That’s it, aren’t you glad? No, that was fun :)
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